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Funny speech is one of the clever ways to engage, educate, and entertain the audience. No matter what speech type you deliver, adding humor elements to the speech content will help you to turn your audience towards you. Furthermore, speaking on funny speech topics will allow you to quickly establish a strong connection with your audience and create a vibrant energy in the environment.

Usually, based on the topic you choose and the place you deliver, you may present a persuasive speech, argumentative speech, motivational speech, or other speeches in a funny note respectively. But, specifically, when it comes to delivering a funny speech, you need to be more careful because, at times, the joke you crack may hurt the feelings of certain people and may create controversies.

Remember, you may also land in trouble if you choose the wrong funny speech topic. Therefore, to help you with speech topic selection, in this blog, we have shared 100 excellent funny speech topics, titles, and prompts on different subjects. In addition to funny speech ideas, we have also suggested how to identify a perfect funny speech topic.

Continue reading this blog and get awesome ideas for a funny speech.

Learn How to Choose a Funny Speech Topic

Funny Speech Topics

The success of a funny speech mostly relies on the selected topic. So, during the topic selection stage, spend some time in identifying the right topic for your funny speech. In case, you are unsure how to select a good funny speech topic, follow these steps.

  • Determine the subject on which you are interested to present a funny speech.
  • In the subject you are interested in, search and gather various speech ideas.
  • Next, brainstorm all the collected speech titles and narrow down the list based on their feasibility.
  • Once again refine the shortlisted ideas and pick one original topic for your speech. The speech topic that you select should be unique, informative, and contain enough sources for references. Most significantly, the topic should allow you to include humor components.
  • Before you finalize the topic, consult with your instructor and get approval for the funny speech topic you have chosen.

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List of Funny Speech Topics and Ideas

If you are clueless about what topic to choose for your funny speech, then take help from the list uploaded below. In the list, we have added 100 excellent funny speech ideas recommended by the experts from our team.

Persuasive Funny Speech Topics

  1. The world has real superheroes.
  2. Worst Instagram mistakes everyone should avoid.
  3. The undeniable benefits of procrastination.
  4. Life should come with background music.
  5. Before Social Media, I had a life.
  6. Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.
  7. Money talks, but it usually likes to say ‘bye-bye’.
  8. “Too busy” is just a myth.
  9. Why does math feel like mental abuse to humans?
  10. The most dangerous animal out there is a silent person.

Motivational Funny Speech Ideas

  1. A woman is rolling her eyes behind every successful man.
  2. Discuss why being different is awesome.
  3. Never stop smiling; it drives people nuts.
  4. How to love Monday
  5. Sometimes our greatest accomplishment is to keep quiet.
  6. Thirteen is a lucky number.
  7. There is no need to sugar-coat everything.
  8. When nothing goes left, go right.
  9. Don’t take life too seriously.
  10. Common sense is a flower that does not grow in everyone’s garden.

Funny Speech Topics for TED Events

  1. Life lessons from cartoons.
  2. Mysteries of the Universe.
  3. How to navigate awkward social situations.
  4. The art of presenting a short funny speech.
  5. Comically discuss why laughter is the best medicine.
  6. Humorously reveal the misadventures in cooking.
  7. Present the confessions of a serial plant killer.
  8. Track the history of bad haircuts.
  9. Reveal the secret life of cats.
  10. Give a hilarious talk about the art of procrastination.

Informative Funny Speech Topics

  1. Talk about the science of laughter.
  2. Decode the evolution of emojis.
  3. Comically explore the origins of superstitions.
  4. Hilariously describe the wedding traditions across the globe.
  5. Talk about the history of April Fool’s Day.
  6. Reveal the silly secrets of clowning.
  7. Talk about ridiculous inventions.
  8. Comically describe the evolution of Internet slang and abbreviations.
  9. Talk about the origins of irrational phobias.
  10. The ugliest fashions of today
  11. Compare the male brain and the female brain.
  12. Absurd and laughable job applicant stories.
  13. How to deny reality
  14. Ignorance is happiness.
  15. How to act like you are an earth-friendly person.

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Amazing Funny Speech Prompts

  1. Reveal the mysteries of Ancient Pyramids.
  2. Take a humorous look at the art of memes.
  3. Talk about the world’s weirdest ice cream flavors.
  4. How to become a Master Chef in your kitchen
  5. Best ways to lie efficiently.
  6. How to control laughter at serious moments
  7. Boys do more gossip than girls.
  8. Unlock the power of dreams.
  9. Explore the world of unicorns and rainbows.
  10. How to be the center of attention
  11. Talk about the quirkiest sports you have ever heard of.
  12. The worst pickup lines.
  13. Talk to yourself when you need expert advice.
  14. Raise your standards, if you don’t like me.
  15. How to control facial expressions

Humorous Speech Ideas

  1. Autocorrect can ruin your life.
  2. Reveal the unbelievable history of magic.
  3. Comically explore the video games.
  4. Focus on the peculiar habits of famous inventors.
  5. Explore the world of competitive eating.
  6. Understand the intricacies of a dog’s bark.
  7. Discover the power of yawns.
  8. Provide silly suggestions for transportation.
  9. Investigate the secret life of pets.
  10. Unravel the mystery of missing socks.
  11. Decode the language of houseplants.
  12. Trials and tribulations of a toddler teacher.
  13. Uncover the reality behind perfect Instagram Live.
  14. Reveal the secret life of refrigerators.
  15. Focus on the lessons from a carrot.

Awesome Funny Speech Ideas

  1. How to be lazy like a pro
  2. Reveal surprising facts about the history of medicine.
  3. How to reach goals with humor
  4. Talk about the art of being annoying.
  5. How to confuse a telemarketer
  6. Take life too seriously and get older faster.
  7. How to screw up a job interview
  8. A true story is not always true in the end.
  9. How to live life like a perfect gentleman or lady
  10. Talk about the silliest advertisements you have ever seen.
  11. Words are hard to say when you are drunk.
  12. How to save paper towels
  13. Beauty is overrated.
  14. How to survive on the minimum age
  15. Talk about totally useless professions.

Impromptu Entertaining Speech Topics

  1. The strangest dream you ever had.
  2. How to win an argument
  3. The best time travel destination.
  4. How to survive a week without internet
  5. My most profitable mistake.
  6. Comically reveal when to give up.
  7. How to behave like a princess
  8. Funny job applicant stories.
  9. How to make a horrible Valentine’s card
  10. The most hated household chore.

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Wrapping Up

From the above-shared list, pick any topic that meets your needs and start composing a funny speech. If you need expert help with funny speech topic selection or writing, contact us right away.

On our platform, we have several finest speech writers to provide cheap and best assignment help online for all types of speeches. Specifically, as per your speech writing guidelines, our professionals will assist you in writing a captivating and informative funny speech before the deadline. Furthermore, by utilizing our speech writing services, you may get high-quality solutions for all kinds of problems you deal with during funny speech preparation.

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