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Are you a 6th-grade student looking for the best experiment ideas or science fair project topics? If yes, then explore this blog post. Here, we have shared a list of 75 excellent science fair project ideas for 6th-grade students on science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, and more. Additionally, we have also suggested some tips for choosing a good idea for the science fair.

Typically, a science fair is an academic competition or an event where students have to demonstrate their science projects and experiments. The event is mainly conducted to motivate students to participate in scientific research and improve their hands-on learning skills and thinking ability.

If you are invited to participate in a science fair, feel free to join and show off your science experiments or projects. By doing science projects, you can learn new concepts, get practical learning experience, and update your subject knowledge.

Know How to Choose an Excellent Science Fair Project Topic

Science Fair Project Ideas

Before you participate in a science fair, you must first identify what project topic you are going to work on. In case, you are unsure how to select a good science fair project topic, follow the tips suggested below.

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Identify your interest

Identify the areas in science that you are more interested in. Some popular areas in science include physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, ecology, etc. When you choose a topic from the area that you are passionate about, then you can do your science fair project effortlessly with a lot of excitement.

Consider the Science Fair Rules

When you choose your science fair project topic, take into account the science fair rules and regulations provided by the organizers. In specific, the topic you pick should meet the project length, presentation structure, and other requirements mentioned in the science fair guidelines.

Check for feasibility

The science fair project topic that you select should be feasible. Moreover, it should be easy for you to access the tools and supplies needed to do that experiment. Furthermore, the experiment that you have decided to work on should be safe.

Consider the possibility

Think about your science fair project idea’s difficulty level and the time it may take to finish it. In addition to that, give importance to an idea that has a testable hypothesis. However, the hypothesis should be quantifiable, open, and identified based on prior details.

Discuss with your Teachers or Mentors

It is always advisable to get an opinion from your science teacher or mentor. They may help you by providing valuable feedback, refining your project topic, and choosing a topic that syncs with your academic goals and safety rules.

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List of Science Fair Project Ideas for 6th-Grade Students

If you experience any difficulty with identifying your science fair project topic, take help from the list recommended below. In the list, we have included 75 outstanding science fair project ideas for 6th-grade students.

Simple Science Fair Project Ideas for 6th Grade Students

  1. Make naked eggs.
  2. Experiment to instantly change the color of a liquid.
  3. Levitate a ping pong ball.
  4. Create a colorful plant or animal cell model.
  5. Explain inertia using a fidget spinner.
  6. Build a heart-pumping model
  7. Create a model of lungs.
  8. Study sound waves with a spoon.
  9. Create sparks with steel wool.
  10. Extract DNA from a strawberry.
  11. Design a biodome.
  12. Pull an egg into a bottle.
  13. Create a pH indicator from a vegetable.
  14. Make popping boba balls out of juice.
  15. Build a baking soda-powered boat.

Interesting 6th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas in Physics

  1. Make a paper-plane launcher.
  2. Determine the quickest ways to cool down a soda.
  3. Launch a bottle rocket.
  4. Conduct experiments to identify the best insulating material.
  5. Test air resistance by dropping parachutes.
  6. Turn a potato into a battery.
  7. Engineer the strongest craft stick bridge.
  8. Create a simple motor.
  9. Conduct experiments and show whether room temperature affects candle burn rate or not.
  10. Build a car using a rubber band.

Science Fair Project Ideas in Biology and Earth Science for 6th Grade

  1. Find the fastest way to ripen a fruit safely.
  2. Show the best way to clean up oil floating on water.
  3. Demonstrate the different ways to filter water.
  4. Create a simple building model and show how the actions of an earthquake affect it.
  5. Grow a garden using hydroponics.
  6. Create compost cups with different mixtures, layering, and conditions.
  7. Demonstrate the best ways to repel ants.
  8. Simulate Tsunamis and identify the best ways to protect people.
  9. Design a squirrel-proof bird feeder.
  10. Find whether chewing gum helps to improve test scores.

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Outstanding 6th Grade Science Fair Project Topics in Chemistry

  1. Compare baking soda and baking powder.
  2. Create a formula for making the biggest soap bubble.
  3. Demonstrate whether tea and coffee damage teeth.
  4. Test for iron in your breakfast cereal
  5. Identify the best ways to clean old coins.
  6. Explore the effects of different sugars on yeast.
  7. Make the biggest carbon sugar snake.
  8. Identify which type of juice contains a high level of vitamin C.
  9. Determine which has more sugar- soda or juice.
  10. Examine the properties of plastic that is made from milk.

Innovative Science Fair Project Ideas for 6th Grade

  1. Make tiny dancers – a homopolar motor.
  2. Using magnets create a magical spinning pen.
  3. Build a homemade Wigglebot.
  4. Create holiday card circuits.
  5. Build a simple electromagnetic train.
  6. Make fizzing lemonade.
  7. Build a solar-powered robot bug.
  8. Make a heat-sensitive color-changing slime.
  9. Create crystal landscapes.
  10. Demonstrate the growth of the root when the direction of gravity changes.
  11. Build a circuit to automatically water plants.
  12. Develop a simple solar oven.
  13. Build a simple jumping robot.
  14. Make a battery using metal, air, and salt water.
  15. Explain the science behind perfumes.

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Unique Science Fair Project Ideas for 6th-Grade Students

  1. Create a seafloor spreading model.
  2. Explain how acidic water makes rocks disappear.
  3. Form a magic cloud in a bottle.
  4. Conduct pop rocks and soda science experiments.
  5. Explain the science behind edible glass.
  6. Explain why popping candy pops.
  7. Perform a paper towel experiment.
  8. Create a launcher using a balloon and a pool noodle to launch mini marshmallows.
  9. Make a Teleidoscope.
  10. Seed Germinator.
  11. Explain the biology of yogurt with a simple experiment.
  12. Make a modern art steady-hand game.
  13. Engineer a cell phone stand.
  14. Build an infinity mirror.
  15. Create a solar-powered car.


From the above-shared list, choose any science fair project idea of your choice and start working. In case, you are still not sure what topic to choose for your science fair project or if you need science project help from an expert, contact us right away.

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