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Have your instructor asked you to submit a synthesis essay on any interesting topic? Are you searching for the best synthesis essay topics? If yes, then you are at the right destination. For your convenience, here in this blog, we have presented a list of 200 excellent synthesis essay topics and ideas on different themes. Go through the entire list carefully and choose any topic that matches your needs.

What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a type of essay that takes a distinct perspective on a primary idea, theme, or topic and backs it up with evidence from many sources. The ultimate aim of a synthesis essay is to establish insightful connections. These links can demonstrate the relationship between components of a work or two or more works. However, it is the responsibility of the author to explain why those relationships are significant.

Synthesis Essay Topics


Synthesis Essay Topic Selection

In a nutshell, the professors might either allocate you the synthesis essay topics or might let you choose your topics. Also, it’s difficult to focus on a specific topic as you might need to choose from an infinite number of topics.

  • Firstly, ensure that your topic is interesting as it might support you to spend a great deal of time on research.
  • Secondly, make sure not to choose a topic that is too general, for example, global warming, technology, and corruption.
  • Thirdly, ensure that your essay topic is debatable, otherwise, there’s no point in writing a synthesis essay.
  • Lastly, consider choosing synthesis essay topics that are not only interesting but also negotiable.

Synthesis Essay Writing

If you have to write a good synthesis essay, perhaps, you ought to organize it well, like any other essay writing. Let’s scroll down to understand a few points that might make your work exemplary.

  • To illustrate, you ought to read your sources well, much before you take a stand on the topic. Also, try to identify some general information and link each source as you read them.
  • Next, you ought to take a stand on your synthesis essay topics and efficiently support your argument.
  • Simultaneously, you ought to develop a powerful thesis statement and thereby depict your stand in the essay.
  • Also, drafting an outstanding outline seems a good technique for writing an outstanding synthesis essay. Moreover, you ought to analyze your sources, instead of summarizing them.
  • Alternatively, ensure to organize your paragraph around your argument and not around your sources.
  • Finally, if your draft is ready, it might not sound difficult for you to fill in the information pretty well.

List of Synthesis Essay Topics and Ideas

Below we have compiled a list of the best 200 synthesis essay topics and ideas on a variety of themes. Go through the full list and select any topic that you feel is right for you to synthesize and write about.

Basic Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. Social media and its impact on the young generation.
  2. How do video games teach violence to kids?
  3. Discuss the impact of World War II on Germany.
  4. Why do students cheat in their exams?
  5. The impact of illiteracy on society.
  6. Technology advancement in the last five years.
  7. Discuss the influence of poverty on a child’s health.
  8. Global warming and its impact on Mother Earth.
  9. The negative impact of advertisements on the kids.
  10. China as a superpower- Evaluate the statement.
  11. Elaborate on the role of invasive species.
  12. TV commercial as an art- Review the statement.
  13. Professional sports replacing exercises- Evaluate the statement.
  14. Depression and its ignorance- Discuss its negative impact.
  15. Couple in a live-in relationship before marriage- What is your viewpoint?

Simple Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. Prostitution- Legal or Illegal?
  2. White supremacy and its impact on African Americans
  3. Is higher education a necessity in the context of the patterns of contemporary employment?
  4. Should abortion law need to be abolished in the United States?
  5. Should the governments of developing countries ban the production and sale of marijuana and tobacco?
  6. Social Media Networking Sites Impacting the Psychological Developments of Children and Adolescents: Evaluate the statement
  7. Patient-cantered care is the most effective to apply in nursing: Explain
  8. Illiteracy and poverty are restricting society from developing: Review and analyze this statement
  9. The negative impact of violent video games on adolescents
  10. Stereotyping and prejudices are required to be erased to ensure the health and well-being of society
  11. Social justice and empowerment are the two major factors to consider to ensure the health and well-being of society: Explain with justifications
  12. Evidence-based practice is better compared to traditional patient care: Explain
  13. The transition from volume to value-based healthcare positively impacts healthcare organizations: Evaluate the statement with examples
  14. Abortion right must not be prohibited: Share your viewpoint
  15. Discuss the illusion of controls and safeguards related to the legalization of assisted suicide or euthanasia

High-Quality Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. Colored TV versus Black and White TV- A comparative analysis.
  2. Boys versus Girls- Who is more powerful?
  3. Body-shaming culture and its mitigation measures.
  4. Discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence on work opportunities for people.
  5. Rationalizing the minds of religious fanatics.
  6. The impact of immigration on the US economy.
  7. Discuss the influence of fossil fuels on the environment.
  8. Death penalty implementation in developed countries.
  9. Elaborate on the influence of machine learning on workplace productivity.
  10. Drones and the breach of people’s privacy.

Interesting Topics for Synthesis Essays

  1. Real love exists in this world.
  2. Terrorism- Discuss its causes and measures to prevent it.
  3. Gay Marriages- What is your viewpoint?
  4. Is there a life beyond Earth?
  5. How does social media make people less social?
  6. School dress code and its mandatory requirement.
  7. Discuss the impact of global warming on farming.
  8. Develop a comparative study on traditional commerce and e-commerce
  9. Discuss the negative impact of shifting cultivation on the environment
  10. Importance of sustainable farming to ensure environmental health and well-being
  11. Critical analysis of social media and outrage culture
  12. Things everyone needs to know about stalking
  13. Ozone Depletion: Facts, Causes, Impact, and Solutions
  14. Anti-discrimination practices can reduce the degree of racial violence
  15. Health insurance can help low-income families access required healthcare services

Informative Synthesis Essay Ideas

  1. Promoting cultural diversity- Role of schools and colleges.
  2. Significance of literature as a major subject- What is your viewpoint?
  3. Basic survival skills and their relevance.
  4. Why money might not buy happiness?
  5. Smart schools and their benefit in the learning process for the students.
  6. The impact of complaining about a person’s happiness.
  7. Nature versus Nurture- What is your viewpoint?
  8. Convicted people and their voting rights.
  9. Truth and Fiction- A comparative analysis.
  10. Alternative medicines and insurance coverage.
  11. Instagram affects the standard of black beauty of African American girls: Share your thoughts
  12. Hard skills vs. soft skills – Which skill set is more important for a person to become a successful leader?
  13. Discuss the effects of IoT (Internet of Things) and ML (machine learning) on business performance
  14. Describe how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the traditional work structure
  15. Excessive exposure to digital media impacts mental health

Unique Synthesis Essay Prompts

  1. The USA and the mandatory voting system.
  2. Testing drugs on animals- Is this ethical?
  3. Impact of racial prejudice on college admission.
  4. The influence of American lifestyle on global warming.
  5. Insurance coverage of cosmetic surgeries- Discuss your viewpoint.
  6. Relevance of strict gun laws for the countries.
  7. Drinking age and measures to decrease it- Pros and Cons.
  8. Discuss the relationship between drug addiction and the young generation
  9. Compare Western culture and Indian culture
  10. Use of AI and Machine Learning is responsible for increasing unemployment: Discuss
  11. Describe the aspects that mark the Paris Agreement as successful in addressing the climate change issues
  12. How Ebola pandemic lead to long-lasting disruptions in global supply chains?
  13. Describe some effective strategies you use or tend to use for investing your money
  14. Why every school should need to incorporate the teaching of critical race theory in their curriculum?
  15. Is affirmative action an effective means of addressing racial inequalities and discrimination in higher education?

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Captivating Synthesis Essay Questions

  1. Air pollution and its impact on global warming.
  2. Monarch butterflies pollution and global warming.
  3. Technology and the dependence of people on it- Elaborate.
  4. The impact of airing television on society.
  5. Smoking and its influence on unborn children.
  6. Racial profiling- Role of the police.
  7. Child obesity and its occurrence in certain amounts.
  8. Modernization and the impact of culture on it.
  9. Fashion- Identify its influencing factors.
  10. Gender roles and their drivers.
  11. Relevance of poems in the current time.
  12. Role of community service in generating an effective solution.
  13. Importance of museums in the present era.
  14. Free medical services for every US citizen.
  15. The impact of routine activities on improving a person’s health- How to avoid a doctor’s visit?

Top-Notch Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. The adverse impact of sugary drinks on human health- Role of the US government in banning it.
  2. Contemporary employment patterns and the relevance of college admissions.
  3. Legalizing Marijuana in the USA- What is your viewpoint?
  4. The impact of the modern workplace on the behavior of minority workers.
  5. Oil Extraction- Is there a need to ban it?
  6. Illustrate the racism incidents you might have experienced in the last 6 months.
  7. Relevance of new technology implementation in the schools.
  8. Imposing a ban on college smoking- Elaborate on its consequences.
  9. How does advertising attract viewers?
  10. America and North Korea war Discuss its impact.
  11. Impact of gun control on fighting crime.
  12. Discuss the pros and cons of lowering the driving age.
  13. Gun law changes and its overall impact.
  14. Relevance of teen participation in sports.
  15. Technology- Is it possible to do our work without it?

Excellent Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. Importing goods and the dependence of Americans on it.
  2. Impact of social media on the everyday life of the students.
  3. How Instagram promotes stereotypes.
  4. Free Higher Education- What is your viewpoint?
  5. Traditional classrooms and the threat of technology.
  6. The impact of class size on academic performance.
  7. Analyze the influence of dress codes on the academic performance of the students.
  8. Students’ control of their education- Elaborate on your viewpoint.
  9. Impact of social media on journalism.
  10. Marine Species Extinction- Impact of Globalization.
  11. African American community and the impact of the school-to-prison pipeline.
  12. What is your viewpoint on paid athletes in colleges?
  13. Renewable sources of energy and global warming.
  14. Distance education and its impact on the on-campus college students.
  15. How time spent on social media impacts the overall satisfaction of the youth.

Fantastic Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. Explain the impact of digital transformation on traditional business models.
  2. Analyze the importance of mental health awareness in schools.
  3. Discuss the role of financial literacy in reducing poverty levels.
  4. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling.
  5. Analyze the ecological impact of single-use plastics.
  6. Evaluate the benefits of universal basic income.
  7. Discuss the ethical and practical perspectives of capital punishment.
  8. Discuss the pros and cons of urban planning in high-density cities.
  9. Address the unique challenges in child healthcare.
  10. Evaluate the role of forensic science in criminal investigations

Lucrative Synthesis Essay Topics 

  1. Online communities and their impact on people’s sense of belonging.
  2. Cultural and economic growth in China. 
  3. Social media and censorship 
  4. Crime prevention and the role of media. 
  5. How is the smartphone making our life more difficult?
  6. The absence of trade profession and the economy. 
  7. Influence of media on the society. 
  8. Reliability and importance of print newspapers. 
  9. Discuss the impact of the internet on personal relationships. 
  10. Why media make use of scare tactics? 
  11. How is Artificial Intelligence replacing the human workforce? 
  12. Discuss why Euthanasia is a type of mercy killing. 
  13. Ban animal testing in the United States. 
  14. How do human efforts help to keep the environment clean? 
  15. The threat of a person’s privacy- Role of Cell Phones. 

Awesome Synthesis Essay Ideas

  1. The ethical influence of eating meat.
  2. Discuss the impact of YouTube on the shopping habits of the youth.
  3. Facebook and privacy issues.
  4. Hard work versus talent- Which is more important for a person’s success?
  5. Truth and Fiction- Elaborate on the borderline that exists between them.
  6. How much has the film changed, and will it be considered a classic in the future?
  7. How can the government make the justice system better?
  8. Why are most prisons overcrowded?
  9. Is it necessary to legalize prostitution?
  10. Should voting be made compulsory for all citizens of the country?
  11. Is it necessary to legalize marijuana in the United States?
  12. Are sweet drinks harmful to human health?
  13. Is it necessary to prohibit animal testing for drugs and cosmetics?
  14. Is it necessary for students to study music and art?
  15. Should a woman stay at home or can she become the family breadwinner?

Amazing Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. Is it possible for a person to cause climate change?
  2. Do you not get enough sleep the night before the exam?
  3. Is it necessary to remove grades from education to relieve students of stress?
  4. How can the world be free of nuclear weapons?
  5. Can the voice of women be equally important as men
  6. How is early homeschooling superior to enrolling your children in a Montessori school?
  7. Gay marriages: Should they be outlawed or allowed?
  8. Is space travel essential to the continued existence of humanity?
  9. Do women today in the US have as many rights as they claim?
  10. Are TV reality shows based on the real world?
  11. How can online pornography be curbed?
  12. Why are dress codes for schools required?
  13. What part does the improvement of society play in security cameras?
  14. Do people use social media less now?
  15. The widespread usage of the Roman alphabet has hurt people’s grammar abilities.

Outstanding Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. What makes a reputable essay writing service better than the alternatives?
  2. How being able to focus while working and listening to music.
  3. Why are impoverished individuals more prone than affluent people to wind up in jail or prison?
  4. Employment prospects for those who are legally residing in the nation are restricted by illegal immigration.
  5. The widespread usage of the Roman language has hurt people’s grammar abilities.
  6. Global warming is mostly caused by the majority of human activity.
  7. What is terrorism, what causes it, and what steps should be taken to stop it?
  8. Have modern communication tools made it simpler or more difficult to communicate?
  9. Colleges and schools’ role in fostering cultural diversity
  10. How will smart schools aid students in their academic endeavors?
  11. Is it necessary to reform the bail system to improve the criminal justice system of the United States?
  12. Does the presence of school resource officers effectively prevent mass shootings?
  13. Is it true to believe that the nationalization of the public transportation system can improve accessibility and affordability? Justify your answer
  14. Should stricter gun control laws be implemented in developed nations to increase public safety?
  15. Carbon offset programs are an efficient means of combating climate change: Explain and justify your answer


Hopefully, the synthesis essay topics list shared in this blog will assist you in writing a great academic essay. In case, you are still unsure about what topic to choose or unaware of how to create an intriguing synthesis essay, then get in touch with us quickly.

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