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During your academic life, your instructor may mostly ask you to work on claim of fact essay topics. Unfortunately, many students consider claim-of-fact essay writing to be challenging.  However, you can effectively write a claim of fact essay if you have a good knowledge of it.

Are you unsure how to write a claim of fact essay? Do you need an excellent topic for your claim of fact essay? If yes, then read this blog.

Here, we have presented certain valuable tips for writing a claim-of-fact essay. Additionally, we have also shared some interesting claim of fact essay topics and examples.

Let’s begin learning about claim-of-fact essay writing.

What is a Claim of Fact Essay?

A Claim of Fact essay is a kind of argumentative essay that makes a quantitative claim. In other words, it is an essay that arguments (claim) about a measurable subject (fact). Typically, a claim of fact essay aims to convince the audience that something that is now not accepted as truth or something that is accepted as truth should no longer be regarded as such.

The claim of fact has the power to facilitate ongoing discussions. Hence, in academic writing, it is one of the most significant components. Without a claim of fact, an essay would be mostly descriptive, with no new insights. Note that it is not always easy to state a claim because it requires aggressiveness and confidence.

Prominent Features of a Good Claim of Fact Essay

claim of fact essay topics

Every claim of fact essay should focus on a certain key concept. In specific, each paragraph of the fact claim essay should contain a unique core idea or a theme sentence. Moreover, to convince or educate the readers, the essay must have several key components.

Here, let us look at how a good claim of fact essay should be.


In a claim-of-fact essay, you should make sure to thoroughly answer the research question in all sections. Never do padding. A lot of rambling and ranting indicates that the writer is unsure of the correct reaction.


Your readers are not detectives who are skilled at identifying your intentions. So, while you write a claim-of-fact essay, never use a disorganized dialogue. Frame a neat plan and then create an engaging introduction with the most important points of discussion.

Strong Support with Factual Evidence

If you want to write an excellent claim of fact essay, then don’t simply state something to be true. You may be intelligent or likable, but no one will believe everything you state just because you say it.

Make sure to support your claim with verifiable facts. Presenting an argument with valid evidence will strengthen your argument. Also, adding supporting facts relevant to your topic will boost the value of your essay.


Anyone can write an argumentative essay on the claim of fact essay topics by using various ideas recommended online. But, only your viewpoints on the topic will make your essay look powerful. So, in your fact claim essay, make sure to include everything exciting or unusual about your topic. If it is fascinating to you, then it might catch the interest of your examiner as well.

What to Avoid When Writing a Claim of Fact Essay?

You will not achieve top grades if you write a poor essay with plenty of mistakes. So, when you write an essay, you should avoid certain mistakes to turn a terrible essay into a good one. Below, we have listed some key points to avoid while writing a fact claim essay.

Lack of a Strong Thesis Statement

Several students compose a claim of fact essay without a thesis statement or with a poor statement. To compose an excellent fact-claim essay, a solid thesis statement is necessary. This is because, through a thesis statement, you can express your point of view in detail.

Moreover, a thesis statement will insist your target audience read the entire essay. So, in your essay, keep in mind to include a strong, clear, and compelling thesis statement.

Plenty of Facts, Quotes, and Information

Usually, your essay body should demonstrate your knowledge of the topic and the research you did to support your claims. But, excessive usage of facts, quotes, and data from your study may taint your authority on the topic. So, make sure to use the facts in your essay only when it can fluently narrate a point that you cannot match with your own words.

Typos and Grammar Mistakes

In academic writing, it is common for a person to commit grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. However, submitting your essay without editing will demonstrate a lack of attention. So, proofread your essay multiple times and improve its quality.

In specific, examine your text carefully for typos, misspellings, and bad structure.  Also, make sure to compose your essay in a proper format as specified by your instructor. It can be APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.


Plagiarism refers to the act of using someone’s ideas or work as your own. In general, all higher education institutes follow strict anti-plagiarism policies and employ a variety of ways to detect plagiarism in your work. So, never submit a plagiarized essay because it may lead to suspension. Always give due credit to sources using a certain citation style.

Incorrect and Generic Title

When someone reads the title, they should get an idea of what is there inside your essay. But, if you use an irrelevant or generic essay title, then your readers might be convinced to read something you don’t have, which won’t leave a good impression. So, avoid using an excessively long title. Make it as brief and distinct as possible.

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What Sources to Use for a Claim of Fact Essay?

When you work on claim of fact essay topics, you should be aware of the source of the information you depend on. Note that, a source is not necessarily trustworthy just because it is printed or available on the internet, social media, or other channels.

Any source including books and cell phones can give you information. But, in your essay, you should use only the best, most reliable, and current information available.

The following are the factors that credible sources agree on:

  • Materials published within the last ten years
  • Research publications authored by well-known and reputable writers
  • Websites owned by educational and government entities (.gov, .edu, and so on)
  • Academic or educational system (Academic Search Premier or JSTOR)
  • Resources from Google Scholar

List of Claim of Fact Essay Topics

Are you confused about what topic to choose for your claim of fact essay? Don’t worry, take a look below. Here, we have presented a list of interesting claim of fact essay topics and ideas. From it, pick any essay topic that meets your needs.

  1. People are the primary cause of climate change and global warming.
  2. Typhoon Yolanda’s devastation in the Philippines serves as evidence of the government’s readiness for disaster response.
  3. Terrorism increased as a result of Democratic policy.
  4. Among Asian countries, Chinese students are the most proficient readers.
  5. Juvenile crime is rising as a result of divorce.
  6. Accepting the death sentence as capital punishment is appropriate.
  7. God created every man on an equal basis.
  8. To foster a more just society, colleges and universities should give priority to diversity and inclusion initiatives in their admissions procedures.
  9. Gun control regulations ought to be stricter.
  10. Filipinos still think that a woman’s job is to take care of her home and keep it neat.
  11. Animal testing ought to be outlawed globally since it is cruel and there are kinder ways to test things.
  12. People are naturally inclined to smoking addiction.
  13. Social media use should be restricted for those under the age of 18 due to its detrimental effects on mental health.
  14. Teenage violence is on the rise as a result of video games.
  15. All pandemic-level illnesses are caused by viruses that are present in wildlife.
  16. Artificial Intelligence is undermining human value.
  17. National security is a priority over the right to privacy.
  18. Domestic violence is an outcome of lack of education
  19. E-commerce is the face of the new economy
  20. Corruption and Poverty go hand in hand.

The Claim of Fact Essay Examples

The claim of fact arguments revolves around topics that we perceive to be objectively true or false. These kinds of claims are empirically debatable. To put it another way, it is the existence of facts regarding the past, present, and future.

The factual claim types are usually objective and they include historical data, relational-causal links, and predictive proof. Remember, the evidence or proofs that are required to support a claim of fact should be adequate, reliable, and accurate. Furthermore, it should be a well-defined terminology with no loaded language. Also, it should contain dependable authority and current information.

The following are some claim-of-fact essay examples

  1. Global Warming is a human-caused phenomenon.
  2. Women are more effective than men in combat.
  3. In the United States, the 1950s were a time of racial and gender harmony.
  4. Zimbabwe has an unstable government.
  5. Cancer is not contagious.

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Hopefully, by now, you will have gained a better understanding of claim-of-fact essay writing. Overall, the claims of fact are not simply facts; they are claims of fact backed by powerful justifications. As a fact-claim essay writer, you must provide evidence to back the argument and prove that your assertion is most likely correct. Typically, when you have good knowledge of the topic or issue you have chosen, then you can strongly place your arguments with proper factual data.

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