155 Trending Nursing Research Topics for a High-Scoring Paper

What are Nursing Research Topics?

Nursing Research Topics

Nursing Research Topics

If you have clicked on this page, possibly, you will find some trending and interesting nursing research topics for dissertations. Since most nursing students struggle to find an exclusive topic, this platform might best serve their needs. Besides, the key aim of a nursing research paper is to sharpen the professional nursing skills of the students. Simultaneously, a nursing research paper might include human physiology, health management, and lab application dimensions, developing understanding among the students.

How to Use Nursing Research Topics?

  • Firstly, the students might look for unique and interesting topics that have sufficient future scope.
  • Secondly, the nursing research topics need to have significant research scope, as you might have to investigate comprehensively.
  • Thirdly, you might not select a topic that’s researched already, which is the biggest struggle for any nursing student.
  • Finally, you might ensure that your research topic is current, as researching an outdated topic is of no use.

How to Write Nursing Research Topics?

  • Accordingly, remember to conduct prior research on the shortlisted topic ideas and identify suitable academic journals. For example, if childcare is your research topic, you might look into other writer’s work.
  • Simultaneously, the students might use a slightly different approach, attempting to make their assignment appear somewhat original.
  • Besides, the research paper introduction also plays an important role, as you might have to write an appropriate thesis statement.
  • Moreover, you might avoid including excessive ideas in the body as it might confuse your readers. Also, including too many ideas, might make it impossible for you to write a conclusion.
  • Lastly, include a call to action sentence, where you might give recommendations to your audience. In case if you have used any statistics, make sure to create an appendix at the end of your work.

155 Nursing Research Topics

Basic Nursing Research Topics

  1. Causes and treatment of ADHD.
  2. Autism and Vaccination.
  3. Social media impact and eating disorders.
  4. Adolescent medicine practices.
  5. Healthy eating and childhood obesity.
  6. Ethics in pediatric care.
  7. Analyze the speech disorder therapy.
  8. Infant care and psychological impact.
  9. Causes of anxiety disorder.
  10. Clinical cardiology innovation.
  11. Non-chemical practices and bipolar disorder.
  12. Case studies of Migraine.
  13. The weight management program and obesity.
  14. Oral and dental health in the United States.
  15. Sports medicine and exercise.
  16. CV imaging procedure.
  17. Preschool children and antibiotic resistance.
  18. Causes of seizures in infants.
  19. Acute Coronary Syndrome Treatment.
  20. Clinical cardiology innovation.
  21. Analyzing childbirth efficacy.
  22. Midwives and length- Shift study.
  23. Challenges of gestational weight gain.
  24. Case studies of the positive birth experience.
  25. Safety rules for obese pregnant women.
  26. Studying Alzheimer’s disease.

Few Powerful Nursing Research Topics

  1. Analyzing the Bladder Cancer Therapy.
  2. Cardiovascular risk reduction.
  3. Critical care essentials.
  4. Restless leg syndrome.
  5. Precautions in Parkinson’s disease.
  6. Studying the ethical rules of the infertility issue.
  7. Challenges of menopause.
  8. Ovarian Disorder analysis.
  9. Conventional Neonatal Measures.
  10. Sexual health disorders in women.
  11. Causes of vaginal atrophy.
  12. Reasons for depression.
  13. US Army Veteran and the PTSD issue.
  14. Video games and teenage aggression.
  15. Recovery strategies in physical traumas.
  16. Headache treatment principles.
  17. Use of innovative injection.
  18. Advantages and disadvantages of therapeutic injections.
  19. Analyzing the pain limits.
  20. Primary healthcare and data collection ethics.
  21. Mental health service system in the private sector.
  22. Integrating child care services in Primary Healthcare.
  23. ER and the medically unexplained symptoms.
  24. Quality assessment techniques in the medical care system.
  25. Healthcare financing plan bias.

Few Lucrative Nursing Research Topics

  1. Labor and delivery management practices.
  2. Negative impacts of preterm labor practices.
  3. Causes of hypertensive disorder.
  4. Analyzing the behavioral checklist in the delivery room.
  5. Mother and child saving challenges.
  6. Explore the work of nursing theorists.
  7. Homelessness people treatment and ethics.
  8. Healthcare and diversity.
  9. Roles of a clinical nurse.
  10. Future of nursing and the digital age.
  11. Remote Intensive Care Unit- Analyze the questions.
  12. School nurses and their roles.
  13. Impact of healthy eating on sports.
  14. Health Promotion Specialist and social work.
  15. Disease control and prevention strategies.
  16. Healthcare dangers in the digital age.
  17. Nursing profession and gender bias.
  18. Benefits of Medicare.
  19. Analyze the medical home services.
  20. Nursing Uniform- Code of Conduct.
  21. Key causes of chest pain in adults.

Few Good-Scoring Nursing Research Topics

  1. Acne treatment in women- Study the best strategies.
  2. Explain the best strategies to increase the conception chances of women.
  3. Relevance of educational workshops for new mothers.
  4. Epidural- Explain its significance.
  5. Nursing evolution in the 20th century- A comprehensive analysis.
  6. Analyze the influence of culture on nursing.
  7. Collaborative nursing and its benefits.
  8. Intimate care to female patients- Role of a male nurse.
  9. Globally trained nurse- Explain the ethics.
  10. Telehealth development- Elaborate on the concept.
  11. Critical care nursing.
  12. Advantages of healthy diets.
  13. Chronic disease management- Discuss the challenges.
  14. The key causes of a heart attack.
  15. Exploring fetal pain perception by medical professionals.
  16. Long-term pain treatment and its best alternative.
  17. Wrong acute pain management and the common pain disorder.
  18. Failures in surgeries- Who is responsible?
  19. Nursing and gender prejudices.
  20. Advantages and disadvantages of Medicare.

Few Intriguing Nursing Research Topics

  1. US asylum and the healthcare service quality.
  2. Doctors and nurses training process- A comparative analysis.
  3. Key rules of Marijuana management.
  4. Medical decision and apology law.
  5. Introducing private medical practices.
  6. Analyzing the roles of nursing practitioners.
  7. Night shifts and stress management practices.
  8. Opioids and bone healing.
  9. Phantom pain phenomenon.
  10. Healthcare contract restrictions.
  11. Private nursing practices- How to start?
  12. Non-English patients and the legal risks.
  13. Scarcity of men in the healthcare department.
  14. Key causes of child mortality in the UK.
  15. Disposable cuff and its safety.
  16. Depression and fatigue in Cancer- How it relates to each other?
  17. Emergency medical assistance for road traffic accidents.
  18. Post-pregnancy care of women who lost their fetuses.
  19. How to overcome the emotional symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.
  20. Chlamydia treatment plans and their efficiency.

Frequently discussed Nursing Research Topics

  1. Factors causing pregnancy to move beyond the 40th
  2. Drawbacks of improper nursing staff for patient care.
  3. Healthcare services and the role of a nurse.
  4. Analyze the mortality rate related to heart attacks or even sex.
  5. Abusing patient management and the rights of the nurses.
  6. The primary role of a nurse in teaching self-care.
  7. Pain management and the efficiency of cognitive hypnotherapy application.
  8. Post-discharge pain management strategies- Review and evaluate.
  9. Acute dental pain management of children- Review the US policy.
  10. Importance of human resource management in hospitals.
  11. Elaborate on the effective strategies to improve staff relationships in a healthcare setting.
  12. Pediatric care and its ethics.
  13. Antipsychotics and its benefits in preventing delirium.
  14. Robotics application in nursing.
  15. Informatics in nursing.
  16. Women’s job and nursing- What is the relevance?

Most Captivating Nursing Research Topics

  1. Childhood obesity is a population health issue.
  2. Mental health stability- Depression in children and adults.
  3. Health lifestyle management in old age- Sustainable strategies.
  4. Community-oriented exercising programs among older adults.
  5. The threats of infectious disease contraction- Explain.
  6. Pros and cons of elder vaccination programs.
  7. Raising awareness on youth inactivity.
  8. The immune system and leukemia cells among the children.
  9. Preventive medicine techniques- Communication and sharing strategies.
  10. Impact of the pandemic on the mental health of children.
  11. Younger patients and nursing care- Discuss the ethical factors.
  12. Nursing as the women’s job- What is your viewpoint?
  13. Senior citizen obesity and health promotion strategies.
  14. Staff and patients identification system in a healthcare setting.
  15. Policymaking and the Electronic Health Record system.
  16. Psychiatric patient’s care and the ethical factors.
  17. Optimizing cancer treatment- Discuss.

Final List of Nursing Research Topics

  1. Involving elders in different physical activities.
  2. Children receiving oxygen therapy and the implementation of blindness risk-reducing strategies.
  3. Atrial Fibrillation study- Explore the concept.
  4. Exploring the Ovarian disorder case studies.
  5. Cause of vaginal atrophy.
  6. Mirror therapy effectiveness in brain rehabilitation.
  7. Assisting the stroke patients to regain their motor skills.
  8. Intimate partner’s violence victims- Managing strategies.
  9. Key causes of Osteoporosis in women.
  10. Breast cancer screening and its effective procedures.

Final Thoughts

Since you have reached the end of the blog, you might have shortlisted few topics in your mind. Perhaps, this is the right time for you to note down the topics you liked the most. Moreover, think of the prospects, these topics hold for you and thereby, go ahead working on that topic. However, in case of any doubts, feel free to take our nursing expert help and score outstanding marks in your assignments.