How to Write a Letter of Intent to Hire: Get a Complete Guide

A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a formal letter used to express the intentions of a person to apply for a job, make a purchase, join an education program or announce a business agreement between two entities.

Generally, some online job postings expect the applicants to submit an employment letter of intent along with other materials like the resume and the application form. In that case, the LOI is similar to the cover letter in which the candidate has to mention why he/she is a good fit for the job.

You can enter the job of your choice if you write a powerful LOI. The employment LOI should be written by a job-seeking individual to express his/her interest in working for an employer.

Are you confused about how to write an effective letter of intent? No worries, this article will guide you with the Letter of Intent writing tips, templates, and samples.

Here is an outline of what you will find in this post.

  • Letter of Intent Writing Tips
  • Letter of Intent Format
  • Letter of Intent Template
  • Letter of Intent Samples
  • Final Words

Letter of Intent Writing Tips

The letter of intent is used as an introductory to connect with the recruiting managers. It should explain your skills, professional experience, and why you are perfect for that job. A well-written intent letter will help the hiring experts to notice you easily and shortlist your application if you possess the necessary skills and educational qualifications.

Mainly, the LOI is written to show the job seeker’s value to the employer. You can submit your letter of intent along with your resume to express your intention of working with a company that does not list its job postings.

As it is a professional one, it should be written in an appropriate tone and format. Mentioned below are some important tips you should follow while writing an LOI.

  • At first, research about the company you are applying to and understand whether or not they offer jobs based on your expertise.
  • The letter should be in a readable format because the hiring managers will not spend much time reading yours. Format the letter properly and include bullet points to highlight your qualification or skills.
  • The letter should be concise. It is advisable not to write content more than a page.
  • Never copy-paste the content in the resume. Focus on your strengths, instead of explaining your entire career history.
  • In the letter of intent, don’t mention your expected salary range.
  • Inclusion of referral names in the letter is allowed.
  • Your skills and experiences should closely match the employer’s expectations
  • If you are planning to switch your job, never share negative comments about the employer with which you work currently. Just state career advancement as the reason.

Letter of Intent Format

When writing the employment letter of intent, include the following elements.

  1. Sender’s address
  2. Date
  3. Receiver’s address
  4. Salutations
  5. Body
  6. Closing

Like every other business letter, mention the full address of the sender and the receiver with the city, state and zip code at the top left of the page.

The receiver must know when you are writing the letter. Hence, include the date in the proper format.

Always start the letter with a professional greeting by addressing it to the hiring manager. You can use the name of the manager if you are aware of it.

Give utmost importance to the body of the letter. You can express your interest in the body within 2 or 3 paragraphs. In the first paragraph, formally introduce yourself with your name, current designation, experience level and the purpose of writing the letter.

In the next paragraph, highlight your skills and positively explain why you are the ideal fit for the job post you are applying for. Remember, you will get a chance to qualify for the interview only if you match the employer’s job needs.

After explaining your skills, close the body of the letter with a call to action.

Below the body, conclude the letter with a professional closing word like sincerely or truly and add a signature block with your name and contact information.

Letter of Intent Template

To be hired by the employer, write an LOI as per the below-mentioned template.

[Sender’s Address]




[Receiver’s Name/Title]

[Company Name]

[Company Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]


Dear Hiring Manager,


[Highlight the skills and experience]

[Call to Action]




[Sender’s Name]

[Contact Information]

Letter of Intent Samples

Listed below are some examples of letters of Intent.

Sample #1

Here is a sample letter of intent expressing interest in joining the content writing team.

148, Hill View Apartment

California 90011


28 July 2021

The Hiring Manager

Feather Writing Services

California 90650


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the role of Content Writer at Feather Writing Services as listed on LinkedIn. I am a B.A. English graduate from XYZ University, California.

I possess 6 years of experience in content writing field. As a content writer, I have written content for websites and blogs in various niches. Apart from writing, I also have experience in content editing. Additionally, I have a flair for writing affiliate articles and product description pages too.

I follow a disciplined work culture without skipping deadlines. In my experience, I have written content matching the satisfaction of the clients. I stick to the style guide and submit quality content in a preferred tone suitable to attract the target audience.

I believe that my experience and range of skills would make me an ideal candidate in your company.

For your reference, with this letter, I am including some of my work samples and resume that show my skills, interests and experience. Kindly have a look at it.

To know more about my qualification and experience, you can reach out to me via or +1 357-159-842.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Sample #2

This is a sample letter of intent expressing the intention to join a Sales Team in a reputed company.

333, Church Street

California 90650


24 August 2021


The Recruiting Manager

Nakshatra Sales Corporation

California 90011


Dear Recruiting Manager,

I have 10 years of experience in Sales and Management. I am fascinated with your excellent sales record and would love to be a part of your sales team.

In my career as a Sales Manager for Novel Sales Limited, I have a good sales record and have also contributed to increasing the company’s sales up to 10%. As a Sales Team Lead, I monitor a sales team of 25 people and also assist them in fulfilling their sales target. Apart from the sales activities, I have also conducted training for the new joiners about the various aspects of sales and marketing.

Here are some of the skills I possess.

  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent Sales Knowledge
  • Good strategic planning and analytical skills
  • Team Management Skills
  • Reporting skills and Time Management

I believe that my experience and knowledge of sales would make me a valuable employee at Nakshatra Sales Corporation.

For your reference, with this letter, I am enclosing my resume for you to review.

Thank you for your consideration. I am waiting to hear from you.

For any discussion regarding my qualification and experience, please reach out to me at or +1 369-258-147.




Final Words

Like the cover letter, the letter of intent is also one of the keys to open the doors of the recruiter. You can get a job offer if you have a professionally crafted letter of intent. If you are confused about how to write one, then download the sample templates available online or follow the tips and guidelines mentioned in this post.

Before sending your letter of intent, make a habit of proofreading the content and editing it for any errors related to alignment, grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Your LOI will stand as your identity. So, give more importance to the core part of the letter and frame it effectively to get landed in the job you would love to do.