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HumSS (Humanities & Social Sciences) is an amazing field of study that includes different branches such as philosophy, religion, law, art, music, sociology, gender studies, anthropology, and more. If you are pursuing any humanities and social science course, then to obtain graduation, it is essential to work on HumSS research topics. Generally, HumSS research projects focus on intellect, change, societal challenges, and human situations. So, for your HumSS research paper, you may consider selecting any such topic.

Remember, in the HumSS strand, the research conducted in social science will be different from humanities. Usually, social science studies use scientific and evidence-based research approaches. On the other hand, humanities use critical and analytical approaches. Therefore, when researching humanities and social sciences topics, you should act accordingly.

In case, you are confused about what HumSS research paper topic to select, without any hesitation, take a look at this blog. Here, we have analyzed and published a list of 100 interesting humanities and social sciences research topics. From the list, choose any HumSS research topic of your choice and begin working.

HumSS Research Paper Topic Selection Tips

Humanities and social science is a broad field of study that contains a wide range of research paper topics and ideas to deal with. But, when there are plenty of topic ideas, it might be challenging for you to identify a perfect topic. Hence, for your assistance, below, we have shared some key tips for choosing a good HumSS research topic. Follow all the tips to spot the right topic.

  • Select a topic related to your interests. Some HumSS fields to explore are philosophy, anthropology, political science, sociology, and more.
  • Give preference to a topic that is applicable to conduct research within the timeframe.
  • Focus on a topic with multiple trustworthy sources for data collection and references.
  • Choose a topic based on your research methodology, which might be qualitative or quantitative.
  • Finalize a topic related to the research guidelines provided by your instructor.

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List of HumSS Research Topics and Ideas

HumSS Research Topics

The following are some excellent Humanities and Social Science research paper topics and ideas that you may consider.

Simple HumSS Research Topics

  1. What is the appropriate age to start teaching students about gender studies?
  2. Discuss how young motherhood affects a child’s well-being.
  3. Analyze the right to privacy in the digital era
  4. Explain how conventional families affect a child’s development
  5. Analyze the impact of single parenting on a child’s social connection
  6. Discuss the factors that affect the productivity of students during their free time.
  7. Write about feminism in corporate places.
  8. Prepare a research paper on gender bias.
  9. Analyze the effects of social media on teens.
  10. What impact do advertisements have on political views?
  11. Examine the impact of foreign education on professional growth.
  12. Discuss the correlation between food and national security.
  13. Discuss the social perception of vegetarianism in various cultures.
  14. Analyze the influence of the mass media on political attitudes and statistics
  15. Examine the root cause of reduced voter turnout

Unique HumSS Research Topics on Sociology

  1. Discuss the changes in social interactions related to aging.
  2. Examine the root causes of consumerism.
  3. Write about the changing gender roles in families.
  4. Analyze the benefits of counterculture for society.
  5. Examine the cultural differences between cults and sects.
  6. Write about the racism and discrimination towards African Americans.
  7. Explain the social role of mass media communication.
  8. Examine how economic prosperity influences the feeling of patriotism.
  9. Discuss the social aspects of the phenomenon of bullying in schools.
  10. Explain how superstitions shape cultural stereotypes.
  11. Analyze the challenges in cultural transformation.
  12. Explain how new technologies change youth social leisure.
  13. Discuss the effect of video game violence.
  14. Analyze the social effects of cultural assimilation.
  15. Explain how consumerism supports capitalist globalization.

Top HumSS Research Ideas on Anthropology

  1. Explain the impact of theater and film on modern public morality.
  2. Analyze the role of religion in politics.
  3. Examine the influence of Hinduism on the political development of India.
  4. Discuss the evolutionary changes in the mindset of tribal people.
  5. Explain how biological and racial differences affect medicine.
  6. Analyze the major issues related to mining industries in Africa.
  7. Explain the relationship between politics and cultural anthropology.
  8. Write about community identity and heritage after the wars.
  9. Discuss the link between drug addiction and juridical responses.
  10. Prepare a research paper on a relevant issue in anthropology.

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Excellent HumSS Research Paper Topics on Philosophy

  1. Discuss the philosophy of war and movements for peace.
  2. Explain how scientific realism affects the judgments of scientists.
  3. Write about the issues associated with dualism
  4. Analyze the causes of war.
  5. Explain the significance of critical thinking as a part of creating an objective thought.
  6. Analyze the negative sides of pragmatism in the US.
  7. Analyze the philosophy behind the Copenhagen interpretation
  8. Compare semantic theory and foundational theory.
  9. Explain how the concept of idealism is applied in everyday life
  10. Discuss the morality and social rules from the perspective of positivism

Amazing HumSS Research Topics on Political Science

  1. Explain how mass media affects political attitudes and statistics.
  2. Analyze political sophistication and blame the government
  3. Explain why awareness of public choice is important.
  4. Suggest the best ways for multinational companies to rule out a legal dispute
  5. Examine how personality affects and shapes political attitudes
  6. Analyze the role of framing in the political field.
  7. Discuss the influence of dual nationality on political views
  8. Explain how regulatory policies are implemented with the help of enforcement.
  9. Discuss the economic consequences of bringing a legal dispute to a court.
  10. Analyze the negative effects of interstate rivalry on the political situation
  11. Examine the role of public policy diffusion in innovation.
  12. Write about politics and the application of behavioral game theory
  13. Discuss the differences between wars and militarized interstate disputes.
  14. How do right-wing and left-wing parties settle disputes?
  15. Explain the role of political powers in the Ukrainian division process

Interesting HumSS Research Questions

  1. Explain the electoral process in Michigan
  2. Write about racial bullying on social media
  3. Discuss the cultural construct of the masculine and feminine identity
  4. Analyze the impact of the government controlling women’s reproductive rights
  5. How critical are self-defending networks?
  6. Analyze the impact of mass media on political statistics and voter behaviors
  7. Explain the role of virtual reality in transforming society.
  8. Examine how individuals interact with different physical elements
  9. Evaluate the factors promoting teenage pregnancies in the 21stcentury
  10. Write about religious discrimination in the digital era.
  11. Explain how cybercrimes affect human lives.
  12. Discuss the value of language in societal success.
  13. Explain the implications of philosophical studies for the growth of a society
  14. Examine the social relations between Islam and Christianity.
  15. Explain the impact of the Ottoman Empire on socialization.

Best HumSS Research Topics

  1. Discuss the significance of understanding history in studying humanities
  2. Explain the relationship between empathy and the experience of illness
  3. Analyze the impact of healthy doctor-patient relationships on the healthcare sector
  4. Prepare a research paper on modern inter-nation wars
  5. Discuss the modern aspects of poetry
  6. Discuss the correlation between social media addiction and age.
  7. Explain how social education helps students to develop.
  8. Discuss the role of social influencing in purchasing behaviors
  9. Compare Social Media Marketing Vs. conventional advertising
  10. Explain the correlation between law-making and bureaucracy

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Fascinating HumSS Research Paper Topics

  1. Examine the influence of public policy on innovation.
  2. Analyze the effects of stigma among leaders.
  3. Explain how parents can cope with their kids’ disabilities
  4. Describe perfectionist policy.
  5. Investigate the development of telehealth in the 21st century
  6. Discuss the ethical issues in the dialysis of homelessness
  7. Explain the importance of practical counseling sessions for Psychology students
  8. Examine the root cause of international cyber-attacks
  9. Analyze the effectiveness of home care against nursing homes
  10. Examine the link between mortality rates and gender


Hopefully, the topics and ideas from the list above will help you write a brilliant HumSS research paper. If you require any other original HumSS research ideas or are having difficulty writing a HumSS thesis, contact us right away.

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