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Are you an IB student seeking interesting and funny ways to contribute to academics? If yes, then gain adventurous experience by doing CAS projects. CAS, which stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service, is all about getting out of the classroom and into the real world. Especially, by doing CAS projects, you can get an opportunity to learn, explore, and make your imprint. In case, you have no project idea, take a look at this blog post. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 90 amazing CAS project ideas that are unique and simple to implement.

Let’s get started and find out how you can make your CAS experience amazing!

What is a CAS Project?

A CAS project is an important and meaningful activity that lasts a long time, usually many months. The IB program requires students to finish 18 months of CAS activities, including a minimum of 150 hours. However, the duration and the requirements of CAS projects vary from school to school.

Typically, the CAS projects entail cooperation, interaction with real-world concerns, and, in many cases, hands-on work. But more commonly, CAS projects fall under any one of these three types:

Creativity: It covers projects that involve creative thinking and expression, such as art, music, drama, or writing.

Activity: These projects include physical activities and sports that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Service:  These projects serve others or contribute to the community in some way.

The fundamental purpose of CAS projects is to help students improve their personal and interpersonal skills, as well as their feeling of responsibility to their communities and the larger world.

Benefits of Doing CAS Projects

CAS Project Ideas

Before you get to know about the different CAS project ideas, you must be aware of the reasons why CAS projects are important. For your understanding, here, we have listed the significance of CAS projects.

  1. CAS projects encourage students to venture outside of their comfort zones and participate in a variety of activities. This in turn promotes the holistic growth of students and improves their intellectual, emotional, and social skills.
  2. It frequently incorporates real-world problem-solving or community service. Moreover, this hands-on experience is crucial in preparing students for life after graduation.
  3. CAS initiatives promote global citizenship by encouraging students to consider their effect on the globe and how they can positively contribute to society.
  4. When it comes to admissions, many schools and universities recognize the experiences and abilities earned via CAS projects. It indicates a dedication to personal development and community involvement.
  5. Students are required to reflect on their experiences as part of their CAS projects, which encourages self-awareness and self-improvement.

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Learn How to Choose the Right CAS Activity for You

If you want to use your opportunity well, then make sure to choose the right CAS activity by following the tips suggested below.

  1. Select an activity that aligns with your passion and interest so that you can enjoy the experience and stay motivated.
  2. Pick an activity that allows you to use your strengths and skills so that you can excel in that activity.
  3. Choose an activity that tests you and forces you to step outside of your comfort zone so that you can learn new skills.
  4. Give preference to an activity that enables you to positively influence people or your community so that you can grow more responsibly and empathically.
  5. For activity suggestions and guidance, consult your CAS coordinator, your instructors, or an IB tutor. They will provide the best support for you.

List of Amazing CAS Project Ideas for Students

In this section, we have added a list of outstanding CAS project topics and ideas for IB students on different themes. Explore them all and choose any idea that matches the project requirements shared by your instructor.

Creativity Ideas

In this section, we have shared a list of CAS project topics based on art, drama, music, and writing that allow you to portray your creativity. If you wish to enhance your creative skills, then you may work on any of these tasks.

  1. Create paintings or drawings on a particular idea or theme.
  2. Design a dress, accessories, or jewelry.
  3. Learn Calligraphy and create art with it.
  4. Create digital art using software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.
  5. Make an animated film.
  6. Record a music album.
  7. Produce a podcast.
  8. Create a cookbook.
  9. Make a 3D-printed sculpture
  10. Create hand-made candles
  11. Design a custom handbag
  12. Experiment with different photography techniques.
  13. Create handcrafted paper goods.
  14. Practice embroidery or cross-stitching techniques.
  15. Create handmade soap products.

Activity Ideas

Are you interested in leading a healthy lifestyle? If yes, then for your CAS projects, you may focus on any sports or physical activities. Listed below are some engaging activities you may perform as a part of your CAS project.

  1. Organize a local football tournament.
  2. Maintain community gardens.
  3. Form a Yoga group and conduct sessions.
  4. Organize hikes while raising environmental preservation awareness.
  5. Conduct dance workshops.
  6. Teach martial arts for self-defense.
  7. Participate in marathon fundraisers.
  8. Establish astronomy clubs for stargazing.
  9. Horseback riding.
  10. Improve your upper body strength by Rowing.
  11. Participate in Scuba diving.
  12. Go for Canoeing.
  13. Participate in Badminton.
  14. Play the game of table tennis.

Service Ideas

In case, you are curious to serve society or would like to contribute to the community in good ways, then for your CAS projects, you may concentrate on any of the service ideas that are suggested here.

  1. Volunteer at a local charity or a non-profit organization.
  2. Raise funds for a cause you care about.
  3. Participate in environmental conservation work.
  4. Support animal welfare.
  5. Volunteer at any religious institution.
  6. Advocate for a cause.
  7. Clean a public space.
  8. Support a literacy program.
  9. Help those who are affected by natural disasters.
  10. Support a political campaign.
  11. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  12. Donate blood.
  13. Support people with addictions.
  14. Habitat for humanity.

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Simple CAS Project Topics

Here, we have presented a list of simple CAS project ideas that are engaging as well. If you want to perform any task with less effort and more excitement, then feel free to work on any of the ideas recommended in the list.

  1. Create an environmental awareness campaign.
  2. Offer tutoring sessions to students.
  3. Conduct a music workshop for kids.
  4. Work on Wildlife conservation project.
  5. Host a fitness challenge.
  6. Conduct a coding workshop for kids.
  7. Create a recycling program in school or a community.
  8. Organize a mental health awareness workshop.
  9. Conduct a youth leadership program.
  10. Organize an anti-bullying campaign.
  11. Cultural heritage preservation.
  12. Host an eco-friendly fashion show.
  13. Organize an e-waste recycling drive.
  14. Science Club Outreach.
  15. Provide wilderness survival training.

Best CAS Project Ideas for Medical Students

Especially, to make the CAS project topic selection easier for the medical students, here, we have recommended a list of fascinating CAS project ideas. Explore the entire list and work on any task that is suitable for you.

  1. Conduct medical camps.
  2. Organize health awareness workshops.
  3. Organize blood donation camps.
  4. Medical Research.
  5. Offer First-aid training to community members.
  6. Set up a telemedicine service for remote areas.
  7. Organ donation awareness.
  8. Set up mobile health clinics.
  9. Provide health education for children.
  10. Conduct health technology workshops.
  11. Host student film festivals.
  12. Conduct photography exhibitions.
  13. Raise funds for river cleaning.
  14. Provide support for veterans.
  15. Launch a blog or a vlog.

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Interesting CAS Project Topics

For your CAS project, give preference to a topic that is interesting and impressive to you. When you work on the activity you are passionate about, you may easily handle the challenges that pop up in the middle. The following are some CAS project ideas that might be exciting for you to work on.

  1. Organize weekly rap battles.
  2. Host weekly stand-up comedy events
  3. Set up after-school music classes.
  4. Create murals.
  5. Host a bake sale.
  6. Write a book review.
  7. Learn a new dance style.
  8. Start a theater group.
  9. Create a comic book.
  10. Attend swimming class.
  11. Run a therapy session at a local hospital
  12. Conduct a fashion show featuring sustainable clothing
  13. Create handmade jewelry for charity
  14. Design costumes for a theatre production
  15. Develop a board game for young children
  16. Create a graphic novel.
  17. Make a sculpture from recycled materials.

Final Words

From the above-suggested list, for your CAS project, choose any activity you are interested in and invest your time in it. All the activities we have shared in this blog will help you learn new things, improve your analytical capacity, and showcase your skills. Most importantly, by doing CAS projects, you may improve your hands-on experience, creativity, academic knowledge, and other essential abilities required to lead a responsible and healthy life in society. In case, you struggle to do your CAS projects, approach us for assistance. Our team contains academic experts to guide you in successfully carrying out the activities involved in CAS projects.

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