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Would you have to write a research paper or essay on Race and Ethnicity? Are you looking for the top race and ethnicity essay topics for your assignment? If yes, then check this blog post. Here, you will get interesting ideas on race and ethnicity. In addition to that, you will also get to know the important tips for selecting the right topic and writing an outstanding race and ethnicity essay.

Know the Difference between Racism and Race

Before you start writing the essay, first have a clear understanding of what race and ethnicity mean and then be focused on picking the right racism and ethnicity essay topic.

Racism is one of the cruel issues that still exist in society from ancient times and is often being discussed poignantly. It is a subject of investigation in many sciences such as psychology, sociology, culture, neuroscience, etc. All these fields of science are looking for solutions to curb the problem of race and ethnicity, but unfortunately, no proper weapon is still designed to kill racism even in this technology-filled modern world. On the other hand, race is viewed as a biological concept that refers to a person’s physical characteristics, and ethnicity is viewed as a social concept that explains a person’s cultural identity.

As racism is a hot social issue, a lot of research activities and discussions are being carried out on the topics related to it. Remember, Racism and Ethnicity are controversial subjects, and hence you need to be more careful when you are asked to write a research paper on racism and ethnicity.


Ethnicity Essay Topics

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Race and Ethnicity Essay Topic Selection Tips

Choosing the right topic from a controversial subject is a challenging task. So, when choosing the topic for the racism and ethnicity essay, follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • Choose a topic that is relatable to your target audience.
  • Go with the topic that you are curious about or have strong knowledge or opinion on.
  • Select a topic that has relevant examples and references.
  • Pick a topic that provides a large room for discussion.

After selecting the best essay topic as per the tips shared above, you can positively move forward and start writing your race and ethnicity essay. Remember, a good topic alone will not help you to score top grades, you need to put a lot of effort into writing an excellent essay with relevant evidence.

How to Write a Race and Ethnicity Essay

Discussed below are a few tips that you should keep in mind while writing a race and ethnicity essay.

  1. Before you start writing the essay, spend some time researching the selected essay topic.
  2. When writing, be sure to use authentic sources to gather information. The information and scientific methods that you use in your essay or research paper should be credible and relevant to the main point of discussion. Avoid manipulating your audience with your content.
  3. As race and ethnicity are personal issues for many people, there might be a lot of biased opinions on your topic. So, never share your personal opinions in your essay. Rely only on the facts and scientific methods.
  4. To avoid any misconceptions related to racism and ethnicity issues, you can provide a context for your current situation by mentioning the complex history of racial and ethnic relationships in your essay.
  5. You can include a personal experience of someone to illustrate your point on race and ethnicity. Remember, anecdotal examples can’t be accepted completely, but they help to connect your audience empathetically with the issue and humanize your work.

When writing, consider all these tips and prepare a well-structured race and ethnicity essay by following a standard essay format that includes components like the introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the introduction part, explain the problem to your reader, and in the body section, provide your point of view, arguments, and justification for the problem along with sub-conclusions. The arguments you use can include evidence, scientists’ opinions, or different real-life events. When concluding your essay, summarize the major points discussed in the introduction and the body section, and then end your essay by giving a lead to your readers to come up with a logical resolution based on your arguments.

List of Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics and Ideas

To help you with the essay topic selection, here we have listed unique race and ethnicity essay topic ideas.

Go through the complete list of ideas and choose an essay topic of your choice.

Race and Ethnicity Essay Topic Ideas

Common Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics

  1. Activities of public authorities for the preservation and development of national cultures.
  2. Ethnicity – signs, and theories.
  3. The problem of representation of races and ethnicities
  4. The Role of Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education
  5. The Role of Media in Issues of Race and Ethnicity
  6. Racial and ethnic representation in modern art
  7. Race and Ethnicity in Historical Literature
  8. Gender issues in different races and ethnicities
  9. Linguistic classification of ethnic groups.
  10. Social media trends in Racial and ethnic issues
  11. Urban and rural ethnicity
  12. Interconnection between racism and block poverty in the 20th
  13. Protection of cultural diversity and international cooperation.
  14. Race and ethnicity in the class issues
  15. Multiculturalism and the status of women in the world.

General Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics

  1. How to revive mutual interest in culture between countries?
  2. Black Power Movement: History, Background, and Leaders
  3. The issues of ethnicity in education
  4. Framing Ethnicity in the mass media
  5. The influence of ethnicity on an individual’s position in society.
  6. What are the causes of racial prejudices?
  7. Compare and contrast discrimination in the US and other European countries.
  8. How can we use social media to sensitize people to the effects of racism?
  9. Understanding the concept of ‘white privilege in racism
  10. The Impact of Racism on the Process of Identity Formation
  11. Comparison of Ethnicity and Racism in ‘Country Lovers’ and ‘The Welcome Table’
  12. Globalization, Immigration, and Ethnicity in Vancouver
  13. Employment Discrimination: Race/Ethnicity/Color
  14. Can we call the ancient Greeks racists?
  15. Why is a movement like Black Lives Matter important in to fight against racism?

Intriguing Race and Ethnicity Essay Ideas

  1. Race and Ethnicity in Cartoons
  2. How does ethnicity affect the behavior of people?
  3. Racism in the Criminal Justice System
  4. Ethnicity: Oppression and Racism
  5. How do young Australians experience racism?
  6. Racism and Sexism are ethical problems
  7. Adolf Hitler: From Patriotism to Racism
  8. ‘Animal Rights’ activist and racism
  9. Democratic Racism in Canada
  10. Racism and Segregation
  11. Racism is not all about individual attitudes.
  12. Analysis of Religion, racism, and family conflicts
  13. The contribution of the Holocaust to racism.
  14. Why is Western civilization causing a lack of appeal for the black race?
  15. Discuss the psychological causes and consequences of racism

Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism

  1. Racial discrimination against property rights and reconstruction
  2. The importance of learning other cultures and languages
  3. Laws that guard against racially offensive material on the internet
  4. Does the color of your skin matter in any circumstance?
  5. Explain the concepts of ethnos, people, and nationality.
  6. Describe the modernization of Middle Eastern-type societies.
  7. Talk about ethnopolitical conflicts.
  8. Explain the role of race and ethnicity in higher education.
  9. Discuss the sociological aspects of interethnic relations.
  10. Why is racism immoral?
  11. Will racism ever disappear?
  12. Do religions cause racism?
  13. Why is racism an artificial concept?
  14. Can an individual fight against racism in everyday life?
  15. Why is racism irrational?

Additional Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism

  1. Can Confucianism solve the problem of racism?
  2. Is racism rooted in fear?
  3. Is the differentiation of cultural identities always racist?
  4. Can racism be justified sometimes?
  5. Is racism the result of people’s direct experience with other backgrounds?
  6. Do we have an appropriate education curriculum addressing racism?
  7. Is the ego the leading cause of racism?
  8. Is race a factor in the crimes experienced in the US?
  9. Should we attribute racism to ignorance in the world?
  10. Are associations and the mind forming silent fuels for discrimination?
  11. Do racial movements contribute to combating racism?
  12. Do violent racial protests justify the problem at hand?
  13. Is the work of Charles Darwin filled with racial ideas?
  14. Should the United States put sanctions against racial protests?
  15. Barrack Obama’s legacy hasn’t helped to improve the situation of racism in the United States of America

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Interesting Research Topics on Racism

  1. The women’s movement of the 1960s did NOT unite black and white women
  2. Will racism eventually disappear on its own?
  3. Should racism be a criminal offense punishable by death without the possibility of parole?
  4. Are racists more principled than those who are not?
  5. Can poor upbringing cause a person to become a racist?
  6. George Floyd’s death was a trigger for society.
  7. Did Barack Obama’s legacy improve the situation of racism in the USA?
  8. Innovative ways to reduce racial discrimination in the educational system
  9. How can managers deal with racism in the workplace?
  10. The portrayal of racism in American pop culture.
  11. How does racism affect the sports industry?
  12. How can educators dispel myths about ethnic groups?
  13. The interconnection between racial discrimination and police brutality.
  14. The use of anti-racist ideas in commercials.
  15. The effect of institutional racism on the health care system.
  16. Analyze the historical racism and modern racism
  17. Discuss the recent resurgence of racism with a major focus on Islamophobia and immigrant discrimination
  18. How does racial violence impact the mental health of children and adolescents?
  19. Describe the differences between race and ethnicity
  20. Racism causes public health crisis: Explain with examples
  1. Assimilation ability and historical versus modern racism. Immigrant groups, such as Irish or Italian, were historically discriminated against and are accepted today. Groups without a “white” appearance, however, still face discrimination.
  2. The idea of “ideal immigrants.”
  3. The recent resurgence of racism as a whole, especially immigrant discrimination and Islamophobia.
  4. The differences and similarities between racism in America and the rest of the world.
  5. The social processes that maintain racism.
  6. Can racism be recognized as a sign of poor mental health?
  7. Why does racial discrimination disfigure society?
  8. How does ignoring racism influence society?
  9. How to prevent the increase of racism in modern society?
  10. The psychological background of racism.
  11. How does the experience of racism influence the human brain?
  12. The levels of racism in different social groups.
  13. The importance of racial and ethnic socialization.
  14. How does race-related stress influence social life?
  15. The history of racism in the USA.
  16. How AI (artificial intelligence) can help Americans to eliminate racial bias in the workplace?
  17. How does capitalism impact Black Americans?
  18. Compare and contrast the San people of Southern Africa and Aboriginal Australians
  19. Discuss the oldest ethnic group of Southern Africa
  20. How do race and ethnicity create minority issues?

Unique Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics

  1. Assess claims that ethnic-based awareness organizations are obsolete in modern society.
  2. Do ethnicity and nationalism overlap?
  3. Explain why it is difficult for members of different ethnic groups to get along with one another.
  4. Do prisons treat Caucasians differently than other ethnic groups?
  5. What is the difference between scientific racism and scientific integrity?
  6. Does police brutality exist for other ethnicities other than African Americans?
  7. Is the Ancient Greek philosophy of barbarism an influential force on racism today?
  8. What is the “Banality of Racism” in education?
  9. Does racism exist in European sports the way it is in American Sports?
  10. Is the Confederate Flag a symbol of racism or a historical relic?

Essay Topics on Ethnicity and Racism in America

  1. Interethnic conflicts in America and the world.
  2. Structural racism in America.
  3. Racism in the streets of the USA.
  4. The growth of xenophobia and nationalism in America.
  5. The postcolonial psychology of Native American people
  6. Problems of musical ethnography in Latin America.
  7. Legacy of Mesoamerican Civilizations
  8. Endangered Native American languages
  9. How do corporations in the USA fight racism?
  10. Traditionalism in modern society of Latin America.
  11. Ethno-political African American conflicts and ways to resolve them.
  12. The place of racism among hate crimes in the USA.
  13. Religion, Celebration, and Identity in Contemporary Latin America.
  14. The national African American politics in modern America. Ethno-national customs, traditions, rituals. Their interaction under conditions of a multinational state.
  15. How to account for race and ethnicity in research methods?

Excellent Racism and Ethnicity Essay Topics

  1. Ethnology as a Science.
  2. The concepts of ethnos, people, and nationality.
  3. Why Should We Consider Race to Understand Fascism?
  4. The Race Problem in America
  5. The Color of Sex: Postwar Race and Gender Histories
  6. The Role of Race in Understanding Fascism
  7. Cases in the United States Regarding Workplace and Racial Discrimination
  8. Gender, Race, and Sexuality Issues in Contemporary Society
  9. “Frankie and Alice” Race and Mental Health in Film
  10. In American History, Immigration, Race, and Labor
  11. The symbolism of Power and Race in Coetzee’s “Disgrace”
  12. In America, there is a relationship between race and education level.
  13. The Early Learning Challenge-Race to the Top
  14. Feminist Theories, Critical Race, and Social Learning
  15. Race and Crime among Marginalized Groups in the United States
  1. Write an essay about racism in baseball.
  2. Why Racism is a silent killer?
  3. Explain how racism affects urbanization in America.
  4. Discuss how racism affects the indigenous community.
  5. Explain the role of racism and tribalism in ancient Greece.
  6. Analyze the consequences of aboriginal racism in Australia.
  7. Explain how racism and ethnicity shape British society.
  8. Discuss the artificial nigger truths behind racism.
  9. Analyze the effects of racism on Latino students.
  10. Explain how small-town mentality contributes to racism.
  1. Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Diversity in Society
  2. Documentary Series “Race: The Power of an Illusion”
  3. Political and legal safeguards for the advancement of small populations.
  4. government initiatives for the promotion and preservation of national cultures.
  5. Ethnopolitical conflicts: worldwide and domestic experience with settlement technologies.
  6. Ethnically marginalized groups and diasporas in America have their legal and political basis in these areas.
  7. ethnic customs, rituals, and traditions. Under the constraints of a multinational state, their interaction
  8. How can research methodologies take race and ethnicity into account?
  9. the nature and forms of modernization in traditional communities.
  10. The Impact of Race on parole decisions and imprisonment rates
  11. Which is more significant in the African American experience: ethnic identity or civil identity?
  12. How can the level of racial tension in America be reduced?
  13. Compare and contrast American ethnicity and European ethnicity
  14. Relationships between ethnicity and drug abuse
  15. How does racial violence impact the health and well-being of society?


From the list of top 180 race and ethnicity essay topics mentioned in this blog post, you can choose any topic that you are passionate about. As race and ethnicity are sensitive social issues, be sure not to discuss any controversial points in your topic when writing your race and ethnicity research essay. In case, you find it difficult to write an essay on racism, reach out to us.

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