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Completing a successful paper on marketing dissertation topics is a milestone for your academic career. Apart from helping you to score high grades and jump to the next stage of your academic life, it has a profound impact on your professional career. For example, an employer gets a glimpse of your commitment, self-encouragement, perseverance, and critical thinking skills through a marketing dissertation paper. However, choosing marketing dissertation topics is not easy. You must pay equal attention to your interest as well as the requirements mentioned in the dissertation guideline and its relevance in academic, social, and practical situations. If you are stuck in choosing the right marketing research topic for your dissertation, then this blog can be of great help to you. From here, you can learn to choose the right topic for your academic paper and also get 100+ unique marketing dissertation ideas.

What is a Marketing Dissertation?

A marketing dissertation is an academic paper that is written on any interesting research topic that is related to the concepts involved in the marketing curriculum. Especially, when writing a marketing dissertation, you must make sure to demonstrate the use of academic theories in practical situations. Furthermore, while preparing a marketing dissertation, you must conduct an independent study under the guidance of professors and supervisors. Digital marketing, branding, sports marketing, fashion marketing, etc are a few popular research areas in marketing from which you can choose any thesis topic and create a comprehensive dissertation.

Marketing Dissertation Topic Selection

Marketing Dissertation Topics

To choose distinctive yet compelling marketing dissertation ideas, you must take the following steps:

1. Read and understand the requirements

Check what requirements your professor wants you to fulfill in the dissertation. For example, consider the following:

  • Minimum and maximum word count
  • Deadline
  • Orientation – academic or professional
  • Methodologies – conduct fieldwork or utilize specific types of sources

2. Analyze the research areas

Weigh up the extensive research areas of marketing you find interesting. Example:

  • Online Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social media
  • Sports
  • Consumer Behavior

3. Search for articles

To get a better idea of the current state of research on the potential marketing dissertation topics, skim through selected recent or classic marketing trends on the best journal portals online. Make sure to check the most-cited articles. You may take inspiration from Google Scholar. Otherwise, your university library can offer ample resources.

4. Choose your domain

Once you are done with the initial reading, narrow down the potential topics. Take gradual steps to choose more specific topics. You may narrow down the topics like:  Social Media – Facebook – and Facebook ads.

5. Identify the type of research

Now that you have shortlisted the topics for your making dissertation, it is time to identify which topic would yield the most benefit. For that, think about the type of research to conduct for writing your marketing dissertation. It could be any of the following:

  • Field research for collecting unique data
  • Researching public records or archives for examining existing data
  • Scrutinizing theories, methods, and interpretations for comparing scholarly approaches

6. Settle on the relevance

The relevance of the topic is an essential quality of a convincing marketing research topic. Therefore, ensure that your chosen topic is academically, socially, and practically appropriate in the field of marketing.

  • Academic relevance indicates that it fills the gaps in knowledge.
  • Social relevance indicates that the topic can increase the understanding of society
  • Practical relevance talks highlight how the dissertation can solve solid problems available in the marketing industry

7. Take the senior’s approval

In most academic programs you have to send a dissertation prospectus in prior. It includes a brief description of the selected topic. Explain your topic in detail and seek your professor’s authorization for developing a dissertation on the chosen marketing topic.

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List of the Best Marketing Dissertation Topics

Are you in search of some unconventional ideas to develop your marketing dissertation? If yes, then take a look at some premium marketing dissertation topics suggested below.

10 Unique Branding Dissertation Topics

Here find 10 exclusive marketing dissertation topics on branding.

  1. Write a case study on Pepsi versus Coca-Cola considering the brand value, and how the consumers perceive it.
  2. The company branding and its impact on business productivity.
  3. What is the importance of social media marketing for brand development?
  4. Is there cultural connotation in brands? What are the reasons behind it?
  5. Conduct a comprehensive evolution study on branding and its characteristics.
  6. The connection between the brand, customers, and their emotions.
  7. Why is brand management essential for gaining profitability?
  8. Branding and the significance of having a top product that draws customers.
  9. How can the utilization of digital methods enhance brand standing?
  10. Smartphone applications and how businesses can employ them to enhance their brand equity.

10 Captivating Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Get here 10 fascinating digital marketing dissertation topics.

  1. Contemporary consumers and how social media applications can impact their behavior.
  2. How do landing pages of websites play a significant role in the marketing of a product?
  3. Why are Google and Amazon ads a necessity for online commerce?
  4. How do digitalized platforms and the use of automated service interaction affect clients and companies?
  5. What is the precise role of the internet in influencing customers’ behavior?
  6. Smart devices and their impacts on boosting company sales.
  7. Is it essential to examine the consumer’s psychology in marketing strategies?
  8. How have stars and influencers impacted online sales and strategies?
  9. Is it better for consumers to work together with a machine or an employee as a part of the digital marketing process?
  10. Are email strategies outdated? What are the most widespread errors of this strategy?

10 Persuasive MBA Marketing Dissertation Topics

Here are the 10 convincing MBA marketing dissertation topics.

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of digital and mobile marketing?
  2. The common dissimilarities between offline and online market goods and how clients react to them.
  3. What must be the accurate reaction of management to boycotts?
  4. What are the customer’s responses during the days of recession and crisis?
  5. How do a customer’s profile gender, age, and ethnicity impact their online purchases?
  6. What is the significance of a winning branding strategy, and how does it magnetize loyal customers?
  7. How does color speak about brands and impact sales in the clothing industry?
  8. Why are strategies about charity significant, and how do people look at them?
  9. Best sales strategies that make customers buy food online.
  10. How does a loyalty program persuade a customer to spend more time in an e-commerce store?

9 Interesting Marketing Dissertation Ideas

Looking for some exciting ideas to develop your marketing dissertation? Get 10 appealing marketing dissertation ideas here.

  1. Is there a need to merge offline with online methods to enhance sales in the digital business model?
  2. Politics and their impacts on marketing strategies.
  3. What are the greatest and most terrible elements of SMS marketing? Is it an actual concept?
  4. The concept of consistency in the field of marketing, and how it affects the clients.
  5. How does brand value impact the consumer’s decision?
  6. How do retention and uniqueness go hand in hand? What are the impacts?
  7. What is the online commerce strategy of family packs and group subscriptions?
  8. Online trends and their effects on marketing strategies. How have they changed during the past decade?
  9. Market segmentation and its consequence on sales channels. Is it a good or bad strategy?

9 Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

Do you want social media to be the base of your marketing dissertation ideas? Then, take a look at the ideas below.

  1. Are Google, Amazon, and Facebook ads suitable for digital trade?
  2. Impacts of social media on customers.
  3. The significance of appropriate SEO in Marketing, and E-commerce.
  4. Is it effective for corporation giants to use social media and spotlight on younger customer groups?
  5. How can products and online services have an effect on customer loyalty to the brand?
  6. Is the promotion of products and services through influencers and famous actors a good technique to increase your audience?
  7. Social media and its importance in contemporary marketing promotion campaigns.
  8. How can online content marketing create a larger aura and loyal customers?
  9. Are social media suitable for branding or simply increasing a company’s sales?

8 Top Relationship Marketing Dissertation Topics

Here, get your hand at the finest dissertation topics on relationship marketing.

  1. How has customer retention altered because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and how does that impact the marketing strategies?
  2. What are your ideas on Modern consumer behavior? Is it sensible to push clients to change their consumption style?
  3. How can the method of decision-making affect cultural or ethical influences?
  4. Shed light on large corporations and their marketing strategies. Why do customers remain loyal and conform to global marketing rules?
  5. Is it essential for an organization to learn more about its customers’ psychoanalytical model, and why?
  6. Differences between the classes and racial discrimination when targeting different ethnicities.
  7. E-commerce and shopping apps. How can customers achieve fulfillment through verbal communication?
  8. What is the danger of dealing with dissatisfied customers and boycotts?

11 Premium Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

Here, find 11 supreme fashion marketing dissertation topics.

  1. Are fashion marketing strategies mostly aimed at women, and why?
  2. Social media applications and their power over fashion commerce strategies.
  3. Fashion marketing method and logistics. State the significance of proper planning.
  4. What are the best ways to recognize your clients in fashion marketing?
  5. Best ways to generate the ultimate customer experience in fashion.
  6. Should a fashion policy revolve around famous influencers or not?
  7. Can sales be forecasted efficiently in fashion marketing? How?
  8. Best ways to be a focus for younger customers. Talk about goal-oriented campaigns and their benefits.
  9. How can data hint at the best result in fashion promotion? Why?
  10. The consequence of researching and properly planning product prices.
  11. The supremacy of customization in e-commerce, and how it impacts sales.

9 Superior Sports Marketing Dissertation Topics

Are you in search of some advanced marketing dissertation ideas? Find some sophisticated ideas here.

  1. Is it a good plan to employ celebrated sports stars in promotion strategies?
  2. World Cup 2022 and its significance in huge marketing campaigns.
  3. How can Esports be an appropriate advertising podium? What are the best practices in the field?
  4. Are behind-the-scenes pictures great progress in promotion strategies or not?
  5. Correlations of advertising and betting platforms. How do betting platforms advertise on sports media?
  6. How can bets manipulate sports marketing, and how are they associated?
  7. Are teasers and previews before the launch of the competition the best advertising strategies?
  8. What are your views on women in sports? How do they move ahead in sports marketing?
  9. What is the function of artificial intelligence? Can it alter the shape of marketing in sports fields?

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9 Excellent Ethics in Marketing Dissertation Topics

Here are some admirable ideas for writing about ethics topics in a marketing dissertation.

  1. What is the effect of labels on the products on the clients’ purchase behavior?
  2. Exploring the interior of Amazonia jungles. Is it green or greenwashing?
  3. How do corporate activities and ethics influence customer sales? Investigate.
  4. Why is labeling important, and what are its impacts? Talk about Vegan versus cruelty-free labels.
  5. How have spam rules and laws enhanced online ethics for customers?
  6. Medical representatives and their gifts. Business ethics and morality investigation of these activities.
  7. Gender difference and its effect on corporate social responsibility awareness. What is the corporate marketing result?
  8. The impacts of code of conduct of some store outlets. How does it affect customers?
  9. Principles, marketing, and the association between CSR. Are they more important to the stakeholders or the common good?

8 Amazing Marketing Dissertation Topics on Consumer Behavior

Looking for some ideas to develop your marketing dissertation on consumer behavior? Get 10 wonderful topics here.

  1. In what ways does a company determine consumer behavior and maximize the benefit from it?
  2. Modern digital tools. The custom of finding consumer behavior and its profits for social marketing strategies.
  3. Conduct a client behavior study on why women buy more fashion goods than men.
  4. What are the consequences of neglecting your target group’s buying behavior?
  5. Consumer behavior. How can the use of offensive language persuade the young population to buy more?
  6. Why have goods like masks and disinfectants increased in popularity during and after the pandemic?
  7. Client’s behavior, and why it is difficult to market goods in today’s busy world.
  8. Originality and bringing new products and services to the platter is a way of retaining a brand’s value even after a recession.

10 Awesome Marketing Thesis Topics on Consumer Psychology

Here are some fantastic marketing dissertation ideas on consumer psychology:

  1. What encourages people to buy products from Amazon?
  2. What are the uses and gratifications associated with consumer online reviewing?
  3. How do marketing intellect and forecasts affect sports marketing?
  4. How can organizations make efficient use of Big Data to gain a perception of their customers’ psychology?
  5. What is the customer’s understanding of green marketing?
  6. Talk about the customers’ approach toward the digital marketing actions of Burberry.
  7. What is the background of word-of-mouth marketing? Analyze the case of blockbuster marketing.
  8. What are the impacts of pessimistic word-of-mouth communications on organizational operations?
  9. How does gender impact information processing among customers of luxury goods?
  10. What is the function of enthusiasm in buying behavior? Draw a case study of the mobile ringtone market in the UK.

9 Powerful Online Marketing Dissertation Topics

Get your hand at the 9 most convincing marketing dissertation ideas.

  1. How can firms personalize their products? Talk about the personalizing features of Apple.
  2. What are the impacts of an unbeaten digital marketing campaign on Dior’s brand performance?
  3. What are the perks and drawbacks of employing social media to market luxury goods?
  4. How does bringing web analytics into play for digital marketing improve brand performance?
  5. What is the effect of digital marketing modernization on Apple’s performance?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Burberry in employing digital marketing?
  7. How can firms like Nike customize their products?
  8. An exploration of the importance of assortment to customers: Illustrate the case of Dell Computers.
  9. How does a consumer’s insight of control impact their choice of brand? Demonstrate the case of purchasing computers online.

8 Informative Marketing Dissertation Ideas

The following are some excellent marketing research ideas that will help you in preparing a top-score-fetching dissertation.

  1. Analyze the perceived risks in global marketing.
  2. Discuss the role of inbound marketing in appealing to consumer preferences.
  3. Analyze the role of competitive positioning in marketing.
  4. Evaluate the various cultures of global marketing.
  5. Examine rural marketing techniques in developing nations
  6. Evaluate the role of communication and control process in marketing
  7. How does marketing expand a firm’s global presence?
  8. Analyze the current strategies used by online marketers in the United Kingdom.

10 Impressive Marketing Dissertation Ideas

The following are a few topics that will be helpful for you in composing a well-researched marketing dissertation.

  1. Examine the role of using women in the branding and marketing of products.
  2. Analyze the factors involved in choosing a brand ambassador
  3. How to identify the best time for digital marketing campaigns
  4. Analyze the effects of selling beauty products to male audiences
  5. Explain how to gauge the reception of a particular marketing message
  6. Investigate the role of localization in preparing social media marketing messages
  7. Analyze the scope of marketing for perishable products
  8. Discuss the role of the consumer’s sovereignty in marketing
  9. Analyze the various aspects of strategic marketing
  10. Evaluate the various marketing management philosophies


From the numerous marketing research ideas recommended in this blog, select any topic that matches your interest and compose a well-structured dissertation deserving of an A+ grade. In case, you are not satisfied with the list of marketing dissertation topics suggested here, So far, our marketing assignment experts have completed thousands of high-quality academic papers on marketing topics before the deadline and helped many students achieve top grades; you will not be an exception.

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