An Insight on the Case Study Writing Tips

Students and professionals who work on assignments may be aware of case studies. Writing a case study may be easy for some but many writing a case study involves meticulous researching of the case study. Authoring a case study may involve research in related conditions in some instances.  If you are a student then you may understand that writing down a good case study requires thorough study and analysis of the case study. This blog highlights the tips to write a good case study.

Many students think that it is challenging to write down a case study. However, while writing if some important points are kept in consideration then the task of writing a case study becomes simple.

Tips for Writing a Case Study

This blog discusses a few important points on how to write a good case study. Following are the points that you need to consider while writing a case study:-

Identify the Case

If you are writing a case study then you need to choose a research problem. In this context, you need to remember that cases are topics that are already discussed. Different cases provide new and innovative ways to know a research problem. A thorough analysis of a case is done based on a pure hypothesis. Hypothesis means that a new case study may reveal valuable insights on issues. Such insights which are not published in earlier research work can be used to create new case studies. While selecting a case for writing a case study you must have crucial evidence for research work.

While choosing a case it is important to consider how the study, as well as research on the case, can reveal ways to resolve modern-day issues. While choosing a case for a case study, time, as well as access to information, are important factors. The researcher’s case should be written in a manner so that it challenges already formulated studies and answer present-day issues. If there are few studies on a particular issue then a case can be used. A case can act as a tool to establish a lucid understanding of the manner in addressing a particular issue.

Case Study Structure

The objective of writing a case study is to thoroughly investigate a case. A thorough study involves revealing new things about the research issue. In doing so new knowledge is contributed in the form of the case study to the things that are already known about the research problem. Following are the important elements to the case study structure:-

structure of a case study

1) Introduction

This part of the case study describes the issue. This part of the case study also highlights how the case study can solve the issue. The introductory part describes the research problem, methods of analysis of the research problem. The introductory part also explains the importance of the case. The introduction also highlights the background of the case study.

2) Literature Review

This part of a case study is all about exploring scholarly articles, exploring books and other sources of information about the research topic that can be incorporated in the case study. In a literature review, the writer highlights important works and their contributions. In a literature overview, the writer summarizes how the case study helps in finding solutions to research problems. A case study can address and try to resolve any unresolved issues.

3) Method

A method is an important part of a case study. A method helps to understand how a case study can be written. The method explains the reasons for choosing a case study topic. The method description depends on the type of subject that is taken for analysis. In this context it is to understand that a subject can be an incident, it can be an event, it can be a person, it can be a place or it can be a phenomenon. Irrespective of the subject type, it is important for the researcher to explain the reasons for choosing the subject.

4) Discussion

The vital elements of discussion revolve around important findings in research work. In the discussion section of the case study, the researchers conclude based on important findings in the research work. The researcher requires an explanation in brief about the research problem, then the person requires demonstrating the outcomes of the research study.

5) Conclusion

In conclusion to a case study, the researcher needs to summarize the contents of the case study in a lucid language. The researcher also needs to explain how a case study differs from previous case studies. The conclusion needs to highlight the important points of the research work. It should explain the findings of the case study.

Types of case studies

In the context of case study writing, many would want to know the various types of case studies that are available. Following gives us a notion about the types of case studies that are available:-

Types of case studies

Explanatory Case study

This type of case study mainly focuses on explaining a specific phenomenon or specific question.

Exploratory Case study

These types of case studies are done prior to implementing a big-scale case study.  The objective of this type of case study is to make others understand that further research is needed concerning a case study topic.

Multiple-Case Studies

These types of case studies use information from one or more case studies. The objective of this type of case study is to formulate a new case.

Intrinsic Case study

An intrinsic case study is something where the case is a primary interest in exploration.

Instrumental Case study

An instrumental case study helps to gain useful insights into particular topics, it helps to redraw generalizations as well as build theory.

Subjects in a Case Study

Following are the five types of subjects that are used while writing a case study:-

subjects in a case study


This type of case study focuses on an individual.


This type of case study focuses on a particular group.


This type of case study focuses on location.


This type of case study focuses on a particular organization.


This type of case study focuses on a particular event.

This blog provides useful insight into case study writing. It helps to understand that case studies provide insightful information about a particular topic also known as the case. Case studies from different disciplines as well as domains are published widely. If you are a student and require assignment writing help then reach The writers at help you to understand the tips of case study writing. So what are you waiting for? Hurry!