5 Excellent Examples of Pestle Analysis that Everyone Should Know

Correct pestle analysis examples can help you earn good grades in exams. If you are struggling to find the best pestle analysis examples for your marketing assignment, there is nothing to whine about it. Here we have shared some of the key examples of pestle analysis that you can use anytime, anywhere. Your teacher would be happy to find these illustrations in your copy.

Here are 5 most top-rated companies that we have covered for pestle analysis examples.

 Have a look:
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Coca- Cola
  • Apple
  • And Uber

Go through the illustrious section of these pestle analysis examples to collect ideas for your next marketing assignment.

Pestle Analysis

Pestle analysis of Adidas:

You all are aware of this brand. Adidas is one of the unparalleled brands for sports shoes and garments. This German-based company is in this business for a longer period of time. It has inspired many youngsters to go for this brand. But the bigger question is how? After all the economic challenges, this company is running well in the market.

The pestle analysis of Adidas will tell you how this company has been stable in its position even after all the challenges. How its external factors are helping Adidas to maintain its status.

Political factor:

  • Adidas is among those companies which have faced many risk and civil turmoil. But it kept on going even after the huge changes in the political policies.
  • There are plenty of political factors that cost money and time. Issues like war, terrorism, nationalization delay in its delivery.
  • Changes in the tax system is another factor that has affected the party a lot

Economic factor:

  • This company has been through much economic crisis during the year of 2005. Inflation, unemployment, and taxation have impacted this party in various ways.
  • There was no instability in the stock market which was another reason for its decreasing growth rate.
  • All these factors have somehow made an impact on purchasing power. As a result, revenue fell rapidly.

Social Factor:

  • Adidas designs shoes and apparel that are usable by all ages, cultures, and religions.
  • As we all know that the company mostly attracts sports and athletic customers. It somehow limits the purchasing habit of a customer.
  • Mostly Adidas needs to rethink its strategies to promote the brand in the Islamic countries.

Technological factor:

  • Technology boosts your brand policies.
  • Adidas manufactures its products using its own technologies. It has helped this brand to stay one step ahead.
  • Not only that but also the use of online websites is another good example of the use of technology.

Environmental factor:

  • Adidas does not use any restricted products.
  • It keeps a close look at the volatile and organic compound emissions. It uses sustainable products which increases its product quality.

Legal factor:

  • Adidas has been able to earn a global reputation. It has a high reputation around the world.
  • That is why it ensures to stay out of any legal troubles. As it can impact their brand value.

The bottom line is that Adidas is one of the finest brands in this sector. It is doing well as far as marketing is concerned.

Pestle analysis of Nike:

Everybody knows about this US-based brand and its reputation. It has been producing and selling sports shoes and apparel. It is one of the most valued brands in the sports business.

Let’s have a look at the pestle analysis of this brand to know where it stands.

Political factor:

  • Political environment impacts this brand like nothing else. Its global presence solely depends on the taxation and manufacturing rules designed in the country.
  • It needs to follow the import and export laws strictly. It is troubling its worldwide distribution.

Economic factor:

  • To improve its purchasing power, Nike should focus on economies like the US, UK, and others. This way they can find a stable economy with a good percentage of purchasing scale.
  • Countries that are growing rapidly can also create a great opportunity for Nike.

Social factor:

  • People are turning more toward sports to stay fit. This is giving Nike a chance to play a vital role.
  • Nike designs its products in a user-friendly manner. The customer receives positive results through its high-quality sports shoes and apparel.

Technological factor:

  • Though Nike gives importance to technology, it needs to consider the technology it manufactures. It will give the company more boost in the market.
  • Another external factor that affects Nike is the investment of R&D. The constant change in technology brings both opportunities and threats to this company.

Legal Factor:

  • Nike needs to consider the copyright problem of its products.
  • The company also should keep an eye on the involvement of child labor and employment rules.
  • This brand also needs to maintain health and safety issues.

Environmental factor:

  • Change in the environment is a global issue.
  • Nike produces products that are environment-friendly. This helps this brand to boost its brand value.
  • It will help the company to bring sustainability.

Let’s move forward.

Pestle analysis of Coca- Cola:

When you think about a soft drink, the first brand that comes to your mind is Coca- Cola. It is one of the most famous soft drink producers in the world. With the finest technology, this brand has earned millions of valuable customers. Let’s have a look at the pestle analysis of Coca- Cola.

Political factor:

  • FDA tests every Coca- Cola products. This brand needs to follow the rules of the country and offers the best beverages in the local stores.
  • If the rules are not as followed as per the instructions, countries may prevent its distribution.

Economic factor:

  • The fan base of Coca- Cola is tremendous. It produces products in various countries.
  • Depending on the tastes and preferences of customers, they make most of their profits.
  • Coca- Cola is slowly moving towards to make healthy drinks which customers mostly prefer.

Social factor:

  • Coca- Cola makes most of its profit in urban areas.
  • There are more than 30 flavors in Japan the same as China.
  • It produces healthy products in the US. Coca- Cola offers teas and water in that region.
  • They need to take the same approach for Japan and China.

Technological factor:

  • Coca- Cola can make a more effective market with the use of technology.
  • Technology will help this brand to increase its productivity.
  • There is a technological set up in Britain that ensures quality products to the customers.
  • With the help of social media, it is promoting its products on various platforms.

Legal factor:

  • Coca- Cola maintains all security rights of its business. It already has all the rights to manufacture its future products.

Environmental factor:

  • Water accessibility is an important factor for Coca- Cola. With proper water accessibility, this brand will not be able to function.
  • That is why water processing should be environment-friendly.

Though Coca- Cola is a world-famous brand, it needs to focus more on producing healthy drinks.

Pestle analysis of Apple:

Apple is another most famous and expensive brand. It is known for producing smartphones, tablets, pcs and more. It has added luxury to people’s lifestyles.

Now let’s take a look at the pestle analysis of Apple:

Political factor:

  • Due to the lower manufacturing cost, Apple needs to maintain a friendly political rift between the US and China. If it is not maintained, it can affect its operation. It is expensive as well as difficult to find an alternative.
  • Being in the dominant position, it has also been able to deal with political pressure.

Economic factor:

  • As Apple produces its products in China, they need to keep in mind that its cost will increase if China increases its labor cost.
  • Income in the middle-class portion can also decline its market. Not only that but also if the US dollar increases, the exchange rates will also incline.
  • It will help Apple to earn good profits as well.

Social factors:

  • Apply instead of being a global success, it has not made that much impact in areas like Africa.
  • Due to its price, low-income people are against these products. Also because of the ethical concern, its appeal in China is not very much effective.
  • Apple needs to create awareness about its product’s features.

Technological factor:

  • Google and Samsung have launched many products that offer similar features like Apple.
  • There are many apps and services already available in the market which do not make Apple any indifferent.
  • Increasing demands have declined the demand for Apple products. Apple device seems to be less secure when high-tech technology is concerned.

Legal factor:

  • Apple has recently introduced Apply Pay services. It is seen that the government has increased oversight on it.
  • It is possible that Apple may start producing automobile products and may increase insurance and regulatory cost for Apple.

Environment Factor:

  • One of the biggest environmental issues that Apple is facing nowadays is its disposal of nonworking electronics. Disposal of lithium batteries is of high concern.
  • Its manufacturing adobe, Chine is much concerned about its environment. With the increase in electricity costs, Apple may need to face a hike in manufacturing costs.

In spite of these challenges, this company is capable enough to grow stronger.

Pestle analysis of Uber:

Uber is one of the most fasted-growing taxi service providers in the world. Its easy accessibility and taxi sharing have helped it to earn many valuable customers. But in recent years, there was an outrage against this company. Many controversies even almost ban this company.

Political factor:

  • This company has been a part of many controversies. People even questioned their insurance policy. Some question involves if an accident happens, then the company will hold the driver as accountable. It is also possible that the company will take all the blame on itself.

Economic factor:

  • Uber works in the sharing of physical and intellectual resources.
  • It is easier for customers to connect with the driver through the Uber application. Uber is cheaper than taxis and can take people to their desired locations.
  • Since its inception, Uber has been growing rapidly. In some countries, taxies are facing much competition which resulted in the ban on its services.
  • Other companies are also going through the same consequences. But being the leading taxi operator, Uber has faced most of the rage.
  • People are also getting new job opportunities. So people are unable to decide whether they are being employed or unemployed.
  • Its huge popularity benefits the taxi operator the most. That is why Uber needs to keep doing the best.

Social factor:

Uber provides user-friendly facilities.

  • By using the app, you can book an Uber. You only need confirmation of your ride.
  • Its affordable price was once appreciated by the users. But with its popularity, they have increased the fares.

Technological factors:

  • With the help of technology, Uber has reaped many benefits.
  • Due to the positive views on social media platforms, the company is growing very fast.
  • Its application is also too much beneficial for users to use.
  • One can book an Uber from anywhere anytime. You will also get information like traffic, weather and more. Payments can be made through the application as well.

Legal factors:

  • Due to many reasons, Uber has faced bans in many countries. That is the reason the company needs to maintain its technical usage laws and employee safety laws.

Environmental factors:

  • What type of impact Uber has on the environment is not certain. Fuel usage and traffic can be some of the factors.
  • As per the study, Uber has caused traffic congestion. But some controversies are still there and this report is yet to be confirmed.

Though Uber is a leading taxi operator in the market, several controversies are hindering its progress.

We hope this pestle analysis is informative for you to prepare assignments. If you are looking for more pestle analysis examples for your marketing assignments, we have plenty for you. You can connect with us to pull-off top-notch grades for sure.

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