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Nursing education generally concentrates on how to provide healthcare and support to patients who suffer from different medical issues. Furthermore, nursing education also focuses on researching various nursing challenges involved in medical and healthcare settings. Particularly, nursing research is conducted to improve nursing practices and to offer the best care to patients with medical illnesses and disabilities. But for doing nursing research, a good topic is essential. When it comes to selecting nursing research topics, areas such as pediatric nursing, adult nursing, midwifery nursing, and so on can be considered.

Typically, nursing is a broad discipline and hence it might be challenging to pick an ideal nursing research paper topic. But with our support, anyone can easily handle the research topic selection phase. Especially, for the convenience of nursing students, in this blog, we have added a list of outstanding research topics and ideas on different branches of nursing. Additionally, we have also explained how to choose a good topic for a nursing research paper.

Explore this blog post to gather exclusive nursing research topics and ideas.

Learn How to Choose a Nursing Research Topic

Nursing Research Topics


For preparing a nursing research paper, an appropriate topic is necessary. Mostly, your professors will suggest different nursing research paper questions for you to take into account. But sometimes you might be asked to come up with a research title of your choice. In such a situation, you must make sure to pick a nursing research paper topic that is original, meaningful, relevant, interesting, and explorative.

If you are doubtful about how to choose a nursing research topic, feel free to follow these steps.

  1. First, determine the nursing research area or field that is more appealing to you. Some popular nursing areas to deal with include pediatric nursing, pain management, elderly care nursing, etc.
  2. Next, on the nursing area you are more passionate about, gather a lot of evidence-based topics.
  3. Analyze all the collected nursing research ideas and narrow down the list. Eliminate all the topics with no or less research scope.
  4. From the refined list, give preference to a unique research topic that has enough resources for references. Remember, the topic you select should meet your university’s guidelines and it should be feasible enough to complete the research before the deadline.
  5. Lastly, get approval for the chosen topic from your professor. Getting guidance from your instructor will aid you in improving the quality of your nursing research paper and getting top grades.

List of the Best Nursing Research Topics

Are you unsure what topic to choose for your nursing research paper? If yes, then explore the list recommended below and pick any topic that meets your needs. In the list, we have included 100 excellent research paper topics on different areas of nursing.

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

  1. Examine the reasons why misdiagnosed cases in the pediatric wards are increasing.
  2. Analyze the factors that lead to an increase in childhood eating disorders.
  3. Explore the reasons why children build resistance to antibiotics.
  4. Examine the correlation between autism and vaccination.
  5. Explain how to control allergic reactions in pediatric wards.
  6. Explore the reasons for the rising cases of obese children.
  7. Discuss the ethics of pediatric care.
  8. Analyze the challenges associated with chronic illness management in pediatric patients.
  9. Evaluate the impact of parental involvement in pediatric asthma treatment.
  10. Explain how to control allergic reactions in pediatric wards.

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Adult Nursing Research Ideas

  1. Explain how caregivers should handle patients in prison.
  2. Examine the health implications brought by abortion.
  3. Explain how to reduce dependence on pain medicine.
  4. Compare the effect of culture on adult nursing in different countries.
  5. Discuss the ethics of data collection in adult health care.
  6. Examine the ethics of critical care for geriatric patients.
  7. Take a look at physical exercises that prevent risks brought by heart diseases.
  8. Explain how to prevent and treat dehydration in adults.
  9. Analyze the effects of age on the nervous system and immune system.
  10. Explain the dangers associated with leading a sedentary life.

Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

  1. Analyze the childbirth experience of women with autism.
  2. Explore the feeding problems of newborns and infants.
  3. Take a look at different midwifery practices in rural areas.
  4. Analyze the effects of telephone-provided care during postnatal treatment.
  5. Examine the impacts of Technological advancements in midwifery.
  6. Take a look at pain management during labor.
  7. Explain how to manage women with disabilities during childbirth.
  8. Explain how to treat pregnancy-induced hypertension.
  9. Explore the role of midwifery in emergency care
  10. Discuss the different ways to engage fathers in pre- and post-natal care.

Nursing Research Topics on Elderly Care

  1. Discuss the preventive measures for delirium in senior citizens.
  2. Explain how to encourage oral hydration among the elderly.
  3. Explore the prevention and maintenance strategies for hypertensive patients.
  4. Discuss the prevention strategies for Alzheimer’s in older people.
  5. Examine the correlation between old age and stroke.
  6. Analyze the ethical use of physical restraints in elderly patients.
  7. Explain how to manage pain in elderly patients.
  8. Explain how to manage sepsis in critically ill older patients.
  9. Examine nursing approaches to providing ophthalmic care to elderly individuals.
  10. Explain how to shield senior patients from injuries, slips, and falls.

Women’s Health Nursing Research Topics

  1. Discuss the methods used for treating osteoporosis in women.
  2. Explain how to provide the best care for women who have miscarried.
  3. Discuss how women can lose weight effectively.
  4. Explain how to manage infertility cases in women.
  5. Analyze the effects of culture on women’s health.
  6. Explain how to handle premenstrual syndrome.
  7. Take a look at women’s healthcare for immigrants.
  8. Study the diseases that affect female sexual health.
  9. Explore the effective methods of identifying breast cancer.
  10. Discuss the preventive measures for vaginal atrophy.

Mental Health Nursing Research Paper Ideas

  1. Evaluate the mental health of caregivers.
  2. Examine the causes of mental health problems among medical practitioners.
  3. Analyze the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of pupils.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of mental health education among emergency room nurses.
  5. Examine the effectiveness of therapeutic communication in improving patient outcomes.
  6. Explain how to take care of people with mental health disorders.
  7. Explain how to support the mental health of victims via intervention.
  8. Analyze the effectiveness of meditation on patients
  9. Explore the different mental promotion practices for depression in patients.
  10. Examine the effectiveness of mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation.

Nursing Research Paper Topics on Pain Management

  1. Explore the advantages of applying cognitive hypnotherapy in managing pain.
  2. Analyze the negative effects of poor pain management techniques.
  3. Explain how caregivers should deal with pain and injuries in toddlers.
  4. Explain how yoga be used as a pain management activity.
  5. Discuss how to manage pain in hemophilia.
  6. Explore successful modern pain management medications.
  7. Explain how caregivers can relieve pain in cancer patients.
  1. Explore the effectiveness of pain management protocols in pediatric patients.
  1. Explain how to manage phantom pain.
  2. Conduct clinical analysis of pain syndrome in patients with pancreatitis.

Nursing Research Ideas on Obstetrics

  1. Examine the dangers that are related to hypertensive disorders.
  2. Take a look at the methods of dealing with pre-term labor.
  3. Focus on the steps involved in resuscitating newborns.
  4. Study the best antenatal care plans.
  5. Examine the key dangers associated with early pregnancies.
  6. Explore the benefits of incorporating music therapy during lactation.
  7. Analyze the challenges involved in saving mother and child during delivery.
  8. Take a look at nutrition that helps mothers recover better after delivery.
  9. Focus on the disadvantages of water birth.
  10. Study the unhealthy habits during pregnancy that might be dangerous.

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Qualitative Nursing Research Topics

  1. Explore the challenges in dealing with caregiving stereotypes.
  2. Explain how to manage patients who have PTSD.
  3. Explain how to treat victims of sexual harassment.
  4. Explore the issues associated with systematic racism in healthcare systems.
  5. Assess how technology has improved the caregiving process.
  6. Explain how music affects the psychological conditions of patients.
  7. Discuss the significance of healthcare staff in primary care.
  8. Explore the importance of robotics in the healthcare sector.
  9. Evaluate the method of preventing the harmful effects of obesity.
  10. Explain how to make cancer therapy for older patients more effective.

Quantitative Nursing Research Ideas

  1. Examine the ethical considerations of assisted suicide.
  2. Focus on the effective methods for assessing pain in critical patients.
  3. Explain how effective the primary health care is for the patients.
  4. Explore the efficacy of telemedicine.
  5. Explain how to analyze the benefits of changing your diet using statistics.
  6. Explore the effects of using probiotics in treating diarrhea.
  7. Discuss the role of caregivers during an operation.
  8. Examine the causes and symptoms of health complications.
  9. Study the unconventional methods that may be used in treating diabetes.
  10. Focus on Telehealth development.


All the topics and ideas suggested in the above list will help you to compose a great nursing research paper deserving of an A+ grade. In case, you need any other latest nursing research topics or if you require expert help to write a nursing research paper, approach us immediately.


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