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Do you want to write a high-quality proposal essay? Are you searching for the best proposal essay topics? Here, in this blog post, we have compiled some interesting proposal essay topic ideas for you to consider. Continue reading this post and pick a topic that is ideal for you and also get to know more about proposal essay writing.

What is a Proposal Essay?

A proposal essay is an essay type that is usually written to propose an idea. The main aim of the proposal essay is to propose an idea and convince the readers why the proposed idea is good or bad by providing supporting arguments or evidence.

When writing a proposal essay, you should mainly define a problem, propose an effective solution for the problem, and discuss why you have chosen that particular solution among all the alternatives. You may think that writing a proposal essay is an easy task, but actually, it is not. You need to focus on several things while writing a proposal.

Steps for Writing a Proposal Essay

If you want to write a brilliant proposal essay, then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First, identify a good proposal essay topic.
  2. Do thorough research and come up with a unique thesis statement for your topic.
  3. Prepare a well-structured proposal essay outline.
  4. Jot down the main points and arguments supporting your proposal.
  5. With reference to your outline, start writing your proposal essay by covering all the main points.
  6. Begin your proposal essay with a catchy introductory paragraph and then state the essay thesis statement or define the problem that is related to your proposal essay topic.
  7. Next, in the body section of your essay, provide a solution for the problem discussed in the introductory paragraph and prove your point with relevant realistic examples and events.
  8. Finally, summarize the points or restate the thesis statement effectively in the conclusion part of the essay.
  9. At the end of the essay, in order to avoid plagiarism, cite all the sources you have used in your proposal essay.
  10. After writing, do a complete revision, and then before submission, without skipping, proofread the entire content and edit the errors, if there are any.

When writing a proposal essay, always make sure to structure it properly by including components like an introduction, proposal, plan of action, and conclusion. Also, remember to use only relevant and credible sources. Never consider blog posts and information from non-credible websites for reference. Especially, when writing your proposal essay, be careful with your vocabulary and avoid using slang words and informal tones.

Proposal Essay Topics

Tips for Choosing a Good Proposal Essay Topic

Identifying an essay topic is one of the significant steps in the essay writing process. There are no hard and fast rules for choosing a proposal essay topic. When you are asked to write a proposal essay, keep the following tips in mind while choosing your essay topic.

  1. Pick an essay topic that matches your interest.
  2. Select a trending topic that excites your readers.
  3. Go with a topic that provides a good space for you to present your arguments or discussions.
  4. Choose a topic that has many relevant pieces of evidence and reference materials.
  5. Spot the topic that is easy for you to conduct research before the deadline.

Along with the above-mentioned tips, keep an eye on the essay writing requirements shared by your instructor and then finalize an essay topic that will help you to satisfy those requirements.

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List of Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas

When you are assigned a task to write a proposal essay on the topic of your choice, you are free to choose the proposal essay topic on any genre from business to literature. Here, we have sorted some exciting categories and have listed the interesting proposal essay topic ideas for you to consider.

Explore the complete list and pick an ideal topic.

Proposal Essay Topics on Education

  1. Digital education for school benefits
  2. How does depression affect the educational process among students?
  3. Why is sex education essential and how to include it in the school curriculum?
  4. The ways to let educational shows have more airtime on TV.
  5. What are the benefits of separating classes according to gender?
  6. Self-esteem boosting practices for students and teachers.
  7. How can teachers spot signs of bullying in their classes?
  8. The current student grading system is flawed, but it can be fixed with these methods.
  9. What are the best flexible seating options for the classroom?
  10. Discuss student-led learning in public schools.

Social Media Proposal Essay Topics

  1. The ways to use social media to increase students’ productivity.
  2. Is student-teacher communication on social media ethical?
  3. The role of social media in shaping society’s perception
  4. Do social media require new ethics rules?
  5. Banning social media: can it be a solution to reduce suicides?
  6. Innovative ideas about how to create more jobs with the help of social media.
  7. Social Media and New Personal Information Security Frames
  8. Is online dating safe?
  9. Generation Gap and Social Media
  10. How does digital presence affect kids’ social skills?
  11. The use of social media and new personal data Security Pictures
  12. Causes and Motives for the Cyberbullying Epidemic
  13. Opportunities for Business Created by Instagram
  14. Should There Be New Ethics Rules for Social Media?
  15. How Kids’ Social Skills Are Affected by Digital Presence
  16. Do People Use Social Media to Express Their Issues?
  17. The Social Justice Warriors Movement: Characteristics and Social Effects
  18. Should there be regulations on Internet access laws?
  19. Social Media Top Personas Presence in Modern Politics
  20. Twitter of President Trump: Social Importance, Interpretation, and Meaning

Proposal Essay Topics on Technology

  1. How can people reduce their dependence on technology?
  2. How does growing up in a technological world affect children?
  3. Should AI replace human workers?
  4. How does technology contribute to freelance work?
  5. Is it good to use technology in college classrooms?
  6. The ways not to kill your imagination while using modern technology.
  7. What are the financial benefits of switching to wireless technologies?
  8. How can technology save some of the environmental issues?
  9. How has technology changed the way modern businesses work?
  10. At what point should technology stop evolving?

Business Proposal Essay Topics

  1. How can a business lower its taxes legally?
  2. Propose technological strategies to run a business.
  3. Importance of business plans.
  4. How to support local businesses and prevent them from being destroyed by huge chains.
  5. How to build a corporate ethical policy?
  6. The ways small businesses can survive national riots.
  7. E-commerce strategies for attracting new customers.
  8. Ways to prevent misunderstanding with customers’ rights.
  9. Outsourcing as a solution for backup business activities.
  10. Propose ways in which a company can go green and save money.

Proposal Essay Ideas on Environment

  1. How to reduce the damage caused to the environment by dams?
  2. What is the most efficient energy type people can use?
  3. How can countries embrace the use of bicycles for short journeys?
  4. What can you do to help the environment?
  5. What are the safe ways of renewable energy?
  6. Methods of atmospheric controls to avoid harsh climate change.
  7. What is the best solution to the problem of plastic bags?
  8. Technological methods of predicting flooding
  9. Propose safer fuels for automobiles.
  10. Methods of atmospheric controls to avoid harsh climate change.

Healthcare and Medical Proposal Essay Topics

  1. Educating students about their health is a mandatory practice.
  2. Propaganda of healthy eating habits for reducing obesity levels.
  3. How to make the best out of technology in medicine for inheritance disease testing?
  4. Propose training programs for the improvement of physician-patient relationships.
  5. A program for attracting more male nurses.
  6. How to reduce the rates of smoking among adolescents?
  7. What would be an effective program to curb illegal drug use?
  8. What should be done to increase the funding for cancer research?
  9. Should doctors return to offering house calls?
  10. Should couples adopt children instead of having in-vitro fertilization?
  11. What is the cheapest way to have good healthcare for all humans?
  12. What is the best way to protect people’s personal medical information?
  13. Should alternative medicine be covered by insurance?
  14. Why do people travel to other countries for treatment?
  15. Discuss the ideal hospital size for care and sanitation.

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Sports Proposal Essay Ideas

  1. Programs encourage students to participate more in sports.
  2. How can coaches and players talk to the media after losing a game?
  3. Should college athletes be paid?
  4. Should extreme activities for entertainment be banned?
  5. Can the media do a better job of covering sports on television?
  6. Should the use of steroids be legalized and monetized instead of being prohibited?
  7. How can coaches take encouragement to a whole new level for athletes?
  8. Are sportsmen and women too superstitious?
  9. Will over-reliance on sports technology change the performance output of athletes?
  10. How can sports commentator bias be reduced in rooting for a particular team?
  11. Sports can help college students stay away from depression
  12. Children with learning disabilities embrace remote learning better
  13. Negative body language and peer pressure among teens
  14. High schools must emphasize providing practical education to students alongside theoretical education
  15. How can volunteering help to deal with procrastination issues?

Proposal Essay Topics on Parenting and Family Life

  1. Does parental divorce influence a child’s life?
  2. LGBTQ Family Member: Acceptance Case
  3. Should parents control children’s internet usage?
  4. Gender roles and discrimination within a family
  5. Financial education should come to children from their parents.
  6. How to support single-parent families in times of need?
  7. What is the best way to teach children responsibility?
  8. How can parents make sure their children adopt healthy life values?
  9. How can parents help children avoid or deal with bullying in school?
  10. What is the most effective way to discipline a child?
  11. Every government should provide financial assistance to students belonging to vulnerable and marginalized communities
  12. Best strategies to deal with ragging in colleges
  13. Challenges faced by students belonging to the LGBTQ+ community in higher education
  14. Technology-driven education vs. traditional school-based education
  15. Implementation of IT patrols can reduce the rate of cyber-bullying in schools and colleges

Proposal Essay Topics on Social Issues and Social Life

  1. How can an average person help orphans without spending money?
  2. Social programs for educating special children.
  3. Choosing the right idols for teenagers to encourage positive lifestyle changes.
  4. Practical solutions for skyrocketing cybercrime rates.
  5. Hate crime laws as a response to increased violence against marginalized groups.
  6. Support groups for teenagers to prevent depression due to issues with school peers.
  7. How not get overloaded by information daily?
  8. Use safe driving educational materials as a preventive measure.
  9. What should be done to lower the national debt?
  10. Social inequality Roots proposal
  11. Bystander effect in social psychology
  12. Democracy, Freedom versus Terrorism: How are they connected?
  13. An argument against the death penalty
  14.  Feminism and its Main Idea
  15. The influence of an anti-discrimination movement on all others’

Impressive Proposal Essay Topics

  1. Propose essential characteristics of an effective leader.
  2. Is the fashion industry to blame for eating disorders?
  3. How does the native language shape our thinking?
  4. Violence in media from children’s perspective
  5. Memes as a new communication tool
  6. Religion Versus Culture Proposal
  7. How can the government handle illegal immigration?
  8. Does rap music influence the behavior of modern teenagers?
  9. What could be done to make the electoral system more effective?
  10. Propose traits of a good-standing family in the community.

Innovative Proposal Essay Prompts

  1. Discuss the better ways to assess classroom performance.
  2. How to encourage students to have closer contact with nature
  3. The first thing the new president should focus on in his policies
  4. How to stop relevant people from being forgotten
  5. How to enhance technical development to get better work outcomes
  6. Suggest new criteria for classifying kinds of sports as extreme
  7. How to stop players from feeling depressed after losing a match
  8. Suggest better methods for stopping violence among sports fans
  9. Discuss the easier ways of understanding foreign cultures
  10. Suggest effective ways of saving a business from going bankrupt

Unique Proposal Essay Ideas

  1. Discuss the benefits of art for society and individuals separately.
  2. What is the best way to bring extinct animals back to life?
  3. Damages of misrepresentation.
  4. How can we stop body shaming?
  5. Challenges of the multicultural family?
  6. Has globalization affected the moral fiber of the communities?
  7. How to deal with overpopulation?
  8. Does military technology make the world a safer place?
  9. Propose ways of accepting cultural diversity in our communities.
  10. Environmental-friendly traveling and tourism opportunities
  11. What is the impact of global sporting events on the environment, in terms of waste, pollution, and carbon emissions?
  12. Critical analysis of the impact of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on human health and the environment
  13. What is environmental racism and how does it impact marginalized communities?
  14. Discuss the importance of 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle) strategies for ensuring a sustainable environment
  15. Impact of environmental justice on society and the natural environment
  1. How Depression Affects Students’ Educational Process
  2. How a college education affects students’ anxiety levels
  3. Are Eating Disorders a Result of the Fashion Industry?
  4. Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treating Depression
  5. The Influence of Native Language on Thought
  6. Does playing video games affect kids’ violent behavior?
  7. The American educational system’s biggest flaw and how to fix it
  8. Why Many Students Hate Math & Making It a More Interesting Subject Teachers Should Be Subjected to Closer Inspection Upon Hiring
  9. How much autonomy ought students to have in the classroom?
  10. Which Extra Exams Should Start After Graduation?

Excellent Topics for Proposal Essay

  1. The Social Justice Warriors Movement: Characteristics and Social Effects
  2. Should there be regulations for Internet access?
  3. Social Media: Contemporary Political Techniques Priority Personas
  4. Twitter account of the President: Societal Value, significance, and Interpretation
  5. Shakespeare’s Impact on English Literature in the Modern Era
  6. Joyce, Faulkner, and Proust are the three streams of consciousness.
  7. What Effects Depression Has on Students’ Learning
  8. How students’ levels of anxiety are influenced by their college education
  9. How Contemporary Society Supports Egoistic Personality Traits
  10. How Physical Appearance Affects One’s Quality of Life
  11. Compare and contrast the academic scoring capability of charter school students generally and traditional public school students
  12. Comparative analysis of non-fictional novels and fictional novels
  13. F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and how it’s an indictment of the “American Dream”
  14. Rape, teen pregnancy, forced sex, exploitation and the delegitimization of birth control pills: How they all conjure to control women’s bodies?
  15. Intrinsic effect of the exploration and promotion of interracial marriage on American popular Culture


For writing an effective proposal essay, you can choose any of the best proposal essay topics suggested in this blog post. In case, you are confused about what topic to choose for your proposal essay or if you are unsure of how to write a proposal essay, contact us immediately.

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