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Do you want to write a how-to essay? Are you searching for the best process essay topics for your assignment? No worries! To help you, here in this blog post, we have compiled a list of captivating topic ideas for writing a process essay. Continue reading this post and gain knowledge of how to write a process essay.

What is a Process Essay?

The process essay is an essay type that provides detailed step-by-step guidance of a certain process, working mechanism, etc. In simple, it informs the readers on how something is done by sharing the necessary steps. The main goal of the purpose essay is to give guidance and directions to its readers.

The process essay can generally be classified into several types. However, the most common types of process essays are directional and informational.

The directional process essay explains the “how-to” for something and ends up with a result. The essay topics such as how to apply for a credit card, how to plan a wedding, etc. are directional. On the other hand, the informational process essay explains to the readers how something works, and it does not necessarily end up with a result. Some common examples of informational essays are how a space rocket works, how the weather is forecasted, etc.

Another essay type that is similar to the process essay is the process analysis essay. As the name indicates, the process analysis essay explains the steps and also gives an in-depth analysis of each step.


Process Essay Topics


Steps for Writing a Process Essay

If you are assigned a task to write a process essay, first identify the essay topic and then start writing the essay by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Know about your audience and identify the writing style or tone suitable for your audience and the selected topic.
  2. Sketch a process essay outline to organize your thoughts and structure your essay topic content.
  3. Start writing the essay with a catchy introduction. The introductory paragraph should explain to the readers what your essay is all about and should provide a brief introduction about the topic in a way to grabs the attention of your readers.
  4. After the introduction, move on to the body paragraph. Here, you should explain the steps involved in the process one by one by mentioning the purpose of each step and the reasons why your reader has to execute that step.
  5. Once all the steps are explained, jump to the conclusion part. In the conclusion paragraph, summarize the main points discussed in your essay in a concise manner.
  6. After you complete writing the process essay, move to your outline and check whether or not all the points mentioned in the outline are covered.
  7. Finally, proofread your entire essay and edit the spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors, if there are any.

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Tips for Choosing a Good Process Essay Topic

For writing an excellent process essay, a good topic is what you need. When you have a good essay topic, you can properly structure the process essay and present it in an understandable way to the readers.

When assigning the essay writing task, the instructors will usually provide a list of the essay topics for you to choose from. In case you are not given any topics for your assignment and are asked to select an essay topic on your own, then you need to spend time and select the right topic.

Choosing a topic for your essay is always challenging. While you are selecting your process essay topic, make sure to keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Choose a topic that matches your interest.
  2. Pick a topic that has a scope to explain the process steps in detail.
  3. Go with a topic that is interesting and informative to your readers.

Other than all the tips mentioned above, additionally, you should also make sure to pick a topic that has the ability to satisfy your process essay writing requirements or guidelines as shared by your instructor.

List of Process Essay Topics and Ideas

Searching for an essay topic generally requires a lot of time. So, in order to save you time, here we have compiled a list of the best process essay topic ideas.

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Simple How-To Essay Topics

  1. Explain the process of choosing a college major.
  2. How to arrive early for work every day.
  3. Getting a driver’s license in the U.S.
  4. Write a guide on how to travel alone in Europe.
  5. What are the steps needed to change a car tire?
  6. Explain the process of opening a bank account.
  7. How can you finish your homework faster?
  8. Outline the steps of dealing with a bleeding finger.
  9. How to arrange a surprise birthday party.
  10. Explain how to create your own fashion style.
  11. How to improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills?
  12. How people can reduce the adverse impact of global warming?
  13. What are the steps to follow to provide comprehensive patient care?
  14. Actions to take to reduce water and air pollution
  15. How to become an archaeologist after the 12th?

Industrial Process Essay Topics

  1. What are the steps to build a glass table?
  2. How to manufacture paper.
  3. Explain the process of building an apartment house.
  4. Describe the process of building an airplane.
  5. Explain the production of lactose-free milk.
  6. Steps of commercial soap making.
  7. Demonstrate the process of making external hard drives.
  8. Provide a guide to recycling plastic.
  9. Describe the process of making an LED display.
  10. Provide a guide to making pencils.
  11. Show how to build a bicycle.
  12. How is professional cookware produced?
  13. Describe the dress manufacturing process.
  14. Write an instruction on how to manufacture keys.
  15. Steps for creating a perfume.
  16. How to prepare a PowerPoint presentation?
  17. Describe the industrial process of manufacturing ammonia
  18. Write the step-by-step industrial process of manufacturing leather bags
  19. Describe the process of manufacturing cotton garments
  20. Write the industrial preparation of sulphuric acid step-by-step

Process Essay Topics on Science

  1. Steps to Predict Asteroids’ Trajectories
  2. How is acid rain formed?
  3. What’s the process of calculating the pH in milk?
  4. How does a near-field scan optical microscope work?
  5. What’s the mechanism of wastewater treatment?
  6. Describe how the human brain processes language.
  7. The process of detecting heavy metals in water.
  8. Producing electricity through friction.
  9. Explain how to carry out a safe chemical experiment.
  10. How do black holes form?

Captivating Process Essay Ideas

  1. Step-by-step instructions to develop a good resume.
  2. A guide to delivering a speech.
  3. Describe the technique of staying motivated while studying.
  4. How to respond to college application questions.
  5. Show an effective memorization method.
  6. Demonstrate the best way to manage school-related stress.
  7. Explain how to keep track of deadlines.
  8. How to create a productive learning environment.
  9. How to manage time properly.
  10. Effective steps to take notes.
  11. The best way to become a brilliant student.
  12. Describe the process of selecting the right university.
  13. How to plan a budget during college.
  14. Provide a guide to improve your test scores.
  15. How to avoid distractions while doing homework.

Procedural Essay Topics on Food

  1. How to cook the best Christmas dinner at home.
  2. Provide a guide to cooking pea soup.
  3. The process of making chocolate frosting at home.
  4. How frozen vegetables are made.
  5. Recipe for homemade ice cream.
  6. Demonstrate the process of making a pizza.
  7. Explain how to make a vegan burger.
  8. Recipe for American apple pie.
  9. What are the steps to make sausage?
  10. How do factories mass-produce canned meat?

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Process Essay Topics on Technology

  1. How to install a browser on Apple Mac.
  2. How to upgrade your smartphone.
  3. How to assemble a MacBook Pro laptop.
  4. How are microphones made?
  5. Show how to design a memory device.
  6. How to create computer software.
  7. How to create an instructional guide to repairing electronics.
  8. How to install a washing machine.
  9. How does a cell phone take pictures?
  10. How to design a website.
  11. How to install a new computer.
  12. How to create gaming software.
  13. How to select a portable media player.
  14. How to use Google Maps.
  15. How to set up a smart home.
  16. How to create a PowerPoint presentation.
  17. How to edit photographs using the software.
  18. How does the Google Search Engine work?
  19. How to set up a Wi-Fi network.
  20. How to pair a smartwatch with an Android phone.

Complex Process Essay Topics

  1. How to use natural polymers for bone repair.
  2. How are adult stem cells created?
  3. A step-by-step guide to petroleum refining.
  4. A guide to making synthetic diamonds.
  5. How are space shuttles built?
  6. Explain how to transplant an organ.
  7. Show how to manufacture an electric car.
  8. How does quantum computing work?
  9. How is artificial intelligence created?
  10. Explain how DNA computing works.

Informative Process Essay Topics

  1. How to Start a YouTube Channel
  2. How to stop procrastinating.
  3. How to create a successful LinkedIn profile.
  4. How to write a job email.
  5. How to direct a movie.
  6. How to stop smoking permanently.
  7. How to write a good book review.
  8. How to succeed at printmaking.
  9. How to be successful without working hard.
  10. How to install a faucet in a sink.

Interesting Process Essay Ideas

  1. How to travel inexpensively overseas.
  2. How to pack a backpack for hiking.
  3. How to learn a foreign language.
  4. How to lose weight in 2 weeks.
  5. How to switch a tent on soft ground.
  6. How to improve your handwriting.
  7. How to install a solar panel.
  8. How to become a blogger.
  9. How to teach a dog to do tricks.
  10. How to score pass marks in mathematics.

Intriguing Process Essay Topics

  1. How to use a dishwasher.
  2. How to decorate a living room.
  3. How to preheat the oven.
  4. How to get rid of stage fear.
  5. How do medicines affect the body?
  6. How are caves formed?
  7. How does a satellite work?
  8. How to remove stubborn stains in clothes.
  9. How to avoid using smartphones.
  10. How to waste less money in the supermarket.
  11. How to plan your diet.
  12. How to remove makeup.
  13. How to refuse politely.
  14. How to behave at a social event.
  15. How to improve the financial state.
  1. How to cook the best Christmas dinner at home.
  2. How to start your own business.
  3. How to train your pet.
  4. How to take good snaps with a DSLR.
  5. How to study for a science exam.
  6. How to campaign for political office.
  7. How to pass your driver’s test.
  8. How to sell old belongings on eBay.
  9. How to saddle a horse.
  10. How to gain work experience to become a doctor.

Outstanding Process Essay Topics

  1. How to make a house feel homely.
  2. How to build a table from planks of wood.
  3. How to promote animal rights this year.
  4. How to create an argument for a debate.
  5. How to avoid becoming ill during the winter.
  6. How to be successful without working hard.
  7. How to become a millionaire by the age of 30.
  8. How to successfully change your career path.
  9. How to achieve a computer science degree.
  10. How to run a successful café.
  11. Discuss a specific period in history
  12. How does nuclear power work?
  13. Our life in the closest future
  14. Most interesting & rich cultures of the world
  15. Irish/Scottish folklore

Unique Process Essay Topics

  1. Give instructions on how to mass-produce plastic water bottles.
  2. How to put together a 2007 Nissan in black.
  3. How to choose the ideal roommate
  4. How to evict a roommate without breaking the law
  5. How to Succeed in School and College
  6. Describe the steps involved in creating an apartment building.
  7. Publish a guide on how to laser-cut steel.
  8. How to throw a baseball knuckleball
  9. How to organize the ideal party
  10. How to get through a night of watching kids

Best Process Essay Questions

  1. Suggest some effective ways to raise awareness of deforestation.
  2. How to make online education accessible to all
  3. Describe the process of volcanic eruption
  4. Explain the process of making wafers
  5. Describe the process used to make synthetic foods.
  6. Describe the production process for aluminum foil.
  7. Describe the lean bio-manufacturing process.
  8. Explain the process of developing your own Android app.
  9. Describe the process of galaxy creation.
  10. Explain how to evaluate the quality of food

Process Essay Topics for Presentation

  1. How to construct a table out of wood boards.
  2. contribute to this year’s campaign for animal rights.
  3. How to formulate a position for discussion.
  4. the best ways to stay healthy in the winter.
  5. How to get success without exerting much effort.
  6. How to gain wealth quickly and easily.
  7. How to change your career effectively.
  8. preventing plagiarism in your writing.
  9. How to interact harmoniously with those you don’t have any interests with.
  10. How to prevent burnout at work

Miscellaneous Process Essay Topics

  1. How to answer questions on a college application.
  2. Describe the process for joining the cheerleading squad.
  3. The finest strategy to improve your academic performance.
  4. Introduce some physical activities to the class.
  5. Describe how canned fruit is produced in large quantities.
  6. How to get along well with people you have no interest in things you do.
  7. Explanation of vegan burger preparation.
  8. Show us the ideal method for cooking spaghetti.
  9. Describe the procedure for joining the soccer team at your school.
  10. Give instructions on how to keep your place tidy.


To write an excellent process essay paper, you can choose any topic from the list of captivating process essay topics mentioned in this blog post. But when writing your process essay, make sure to narrate the content in a straightforward way and present the steps in chronological order. Also, remember, that the steps you write in your process essay should be clear and easy for your readers to follow.


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