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The idea of sustainability is to meet current needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own. It strikes a balance between the environment, the economy, and equity. Sustainability projects have recently become increasingly important in environmental protection efforts. As a result, many academic institutions frequently ask students to work on unique sustainability research topics.

In case, you are unsure what topic to choose for your research paper on sustainability or if you struggle to identify the best sustainability project ideas, explore this blog post. Here, we have compiled a list of 85 excellent sustainability research paper topics and project ideas. Additionally, we have also explained how to choose a good topic for sustainability.

Know How to Select a Sustainability Research Topic

Sustainability Research Topics

To prepare an academic paper, an appropriate topic is important. So, when it comes to preparing a research paper on sustainability, make sure to identify the right topic. If you are confused about how to pick an ideal sustainability topic for your project, follow these steps.

  • First, search and find out the area you are more excited to study. You may choose to work on sustainability in education, transportation, food, etc.
  • In the subject of your interest, read the existing literature and collect a lot of interesting sustainability topics with a broad research scope.
  • Analyze all the gathered topics and narrow down the list.
  • From the refined list, pick a topic that is original, relevant, meaningful, and contains enough resources for references. The topic you select should meet your university guidelines and should allow you to finish your work before the deadline.
  • In the end, consult with your professor and get approval for the topic you have selected. This will help you to progress in your assignment.

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List of the Best Sustainability Research Topics

The following are some outstanding sustainability research topics that you may investigate and write about.

Environment Sustainability Research Topics

  1. Discuss the negative effects of plastic straws on the environment.
  2. Explain how to control environmental pollution with technology.
  3. Examine how effective are your local environmental policies.
  4. Explore the effects of the world’s population on the environment.
  5. Analyze the effects of non-plastic wastes in the ocean.
  6. Explore the political challenges that affect the U.S. environment.
  7. Explain how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the environment.
  8. Describe the best environmental sustainability practices.
  9. Explore the correlation between environmental sustainability and climate change.
  10. Explain how individuals can embrace sustainable environmental practices.

Sustainability Research Topics on Education

  1. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of sustainability education.
  2. Discuss the responsibilities of higher education institutes in handling issues such as poverty, climate change, and gender inequality.
  3. Present the benefits of adopting sustainability education into the curriculum
  4. Explain how modular classrooms can improve sustainability through the use of natural light.
  5. Suggest the most effective ways to promote sustainable lifestyles among students
  6. Examine the differences in sustainability education.
  7. Research and write about modular classrooms and campus sustainability
  8. Discuss how to organize sustainability events and programs within the college campus
  9. Explore the benefits of changing classroom hours to utilize natural lighting
  10. Explain how to use existing sustainability projects on campus for educational purposes

Food Sustainability Research Paper Topics

  1. Examine the global food scarcity issue.
  2. Analyze the benefits of purchasing food from local farmers.
  3. Explain how the amount of food consumption affects the environment.
  4. Explain why it is important to support food markets.
  5. Describe the role of government in increasing food resources.
  6. Focus on sustainable food production methods in a developing country.
  7. Explain how food programs help communities.
  8. Take a closer look at organic farming and food sustainability.
  9. Research and write about the Sustainable Food Initiative of WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
  10. Study climate-smart food systems.

Sustainability Research Topics on Waste Management

  1. Focus on the types and amounts of waste produced in educational institutions.
  2. Explain the food waste management methods followed by Denmark.
  3. Focus on how to effectively reduce waste in large cities with the help of technology.
  4. Explain how Sweden converts its waste into heating.
  5. Discuss how to reduce waste over the life cycle of a building
  6. Suggest the best methods to reduce waste.
  7. Explain how the improved recycling technologies affect the waste that ends up in landfills.
  8. Discuss the importance of keeping waste from ending up in oceans.
  9. Explain how government regulations affect certain waste types.
  10. Focus on sustainable wastewater management programs.

Transportation Sustainability Research Topics

  1. Explain why it is essential to develop a sustainable transportation system.
  2. Discuss the benefits of using public transportation systems.
  3. Explore the health and environmental benefits of biking to work.
  4. Examine how traveling has contributed to global warming over the last decade.
  5. Discuss the significance of using solar power and wind power in vehicles
  6. Compare the costs and benefits of petroleum to biofuel or electric energy.
  7. Evaluate the crucial influences of transportation on the environment.
  8. Take a closer look at the major modes of sustainable transportation
  9. Explain how to redesign a city to be walkable and bike-friendly
  10. Examine the challenges involved in developing a sustainable transportation system.

Interesting Sustainability Research Ideas

  1. Explain how “green universities” support students’ mental health.
  2. Examine how developing nations preserve access to clean water.
  3. Should larger buildings in cities be required to have solar panels installed?
  4. Discuss how to lessen pollution and thereby enhance the quality of the air.
  5. Does maintaining a specific temperature in the house lower energy costs?
  6. Explain how cities should establish community gardens.
  7. Examine how pollution affects people’s health more severely.
  8. Explore the significance of plastic recycling and reuse in waste management
  9. Does buffet dining support or undermine environmental initiatives?
  10. Explain how landscaping or gardening can enhance the quality of the air around a house.

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Excellent Sustainability Research Topics

  1. Explore the advantages that a plant-based diet offers.
  2. What environmental policies distinguish Sweden from other nations?
  3. Take a look at nonprofit organizations that are committed to promoting sustainability.
  4. Examine the effects that an increasing sea level has.
  5. Can companies save energy expenses by increasing the amount of natural lighting?
  6. Describe the variations in carbon footprint and bio-capacity across various nations and areas.
  7. Discuss the estimated future cost of climate change to the various countries.
  8. Focus on the benefits that result from lowering computer screen brightness.
  9. Which greenhouse gas accounting standards have advantages and disadvantages?
  10. Are governments making enough investments in solar energy technologies?

Sustainability Project Ideas

  1. Examine the correlation between pollution and a nation’s GDP.
  2. Explain the effects of our carbon footprint on the next generation.
  3. Explain how the usage of plastic floating balls lessens reservoir evaporation.
  4. Discuss how solar panels improve the energy efficiency of a house.
  5. Do paper towels stop the transmission of germs more effectively than hand dryers?
  6. Should cities charge more for single-use plastic products?
  7. How much energy is saved when computers are configured to turn off when not in use?
  8. What advantages can fair-trade certifications offer on college campuses?
  9. Is it possible to use game theory to sustainability challenges?
  10. Explain the relationship between pollution and overcrowding.
  11. Discuss the significance of rooftop or terrace gardening.
  12. Analyze the developed and developing world’s sustainability policies.
  13. Take a look at NGOs’ contribution to sustainable environmental practices and green energy.
  14. Is it possible to combine green technology with a balanced lifestyle?
  15. What are the costs and opportunities associated with lowering water use?


Choose any topic of your choice from the list suggested above and begin working on your sustainability research paper. If you need any other original sustainability research ideas or if you require expert help for sustainability research paper topic selection, composing, or editing, approach us immediately.


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