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If you are a school student, then to evaluate your writing skills, your instructors may ask you to compose an essay on ‘My New Year Resolution’. This is a personal essay topic and hence you should describe your ideas in a way that is interesting and impressive to your readers. In case, you are unsure how to write My New Year Resolution essay, then take a look at this blog.

Here, we have shared the simple and effective essay writing steps. In addition to that, we have also published a sample My New Year Resolution essay.

Continue reading and get ideas for New Year Resolution Essay Writing.

What Does a New Year Resolution Mean?

Making resolutions is one of the most timeless New Year’s traditions. Typically, New Year resolutions are the promises that people make to themselves aiming to improve themselves and make positive changes, expressing a common desire for a fresh start.

To put it in simple terms, a New Year resolution is a commitment that a person makes to achieve any goal or reform a habit. This promise will be usually made on the first day of the New Year. People who make New Year’s resolutions will often intend to follow them for the entire year.

Setting New Year Resolutions and following them properly hold several benefits. Having a New Year resolution will help you to improve your focus, refresh your mind, change your behavior, and grow with positive thoughts.

Some common New Year resolutions are to eat healthy, lose weight, achieve top grades in class, exercise daily, etc.

My New Year Resolution Essay- An Overview

A New Year Resolution essay is an essay in which you will have to list the resolutions you have planned to follow in the entire year. In your New Year resolutions essay, you can choose to write about the specific set of goals or one major goal you would like to achieve in the New Year.

Like every other essay, the New Year resolution essay that you compose should be well-structured. In specific, the essay should contain essential components such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Learn How to Write My New Year Resolution Essay

Do you wonder how to write a New Year Resolution Essay? If yes, then follow my New Year Resolution Essay writing steps suggested below.

Determine your New Year Resolutions

You cannot write an essay without a topic. So, first, search and identify a good topic. Generally ‘My New Year Resolution’ essay concentrates on the resolutions for the fresh year. Therefore, when you are asked to compose your New Year Resolution essay, think and list down your objectives or resolutions.

Your goals can be specific to any domain such as education, career, health, etc. Even you can choose to write on several goals under a particular domain or different domains.

If you wish to get effective results, then set goals as per the SMART criteria. The goals you fix should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Create a Strong Thesis Statement

After you identify your New Year’s resolutions for your essay, create a powerful thesis statement relevant to your goals. The statement should concisely describe the core idea of your essay topic. Keep in mind to add the thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph of your essay.

Frame Topic Sentences

Once you define a thesis statement, frame topic sentences. These phrases should provide a brief introduction and discussion of each purpose. Remember, at this time, your primary responsibilities should be to ensure that your goals are documented and clearly understood. This is a crucial step that consumes a large portion of the first draft of your New Year Resolution essay.

Find here, some examples of topic sentences.

I have committed to reading one book per month to promote ongoing learning and personal enrichment.

In pursuit of professional development, my first resolution is to actively participate in at least three skill-enhancing workshops this year.

Sketch an Essay Outline

Before you begin writing the essay, make sure to develop an outline. The essay outline will help you to structure and format your essay effectively with essential components. Moreover, having a good outline will help you cover all the key points without omitting any.

Write the Introduction

Next, elaborate on the outline and compose an impressive My New Year resolution essay. When you write an essay, begin with an attention-grabbing introductory paragraph. Remember, the introduction should open with a catchy hook sentence and it should briefly describe to your readers what your New Year Resolutions are. To make an introduction compelling and engaging, use any motivational quote as the opening sentence.

For example, your introduction can be like this

“The magic of the New Year promises growth. This essay is my road map to a year full of purpose and successes.”

Compose Body Paragraphs

Following your introduction section, include body paragraphs. In the body paragraphs, you should focus on the actions you have decided to achieve your resolution. On the whole, you can have at least three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should concentrate on a topic sentence. Moreover, it is advisable to include your motivation for each goal.

Add Conclusion

After you have prepared your body paragraphs, wrap up your essay with a thoughtful conclusion. In the concluding paragraph, include a thesis restatement. Also, concisely discuss how the path you have described in your essay relates to your resolutions. Next, reflect on who you would be if you succeeded in keeping all of your New Year’s resolutions.

Proofread and Edit

Lastly, after you finish writing your New Year resolution essay, proofread it carefully. In specific, check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Note that, the final draft of your essay that is ready for submission should be plagiarism-free and flawless.

My New Year Resolution Essay- Sample

For your convenience, here we have shared a sample of My New Resolution Essay. Read it and understand how the essay has been written.


My New Year celebrations will be incomplete without New Year’s resolutions. Every year, I promise to widen my knowledge and do better things to improve the quality of my life. Moreover, every year, I set achievable goals and give my maximum support to fulfill them all. This New Year, I have two main resolutions to improve my English speaking skills and get a job.

Become a Master in English

My goal for this New Year is to get better at English. Since English is a universal language, it is essential to learn it well. Speaking is the best approach for me to improve my English speaking skills. Due to a lack of communication, I have suffered in my life. For instance, I was rejected by a top company for my poor communication in English. Currently, in my circle, I have a few native English speakers who know how to pronounce the words correctly. So, I believe talking to them will help me improve my speaking skills. Also, when I am at home, if I solely speak English instead of my native language, I will enhance my English skills.

Get a Job

Another New Year resolution of mine is to find a job. I would like to lead my life without the support of my parents. If I get a job, then I can manage my expenses and fulfill all my personal wishes without giving a burden to my parents. Furthermore, working for a company will give me a lot of exposure to the outside world. For instance, when I do a full-time job, I will get an opportunity to interact with employees of different levels and also learn new skills. To get a job, I must be good at certain skills required for the entry-level position. With proper preparation, I believe I can achieve what I want.


In conclusion, here are my two New Year resolutions- to improve my English speaking skills and get a job. If I achieve these two goals this year, then my life will become better. English is necessary because I cannot do anything without communication in my career. Also, to lead a happy life and buy essential items, money is needed the most. Therefore, fulfilling my two resolutions will make me do a lot of things in life.


Hopefully, by now, you will have learned the steps for writing a New Year Resolution essay. Make sure to follow those steps to come up with a motivating New Year Resolution essay. In case, you experience difficulties with writing your essay, approach us immediately.

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