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International Relations is a study that focuses on the unique relationship that exists between different nations and cultures. The academic course mainly deals with the political and international happenings across various countries. It is one of the highly esteemed fields of study. When compared to the law and political science courses, the study of international relations may sound easy to learn, but it also shares some difficulties, especially when it comes to writing academic papers on international essay topics or research ideas. However, with a proper understanding of the academic writing process and strong subject knowledge, you may easily handle this challenge.


International Relations Essay Topics


Understand How to Choose an International Relations Essay

The topic selection is the first step in the essay preparation process. If you are asked to write an international relations essay on the topic of your choice, then these are steps that you should follow to spot a perfect topic.

  • Determine your area of interest: First, identify a research area related to international relations that you are interested in so that you will not find your essay writing process more stressful. For instance, you may choose to write about foreign policy, political science, etc.
  • Research and collect ideas: In the chosen area, conduct a detailed study and generate relevant research ideas that are worth examining. For references, you may take support from any credible sources related to your research idea.
  • Refine the list: Brainstorm the gathered list of ideas and then narrow it down based on their research scope and resource availability.
  • Select an appropriate topic: From the refined list, choose a topic that is unique, researchable, and flexible enough to finish the study before the deadline. Most importantly, your selected essay topic should match your instructor’s guidelines.
  • Obtain feedback from mentors: After you have selected an international relations essay title, consult with your instructors and get their input. Their guidance might help you draft an informative essay with valid supporting materials.

List of International Relations Essay Topics and Ideas

The topic selection is the first step in the international relations essay preparation process. Since, international relations is a broad field of study, in it, you may effortlessly generate different essay prompts or research titles. In case, you are clueless about what topic to select for your essay, make use of the list of international relations essay questions recommended here.

Interesting International Relations Research Topics

When you are in the international relations research paper topic selection process, give preference to a topic that you are more passionate about. This will help you to eliminate the academic stress. The following are some international relations essay topics that might be interesting to you and your readers.

  1. Cold War and American hegemony
  2. America and its allies will benefit from rising China.
  3. The foreign policy of America
  4. Origins, objectives, and development of Al Qaeda
  5. The conflict between America and Russia
  6. “Soft Power” Joseph Nye – analysis
  7. Globalization from a socioeconomic point of view
  8. The Iranian revolution and the influence of America on it
  9. The importance of domestic policies and its relation to the world’s situation
  10. The analysis of decision-making in foreign policies

Simple International Relations Research Topics

Usually, working on complex research topics involves certain challenges. So, to avoid unnecessary issues, give significance to simple international relations research questions that are worth examining. Listed below are a few easy international relations research titles that you may deal with.

  1. International trade legislation and anti-dumping as its necessary part
  2. Economy, politics, and history of China
  3. American involvement in Peru Tacna-Arica and Chile
  4. International Relations in colonial times
  5. The global concept of security
  6. China’s Growth as a superpower: is the US Threatened?
  7. The role of the UN in resolving Indian illegal annexation of Kashmir.
  8. Cyber-diplomacy: the making of an international society in the digital age.
  9. How has the Trump presidency changed international relations?
  10.   China’s economic growth- Its impact on the world
  11.   The role of the UN in resolving the Indo-Pak conflict in Kashmir
  12.   The implications of the NATO-Russia war on the world
  13.   Is the Middle East the New Europe of the World?
  14.  The impact of the USD currency flight on Chinese exports
  15. The conflict between America and Russia

Outstanding International Relations Essay Topics

If you wish to score high grades for your assignment, then prepare your essay on any outstanding international relations topics that are related to any specific nation or culture. There are some amazing international relations essay prompts on which you may work.

  1. The theoretical critique of constructionism
  2. Communication across cultures
  3. The war of the Pacific and the early American-Chilean relations
  4. Indonesian official tourism website – analysis
  5. Youth Movement Protest – analysis
  6. American-German relations
  7. Regional Institutions and globalization
  8. Bilateral Relations Through History
  9. Human rights on the global discourse
  10. Relations between the world’s countries, realism, and idealism
  11. What have been the Economic impacts of China’s One Belt One Road projects on the Indian Economy?
  12. How has the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement affected the discussions and views about racism in the United States?
  13. Analysis of the scope and consequences of the investments made by China in African Countries
  14. Describe the challenges and the benefits for U.S. National Security of providing foreign assistance to Afghanistan
  15. Describe the lessons learned from the US war on Afghanistan after 9/11—a debate on the positive and negative impacts

Best International Relations Research Topics

Are you unsure what international relations research topic to choose for your college assignments? If yes, the list published below might be useful to you. Especially, to make the topic selection phase easier for students, in the list, we have included some top international relations study topics to focus on.

  1. All about international communication
  2. Midterm International Relations
  3. The three theories of International Relations
  4. Asian business model and its influence on the global market
  5. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the global affairs
  6. What factors contributed to the current decline in the rate of unemployment?
  7. How do US immigration laws compare to immigration laws of other countries?
  8. How has the Black Lives Matter movement affected discussions and views about racism in the US?
  9. America and its allies will benefit from rising China.
  10. Globalizations from a socio-economic point of view.
  11. Origins, objectives, and development of Al Qaeda.
  12. The conflict between America and Russia
  13. Economic Security a New Lens in International Relations- A Study to Find the Role of Economic Security in Foreign Policymaking in Developing Countries
  14. Russia vs Ukraine a geostrategic or ideological conflict? An analysis to identify the actual cause of Russia-Ukraine from geostrategic and ideological lenses
  15. Political Economy of Global Tourism – Assess the political and economic forces behind global tourism.

International Relations Essay Topics on Political Science

By studying politics and international relations, you can gain a greater understanding of the major political issues confronting countries, the role that individuals and organizations play in determining government decisions, and how states engage on the global stage. These are some international relations essay prompts on political science.

  1. The role of Western powers in Israel-Palestine-A Developing Country viewpoint
  2. Why is the Middle East crucial for the West? A geo-economic and geostrategic analysis
  3. Chinese communist party
  4. Human rights in Africa
  5. The difference in administrative structures
  6. Why have populists become the reality of the 21st-century political arena?
  7. Causes of global poverty
  8. Causes of the American Revolution
  9. The Soviet Union’s ideology
  10. Ethics in elections
  11. The IMF structure
  12. Recruiting developing nations
  13. Causes of Syrian conflicts
  14. Power battles
  15. Republican traditions
  16. Humanitarian intervention and the world’s situation
  17. International politics and hierarchy change
  18. Nuclear proliferation
  19. Global Finance and International Security
  20. Human Rights

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Captivating International Affairs Essay Topics

International affairs deal with the activities and events that are related to the government, economies, and politics of various countries. In your international relations essay, you may choose to discuss any topic on international affairs that is listed below.

  1. India-China Border Clash a concern for the rest of the world?
  2.  China’s Economic Growth – The Effects and Consequences on the World
  3. All about the affair of Iran-Contra
  4. India – an emerging power or not?
  5. All about the foreign policies of Latin America
  6. Overseas military bases and their common problems
  7. The Cold War – realism and liberalism
  8. The Korean War – a detailed review
  9. The embargo on Cuba – should America lift it?
  10. The world’s politics and the participation of South Africa
  11. Naming the Island – why is it so important for the Communist Party of China?
  12. The UN and the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
  13. The historical background of the Civil War in Sudan
  14. Islam and its changing nature
  15. Imperialism and its effects
  16. Modern liberalism and its main features
  17. Saudi Arabia and the importance of their oil
  18. The importance of domestic policies and their relation to the world’s situation.
  19. American involvement in Peru Tacna-Arica and Chile.
  20.  Cold War and American leadership.

International Studies Topics

International Studies investigates individuals from all over the world in an interconnected civilization. You may work on any international studies topic and write a detailed essay. These are some topics on international studies that you may consider for creating an international relations essay.

  1. Discuss the history of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  2. Origins, objectives, and development of Al Qaeda.
  3. The economic future of Hong Kong
  4. The International System and the New Sovereignty
  5. The UN and its process of reformation
  6. Indian and Chinese raise – analysis
  7. How crucial are the functions of the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations?
  8. The UK and the United Arab Emirates
  9. The impact of the Zimmerman Telegram on America in WWI
  10. Why do global politics influence each country separately?

International Studies Essay Topics for MBA Students

Are you an MBA student who needs the best essay topics on international studies? If yes, then explore the list suggested below. In the list, we have added some exclusive international studies essay topics for MBA students.

  1. Chile and Peru and the Involvement of America
  2. The Ukraine Crisis and Vladimir Putin
  3. Why is power at the center of realist perspectives?
  4. The Gulf and its Internal Relations
  5. Skeptic theory of morality and the period of its main influence
  6. American Policy Stance for Iraq
  7. The Mathias Risse and Thomas Pogge debate – summary
  8. How do US immigration laws compare to immigration laws of other countries?
  9. Naming the Island – why is it so important for the Communist Party of China?
  10. How crucial are the functions of the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations?

International Relations Essay Topics on Foreign Policy

Foreign policy is an important part of international relations that influences the interests, values, and aspirations of both governments and non-state players on a global scale. In the section, we have shared a collection of international relations essay prompts related to foreign policy for you to get started.

  1. The role of nuclear proliferation among various G7 members
  2. Why the view of states as key actors in the international system is a limitation of the liberalism theory
  3. Iran oil conflict
  4. African Americans relations
  5. Daily news coverage and International Relations.
  6. The role of whistleblowers
  7. Religion and social power
  8. Did the desire for oil drive the US foreign policy in the Middle East?
  9. Mediation processes and International Relations.
  10. Djibouti International Relations

Informative International Relations Essay Topics

By reading the international relations essay that you submit, your reader should be able to widen their knowledge. So, you should make sure to create your essay on any topic with a broad scope to generate new information. These are some informative international relations essay ideas you may give preference to.

  1. Joseph S. Nye and Robert O. Keohane and their theory about the world’s politics
  2. The Arctica power distribution
  3. Mexico and immigration
  4. Theory and foreign policy: any differences?
  5. American foreign policy and South Sudan destabilization
  6. The Haiti, Bosnia, and Somalia cases and their impact on the American foreign policy
  7. Saudi Arabia and its oil – benefits for the country
  8. Approaches in decision-making for foreign policy
  9. Do we need foreign students?
  10. Ireland’s attractiveness for foreign direct investment
  11. Examine the political influence of cyber terrorists on international trade.
  12. Analyze the role of international relations on the politics of military functioning.
  13. Write about global inflation and its effect on world immigration policies.
  14. Analyze the global population on financial technology.
  15. Discuss the psychological impacts of international trade agreements on national citizens.

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Latest International Relations Essay Topics

Instead of writing an international relations essay on old and frequently discussed ideas, give significance to any latest topic so that you may keep your readers updated. The following are some trending international relations essay topics that are worth examining and writing about.

  1. Maximizing national security through foreign policy
  2. Theory Of International Relations and Foreign Policy
  3. The power of the sea region
  4. Terrorism and World Politics
  5. The Greatest Cause of War
  6. The Strengths and Weaknesses of International Law
  7. How do we solve world peace?
  8. Geopolitics – an overview
  9. The World’s trade and globalization
  10. The New World Group and Guyana
  11. All about Democratic Peace Theory
  12. Collaboration among countries
  13. Constructivism and realism
  14. Authoritarian and democratic states and their contrasting development
  15. How does the maturation of war develop?
  16. The notion of gender and its influence on global cooperation
  17. A Via Media – all about the English School
  18. An Analysis of Public Diplomacy
  19. All about the migrant flow from Nepal to Qatar
  20. China and America – in conflict or cooperation?

Unique International Relations Essay Questions

In case, you want your international relations essay to stand top in your class, work on any original topic that has not been examined earlier. Listed below are some unique international relations essay titles on which you may conduct an in-depth study and craft a well-structured essay with supporting evidence.

  1. Turkey – between Islam and the West
  2. Will UK citizens regret Brexit within the next 50 years?
  3. Why Virtual Schools may be a hindrance to Globalization
  4. The effects of state-backed cyber campaigns
  5. Barriers to implementing the Arab Gulf reconciliation
  6. How do large intergovernmental organizations shape the world?
  7. The role of international relations in discrimination against LGBTIQ people.
  8. Modern geopolitics – a celebration of realism over idealism?
  9. The evolution of US global leadership in the modern system of international relations
  10. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the global affairs
  11.  What factors contributed to the current decline in the rate of unemployment?
  12. What factors necessitate the interactions between developing and developed countries?
  13. Relations between China and the United States in the future
  14. US troops are being withdrawn from Germany.
  15. An in-depth examination of dependency theory
  16. Feminism in International Relations: An Examination
  17. In international relations, discuss the concept of non-state actors.
  18. Religion’s Role in International Relations
  19. European Union nations’ interdependence
  20. Asia’s well-known regional security arrangements

In this section, we have shared a list of popular international relations essay ideas. But when you deal with popular topics, analyze them from a different angle and present new information so that you may add value to your essay and fetch top grades.

  1. Compare and contrast Presidential Democracy and Parliamentary Democracy.
  2. Around the Arctic Circle, there is a power struggle.
  3. Contrast liberalism and post-socialism.
  4. Talk about election ethics in the United States.
  5. The best community improvement methods in the United Kingdom
  6. The African Convention for the Conservation of Wild Animals, Birds, and Fish
  7. The 1903 Cuban–American Treaty of Relations
  8. The analysis of decision-making in foreign policies
  9.  International Relations, concepts, and study in the Caribbean
  10. The war of the Pacific and the early American-Chilean relations
  11. International Relations Theories: a foundation for the national security policymaking process
  12. Explore the concept behind “Rising Powers and Shrinking Planet: The New Geopolitics Of Energy” and “The Pentagon’s New Map”
  13. Negotiation’s Strategy: Conflict between Carpathia and Basran
  14. Critical analysis of the impact of Realism theory and Marxism theory on geopolitical relationships between developed and developing nations
  15. Analysis of the impact of Constructivism theory, and Feminism theory on international relationships
  16. Discuss the implications of online petitions in international relations.
  17. Discuss the influence of the United States on global laws, markets, and relations.
  18. Evaluate the cultural impacts of international relations on developing countries.
  19. Discuss the threats and importance of international labor in global trade.
  20. A critical review of how terrorism affects global trade.

Wrapping Up

From the numerous ideas in the list presented above, choose any topic of your interest and create a well-structured international relations essay after a deep study. The essay you create should be informative and impressive to your readers and prove your thesis statement with essential pieces of evidence. Furthermore, the international relations research paper that you compose should meet your university’s guidelines to fetch top grades. In case, it is hard for you to draft your academic article on international relations topics, reach out to the subject experts on our team for high-quality assignment help online. From topic selection to writing and proofreading, our professionals will provide the best guidance at an affordable cost.

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