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Have your instructor asked you to submit an immigration research paper? Are you looking for the best immigration research paper topics? If yes, then this blog post will be helpful to you. In general, immigration refers to the act of permanently relocating to another country to live. Most people immigrate for a variety of social and political reasons such as war, climate, and low standards of living.

Essentially, everyone wishes to live in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. However, if this is not attainable in their home nation, many prefer to immigrate to another to live a better life. Immigration is considered a critical problem because of the economic issues it raises both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, the problem of immigration can be viewed from historical, environmental, socio-cultural, political, and medical perspectives. When it comes to composing an immigration research paper, you may choose any topic related to these aspects.

Sometimes it might be challenging for you to identify an ideal topic for your immigration research paper.  So, for your convenience, here, we have shared 75 unique immigration research questions and ideas. In addition to that, we have also explained how to identify a good topic for your immigration research paper.

Explore this blog and get exclusive ideas for writing a great immigration research paper.

What is an Immigration Research Paper?

An immigration research paper is a type of academic paper that is written on any topic related to immigration after extensive research.  For instance, you may choose to write on the causes of immigration, environmental problems associated with immigration, political reasons for forced immigration, and so on.

However, the research paper should mainly provide arguments, statistical data, and unusual facts supporting a particular thesis statement. Moreover, it should be well-written by including essential components such as an introduction, literature review, research methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.

Know How to Choose a Good Immigration Research Topic

Immigration Research Paper Topics

For writing an immigration research paper, a perfect topic is required. On the internet, you may find several fascinating immigration research paper topics and ideas. But, out of them all, you should identify a topic suitable to your needs.

In case, you are confused about how to pick the right topic for your immigration research paper, follow these tips.

  • Always choose a topic on which you have strong knowledge.
  • Identify an immigration topic that has good scope for research and discussion.
  • Give priority to the research topic that lets you discuss your viewpoints and arguments.
  • Select a topic on which you can present reliable statistical data and supporting arguments.
  • Pick a topic for which plenty of credible materials are available.
  • Never choose a research topic that is too broad or too narrow.
  • If the immigration research topic you select is too wide, then narrow it down.
  • Give preference to a topic that is unique and not discussed frequently.
  • The topic you pick should match your research paper writing guidelines.
  • Before finalizing the topic, consult with your professors. They may share their feedback and guide you in refining your immigration research ideas.

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List of Immigration Research Topics and Ideas

The following are some excellent topic ideas that you may consider for writing your immigration research paper.

Simple Immigration Research Paper Ideas

  1. Explain how the COVID-19 pandemic affected immigration in the US and UK.
  2. Discuss how the US visa waiver program works.
  3. Analyze how immigration affects the global economy.
  4. Examine the benefits of having the immigration visa program in the US.
  5. Discuss the pros and cons of immigration.
  6. Analyze the major reasons why many people across the world apply for a US visa.
  7. Examine the benefits of being an immigrant.
  8. Investigate the relationship between immigration and crime.
  9. Explain how the cost of immigration influences business.
  10. Analyze the challenges associated with immigration.
  11. Discuss the nativist mindset of the immigrants.
  12. Examine the effects of the refugee camps.
  13. Prepare a research paper on Australia’s refugee crisis.
  14. Discuss the necessity of lawyers in immigration processes.
  15. Explain the use of illegal screening methods during the immigration process.

US Immigration Research Paper Topics

  1. Analyze the effect of immigration on social security in the US.
  2. Explain why the Mexican border is a good immigration channel.
  3. Write about border security and border policy in the US.
  4. Discuss the history of the green card lottery.
  5. Analyze the origins of Operation Copper Cactus.
  6. Examine the role of immigrants from Poland in the US.
  7. Write about the Great Recession and Latin America’s immigrants.
  8. Discuss the pros and cons of becoming an exchange student in the US.
  9. Discuss the origins of Mexican immigration in the US.
  10. Why immigration reforms must be taken in the United States?

Illegal Immigration Research Paper Topics

  1. Analyze the effects of illegal immigration on business.
  2. Write about illegal immigration and workplace discrimination.
  3. Prepare a research paper on illegal immigration and public safety.
  4. Discuss the impact of illegal immigration on the American workforce.
  5. Analyze the reasons why every year many people illegally immigrate to the US.

International Immigration Research Paper Topics

  1. Explain how international immigration policies have changed over time.
  2. Analyze the importance of gender in Irish immigration.
  3. Prepare a research paper on the UK’s current immigration system.
  4. Discuss the effects of Muslim immigration on Britain.
  5. Focus on the 20th-century immigration policies of Canada.
  6. Describe the new immigration law of Switzerland.
  7. Compose a research paper on the EU’s current immigration issues.
  8. Explore the connection between immigration and Australian national identity.
  9. Write about the immigration policies in Germany.
  10. Focus on Pakistani immigration to the US.
  11. Analyze the issues related to multiculturalism and immigration in Sweden.
  12. Examine the major problems associated with immigration in Spain.
  13. Focus on the immigration policies in India.
  14. Write about the change in Japan’s immigration policy after the Second World War.
  15. Investigate the effects of immigration in Saudi Arabia.

Interesting Immigration Research Questions

  1. Examine the impact of immigration on wages and employment levels.
  2. Discuss the relationship between immigration and terrorism.
  3. Explore the impact of immigration on public health and other social outcomes.
  4. Discuss the migration patterns across the world.
  5. Analyze the effect of immigration on local governments and their budgets.
  6. Discuss the political and economic implications of immigration in Europe.
  7. Examine the impact of immigration on education and healthcare.
  8. Why should immigrants be allowed into the United States?
  9. Write about international trade and immigration policies.
  10. Explain the social structure of immigrants in the Netherlands.

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Top Immigration Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the short-term outcomes of immigration in Canada.
  2. Explain the refugees and immigrant rights in Muslim countries.
  3. Focus on refuges health issues through the lens of vaccination.
  4. Prepare a research paper on illegal immigration and human trafficking.
  5. Examine the negative consequences of immigration for Latin American Children.
  6. Take a closer look at the immigration challenges faced by people with disabilities.
  7. Explain why some athletes choose to immigrate.
  8. Discuss the effects of poverty on immigrant children.
  9. Discuss the pros and cons of migration lottery practices.
  10. Examine the benefits of cultural migration in the European Union.
  11. Explain the impact of Syrian refugees on the European Migrant crisis.
  12. Analyze the main factor of environmental migration.
  13. Examine the psychological problems that immigrants go through.
  14. Write about the modern technologies that improve the immigration process.
  15. Explain how capitalism affects the global problem of immigration


From the above-suggested list, choose any topic of your choice and compose a great immigration research paper with valid evidence and proper citations. In case, you need any other captivating immigration research ideas or if you want immigration research paper writing help from an expert, then call us quickly.

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