Understanding Reflective Essay, Tips of Write a Reflective Essay

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This blog post highlights the concept of reflective essays. It also highlights how reflective essays can be written.Reflective Essay

What is Reflective Essay

Though a reflective essay appears to be easy, it is difficult to write consistently. Reflective essays involve good structure, such essays involve good logic. To write a reflective essay the writer is required to be aware of various subjects instead of just literature.

Reflective essays are also referred to as reflection essays. Such essays help to discover thoughts and they help to discover the views and feelings of the writer about their personal experiences. Reflective essays test the writer’s critical thinking and it tests the writer’s sentiments. Such essays must be written in writing style that is readable and clear.

The need for Writing a Reflective Essay

Often these essays are meant for college students who share their personal experiences using the essays. Besides this, the need for writing a reflective essay is to share the writer’s personal experience with a particular thing. The reflective essays offer the writer opportunities to think deeply about a specific thing, share experiences about that thing. Such essays help the writers to think about their respective life experiences.

The reflective essays comprise the analytical part. It is that part of a reflective essay that describes intriguing facts about a chosen topic. The reflective essays help the writers to share their viewpoints, emotions, and attitude with the readers. Many of the reflective essays are used to narrate the writer’s thoughts that are developed over a while.

Reflective Essay Writing

Types of Reflective Essay

There are different types of reflective essays and they are the following:-

Events:-Events are occurring at every passing moment. How we react to different events depend on us. A reflective essay may contain how individuals are reacting to an event. The individuals can narrate their feelings and sentiments about an event after the occurrence of the event.

Book or Movie:-We often engage in reading books or watching movies. If the book or movie is inspirational then we can reflect on that. Reading books or watching movies helps in creating reflective essays.

College Courses:-This is a type of reflective essay where the writer can write what he or she has gained or experienced in a class. This essay helps the writers to examine their respective performance in a class.

Reflective Essay Format

The writer explains his or her experiences in a reflective essay. For students, this type of essay holds special significance as they can use this type of essay to explore the things that they have learned in the class. Such types of essays can be written in a wide number of formats. The common format of a reflective essay is that of a diary entry.

The reflective essay format is based on the targeted audience. Such types of essays can be academic. For a student writing a reflective essay, the format of writing the essay varies, however, the purpose of writing the essay remains the same. To write a reflective essay the students are required to use the APA or the Harvard format.

Tips for Writing a Reflective Essay

If you are desirous of writing a reflective essay then understand that you need a plan to write the essay. A good plan for writing a reflective essay is the outline for writing. The outline for writing the essay should be step by step and it should provide a lucid view of the essay. If you are writing a reflective essay for the very first time then you need to do it slowly and steadily. This helps you to avoid errors. This process of writing the essay makes the assignment simple.

Outlines of Reflective Essay

The outlines for the reflective essay are as follows:-


If you need to write a reflective essay in the shortest possible time then you need to outline the essay. Outlining the essay requires the following steps:-

Topic Selection

Select a topic so that you have good knowledge of that topic. Select the topic from the perspective of the readers.

Collect the Information

After you have chosen the topic, it’s time that you collect information on the chosen topic. You as the essay writer can use the collected information to write the reflective essay.

Analyze the information

Analyze the collected information and unless you do that you won’t be able to write the assignment.

Write a Draft

After analyzing the information collected for the essay, write a draft.

Start Central Part of the Assignment

Write the central part of the assignment.

Make References

Use references and mention the source from where you have taken the notion for the content.

Structure of the Reflective Essay

Following is the structure for the reflective essay:-

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

While writing a reflective essay you as the writer of the essay is required to recognize as well as examine your thoughts along with specific experiences. While writing a reflective essay don’t forget to analyze your thoughts, attitudes, assumptions as well as values. In the context of reflective essays, it can be said that such type of essays is hugely beneficial as it helps to examine your strengths. Such type of essays helps to improve your writing skills. In a reflective essay, try to include the experiences from the lessons of life that you have learned.

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