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Not all jobs require a college degree. Across the world, you can find several jobs that pay 100K a year without a degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupation Finder, nearly a quarter of all professions do not need a degree and have median wages over $40K, which is more than the $37,638 per capita personal income reported by the US Census. Surprisingly, the majority of individuals in these professions earn six figures annually.

As per the National Center for Education Statistics, the average cost of studying for a four-year degree is $29,033 per year. So, it might be wiser to pursue a six-figure job without a degree. Many employers give more value to skills and experience than education. Therefore, instead of obtaining a college degree, you can improve your talents through alternative learning options, certifications, and on-the-job training.

Would you like to know the highest-paying jobs without an academic degree? If yes, then explore this blog. Here, we have shared a list of the 10 best jobs that pay $100K a year without a degree. Note that, to secure the best-paying job without a degree, you must possess a strong passion and skill set appropriate for the position.

Best Jobs that Pay 100K a Year without a Degree

jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree

Listed below are our top picks for jobs that pay above $100K a year without a degree.

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1. Technology Sales Manager

Technology sales managers are responsible for handling a group of technology sales representatives. If you have the necessary experience, you can work in tech sales at a mid-to senior-level position without a degree. But, you must first succeed as an entry-level tech sales representative to survive in the tech sales industry without a degree. Next, you should enhance your abilities by enrolling in a sales or management certification program or attending a tech sales boot camp.

The minimum academic requirement for this job is a high school diploma. Moreover, having prior experience as a sales representative will help you to shine in this role.

Average Salary: $161,920

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and Information systems managers organize and manage an organization’s information technology requirements. Also, they authorize both hardware and software updates when required.

Strong leadership abilities and an in-depth understanding of current technology are prerequisites for the position. In case, you don’t have a college degree, attend boot camp training and get work experience and management credentials. It might help you become a manager.

Average Salary: $159,010

3. Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Manager

In the marketing industry, you can find several jobs that pay 100K a year without a degree. One such job is the advertising, promotions, and marketing manager. In general, advertising and promotions managers create marketing strategies by analyzing contracts, budgets, and campaigns. Also, they play a vital role in creating the copy for every advertisement that they manage for their customers. Typically, to assist with customer acquisition and retention, they manage a group of marketing agents and conduct ongoing trend research.

If you have good experience in both traditional and social media marketing, then you can enter the advertising industry without a degree. In specific, you should possess the skills to host promotional campaigns and establish a brand.

Average Salary: $133,380

4. Senior Real Estate Manager

Senior real estate managers are professionals who handle the sales of real estate properties. They establish positive relationships with clients and possess exceptional sales skills. They also know the local area and property and land legislation, along with contracts related to property.

Without a college degree, you may reach a senior real estate management position with a high median pay by gaining experience in entry-level roles. However, you must complete relevant certifications to be eligible for job positions with this title. Additionally, you should possess excellent soft skills to survive in this job.

Average Salary: $133,076

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5. Air Traffic Controller

At airports, air traffic controllers manage aircraft flow and report weather information to pilots. They must be able to safely multitask and make critical decisions quickly.

Without a degree, you can become an air traffic controller by enrolling in a Federal Aviation Administration training program. Most importantly, to qualify as an Air Traffic controller, you must pass a background investigation, medical examination, and skill assessment.

Average Salary: $129,750

6. Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapists collaborate closely with cancer treatment teams to provide radiation therapy to cancer patients. They take X-rays, maintain patient data, check whether radiation doses are appropriate, and ensure that machines are operating correctly.

While this may not be your first career, in the United States, you can attend an accredited school to become a certified radiation therapist. Also, you may obtain an associate degree rather than a bachelor’s degree to start working as a radiation therapist.

Average Salary: $121,360

7. Software Developer

This is one of the best jobs that pay 100K a year without a degree. Software developers are those who build software programs and products as per the demands of web and mobile apps across sectors. To develop software or web applications, a strong knowledge of programming languages is necessary. In addition to that, a software developer must possess excellent coding skills and problem-solving ability.

While some roles require a bachelor’s degree, many software development careers do not require a degree. To become a software developer without a degree, you must learn to code by attending a boot camp. Furthermore, to be hired for entry-level positions, you can boost your portfolio by completing software development projects.

Average Salary: $120,730

8. Computer Network Architect

A computer network architect designs and creates data for communication networks. They frequently collaborate closely with executive-level employees to identify areas where a business requires networks. Along with researching new network technologies and presenting network plans to organization management, computer network architects are also responsible for deciding which network-related equipment to install in a company.

Most roles require a bachelor’s degree, but some organizations hire high school graduates with extensive experience in network architecture.

Average Salary: $120,520

9. Fire Chief

Fire chiefs are in charge of directing and supervising fire departments. Their primary responsibilities include supervising personnel, creating budgets, and organizing emergency responses. They might also collaborate on the creation of fire rules and regulations with police and civic officials.

Even though many fire chiefs hold bachelor’s degrees in fire science or similar fields, those with only a high school degree and some vocational training are qualified for this role. In addition to that, this position requires a lot of firefighting experience and the necessary certifications.

Average Salary: $105,287

10. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts examine an organization’s computer systems and determine whether that system can resist a cyberattack or not. If they find that the systems are hacked, they quickly come up with a remedy and go about putting it into action.

Currently, cyber security boot camps have enabled non-degree holders to become information security analysts. The minimum requirement for this job is a strong knowledge of cyber security and a professional certification.

Average Salary: $102,600

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Till now, in this blog, we have seen the list of some amazing jobs that pay $100K a year without a degree. Even if there are fewer career options for individuals without a degree, you can still get a high-paying job. All it takes to land your dream job is the right skills and persistent determination.

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