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Anatomy Lymphatic System

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Even though the lymphatic system is a component of the circulatory system, why is the term circulation not the most appropriate term to describe the flow of lymph? How would you describe the flow? Now, explain how lymph is formed. What would be the impact on lymph formation if the osmotic force at the venous end of the capillary was more successful at recovering fluid lost at the arterial end? 


Answer :


Lymphatic system

Criculation is not the most appopriate term to define the lymphatic system because it is not closed like the actual circulation system. Also, it does not have pump at its center like heart. There is slow movement of lymph in lymph vessels with the help of squeezing actions of skeletal and smooth muscles (Földi & Strößenreuther, 2005). Lymphatic system is responsible to carrying white blood cells that help in immune response to fight pathogens. There is an open circulation through lymphatic vessles, tissues, and blood vessels. The flow is called lymphokinesis. 


The formation of lymph takes place with the help of moving fluid that comes from tissue fluid and blood ("Lymph system", 2020). The collection of intersitial fluid with the help of tiny lymph capillaries leads to the formation of lymph. These lymph capillaries are spread throughout the body. The lymph vessels then transports the fluid to the lymph nodes where it is further cleaned and filtered. There would be loss of blood pressure and oxygen as the impact on lymph formation if osmotic force at the venous end of the capillary was mrore successful at recovering fluid lost at the arterial end.



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Lymph system. (2020). Retrieved 17 March 2020, from https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/002247.htm


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