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Are you an eighth-grade student searching for great experiment ideas or project topics for the science fair? If so, then read this blog post. Here, we have compiled a list of 100 fantastic science fair project ideas for 8th-grade students on physics, chemistry, biology, and a few more science subjects. In addition to that, we have provided some tips on how to select an excellent science fair project idea.

A science fair is typically an academic competition or event where students showcase their scientific knowledge and skills through experiments. The science fair’s primary goal is to encourage kids to participate in scientific research while also improving their hands-on learning and critical thinking skills.

Whenever you get an opportunity to attend a science fair, confidently demonstrate your science experiments or projects. By working on science projects, you can refresh your subject knowledge, learn new ideas, and gain practical experience.

Know How to Pick a Good Science Fair Project Topic

Science Fair Project Ideas

When selecting a topic for the 8th-grade science fair project, always give preference to a topic or idea that piques your interest rather than a “smart” issue. It might be tempting for you to select an advanced topic, but if you are not really passionate about the latest trends, then your decision may become pointless.

Generally, choosing a topic that interests you will not only make you appear more passionate about it during your presentation but will also keep you excited throughout the process. However, sometimes, usual topics may not appeal to you. In such instances, make use of the list of 8th-grade science fair project ideas that we have suggested in this blog.

Remember, you need not be confined to the science fair projects presented on the internet. Select any project topic that interests you. The topic you select should meet your science fair rules and regulations and it should have a provable hypothesis.

Most importantly, the science fair project idea that you pick should contain relevant materials and resources for experimentation. Also, the idea should be feasible enough to conduct safe experiments.

Before finalizing your science fair project idea, seek guidance from your lecturers. They may help you to refine your ideas and share an effective approach to conduct your experiments with more accuracy.

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List of Science Fair Project Ideas for 8th-Grade Students

If it is troublesome for you to generate a good 8th-grade science fair project idea, explore the list presented below. In the list, we have provided 100 creative science fair project ideas for 8th-grade students on different branches of science.

Simple Science Fair Project Ideas for 8th Grade

  1. Examine how particle size affects the filtration of drinking water.
  2. Measure the surface tension of different liquids.
  3. Assemble a Newton’s cradle.
  4. Relight a candle without touching it.
  5. Demonstrate the working of instant cold packs.
  6. Build a trash can air cannon.
  7. Show how to protect an egg in a crash
  8. Extinguish a candle without blowing it out.
  9. Navigate a light maze.
  10. Build an electric motor.
  11. Test the makeup of different soils.
  12. Dissect a flower.
  13. Explore the concentration of carbon dioxide in Soda.
  14. Make marshmallows.
  15. Create a hydroponics garden.

Interesting 8th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas on Physics

  1. Build a light bulb.
  2. Cook food with solar energy.
  3. Engineer a roller coaster loop.
  4. Create and power up homemade batteries.
  5. Test the strength of interleaved paper.
  6. Stand on a pile of paper cups.
  7. Make a solar desalinator.
  8. Design a robotic hand.
  9. Discover the center of gravity
  10. Explore how color affects heating by light absorption.
  11. Build a Rube Goldberg Machine.
  12. Make a spring balance scale.
  13. Construct an infinity mirror.
  14. Measure buoyancy over time.
  15. Build a levitating water fountain.

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Awesome Science Fair Project Ideas for 8th Grade on Chemistry

  1. Perform a start test with iodine.
  2. Compare electrolytes in sports drinks.
  3. Make a shampoo.
  4. Identify different ways to melt ice faster.
  5. Create a rainbow of flames.
  6. Demonstrate the chemistry of making ice cream.
  7. Optimize fermentation temperature.
  8. Create a battery with air, metal, and salt water.
  9. Convert juice into spheres.
  10. Grow a carbon sugar snake.
  11. Extract bismuth from Pepto Bismol.
  12. Brew some root beer.
  13. Split hydrogen and oxygen in water.
  14. Demonstrate the reaction between vinegar and baking soda.
  15. Test pH and copper corrosion using pennies.

Excellent 8th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas in Biology

  1. Measure lung capacity using a balloon.
  2. Test the water quality of swimming pools, local streams, and taps at home.
  3. Grow a plant through a maze.
  4. Cast animal tracks using different methods.
  5. Water plants with different liquids like rainwater, tap water, salt water, etc, and identify the results.
  6. Analyze fingerprints and prepare a report.
  7. Explore symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
  8. Find out a plant’s favorite music.
  9. Create a blood simulation to examine anticoagulants and blood disorders.
  10. Measure the growth of algae.
  11. Build a circuit to monitor heart rate.
  12. Extract DNA from onion, strawberry, or banana.
  13. Determine your taste threshold.
  14. Measure your hearing threshold.
  15. Create a model of the human cardiovascular system.

Fantastic 8th Grade Science Fair Project Topics

  1. Demonstrate color-changing iodine clock reaction.
  2. Model gravity in our solar system.
  3. Demonstrate the unpoppable balloon.
  4. Make a radio.
  5. Create a solar oven.
  6. Make fabrics from seaweed.
  7. Create fossils.
  8. Make glowing bubbles.
  9. Explore different food preservation techniques.
  10. Build a raft powered by surface tension.
  11. Make a lightning spark.
  12. Explore chlorophyll variety in plants.
  13. Test hard water
  14. Make a fog tornado.
  15. Build a candle-powered thermoelectric fan.

Innovative Science Fair Project Ideas for 8th Grade

  1. Test what Orange juice has the most Vitamin C.
  2. Make a cloud chamber.
  3. Build a hydraulic elevator.
  4. Grow Vegan leather.
  5. Build a solar-powered car.
  6. Create crystals.
  7. Demonstrate the science of slime.
  8. Make hand warmers.
  9. Explore how acids affect the corrosion rate.
  10. Make a water purifier.
  11. Test fabric types for water resistance.
  12. Build strong bridges.
  13. Explore cave formation.
  14. Compare the efficiency of solar cells.
  15. Test various food items for starch.

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Outstanding Science Fair Project Ideas for 8th-Grade Students

  1. Test different insulation materials.
  2. Make a motion sensor alarm.
  3. Build cars out of a rubber band.
  4. Create a model of a geothermal power plant
  5. Conduct crop rotation experiments.
  6. Build a marble machine
  7. Construct and launch a balloon rocket.
  8. Make a sundial.
  9. Analyze the effect of pH on enzymes.
  10. Conduct a floating rice experiment.


Choose any science fair project idea from the list above and get started. If you are still unsure about what project topic to choose for your science fair, or if you require science project help from a professional, then contact us immediately.

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