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Have your teacher asked you to submit a definition essay? Currently, are you seeking the best definition essay topics for your assignment? If yes, then take a look at this blog post. Here, we have presented a list of outstanding definition essay ideas on different themes. In addition to that, we have also explained how to choose the right definition essay topic and prepare a great definition essay worthy of securing an A+ grade.

What is a Definition Essay?

A definition essay is an academic essay that describes an idea, phrase, or term. It’s just an expanded word reference. Generally, this article may be used to explain words or concepts that have both abstract and tangible meanings. The ultimate purpose of a definition essay is to enlighten readers about a term. You should discern a term or expression other than its numerous connotations from a complicated viewpoint, especially while writing a definition explanation.

Definition Essay Topics

Tips for Choosing a Good Definition Essay Topic

Writing a definition essay is very similar to writing other types of academic essays. But, for the success of an essay, the topic plays a vital role. In general, it is extremely challenging to choose essay topics. However, the process of selecting a topic for a definition essay should be given the utmost importance because it will help you achieve top grades. Especially, when you are choosing a topic for your definition essay, keep in mind the following tips.

  • Never pick a subject that only has one meaning.
  • Choose a word or phrase that contains multiple meanings and interpretations.
  • Pick a word that has the ability to connect with your readers.
  • Select a term or word that not only informs but also excites your audience.
  • Use a word that is currently popular.
  • Never pick a subject that you don’t know much about.
  • Choose a subject that interests you from a variety of angles.

Learn How to Write a Definition Essay

Execute the steps mentioned below to craft an outstanding definition essay.

  1. Research the topic you have selected and collect information about its origin, history, and word usage in different contexts.
  2. Analyze the selected term or word by dividing it into various parts.
  3. Get to know the parts of speech of the selected word.
  4. Search and identify the explanation of the word or a phrase in a traditional context.
  5. Find real-time or personal examples supporting your explanations.
  6. Prepare an essay outline and structure it by adding various sections such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  7. Write the introduction section. In the introductory paragraph, mention the literary or dictionary meaning of the word and also add a strong thesis statement at the end. The thesis statement or thesis definition should explain the core idea of your essay to the readers without crossing five lines.
  8. Craft the body section. In the body paragraphs, discuss your selected word or phrase in the best possible way. Mainly, explain the conceptual meaning of the word and interpret it from different viewpoints. When you share your perspectives, make sure to explain your points with valid real-life examples. Also, specify what the selected word or term does not mean so that the readers will gain a better understanding.
  9. Finally, add a powerful conclusion section. In the conclusion paragraph, summarize all the major points of the essay.
  10. Before submission, proofread the entire essay content and edit the errors in it if there are any.

Remember, you can get an A+ grade only if the essay topic you choose and the content you create stands in line with your instructor’s guideline. So, during the definition essay writing process, make sure to give importance to your instructor’s guidelines and craft the essay by following all the steps and tips shared above.


Definition Essay Topics

List of Definition Essay Topics and Ideas

Here, we have filtered and listed some excellent definition essay topic ideas that would help you score high grades. Feel free to go through the whole list suggested below and identify a perfect definition essay topic that suits you.

Simple Definition Essay Topics

  1. Who is a hero?
  2. What is gender equality?
  3. Define success.
  4. Explain multiculturalism.
  5. What is the meaning of freedom?
  6. Explain the class system in society.
  7. What is the power of money?
  8. Meaning of Terrorism.
  9. What are the effects of digital evolution?
  10. Pros and cons of e-learning.
  11. Define courtesy.
  12. What is passion?
  13. Explain the characteristics of a great leader.
  14. Define bravery.
  15. Is democracy the best form of government?
  16. Explain Feminism.
  17. Define male chauvinism.
  18. What is brand loyalty?
  19. Marketing strategies.
  20. Define social responsibility.

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Definition Essay Topics on Science and Technology

  1. Define sustainable tourism
  2. Define the concept behind green marketing
  3. Define absolute monarchy and its implication with real-life examples
  4. What is called corporate social responsibility?
  5. Defined the essence of corporate governance
  6. What is energy?
  7. What are fossil fuels?
  8. What is Artificial intelligence?
  9. Define technology.
  10. What is fifth-generation warfare?
  11. Define the notion of time.
  12. Explain the term “smart technology”.
  13. Explain the use of cryptocurrency.
  14. What is Bitcoin?
  15. Automated home systems.

Definition Essay Topics on Society

  1. Define the concept behind Augmented reality and Virtual reality
  2. What is called Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?
  3. Define Cognitive Computing technology with an example
  4. Disclose the definition and application of Cloud technology
  5. Define software development life cycle (SDLC)
  6. What is equality?
  7. Define globalization.
  8. Explain the term ‘white privilege.
  9. Individuals in modern society.
  10. Explain the meaning of the glass ceiling.
  11. Explain peer pressure.
  12. Define woman empowerment.
  13. What is patriarchy?
  14. What makes a society more connected?
  15. What makes a good person?

Philosophy Definition Essay Prompts

  1. What is devotion?
  2. Explain the Categorical Imperative.
  3. What does it mean to be human?
  4. What makes someone a villain?
  5. What acts show that a person is selfish?
  6. What does it mean to be beautiful?
  7. How does hatred show itself?
  8. Explain the meaning of the word “Justice”.
  9. What does the notion of “home” mean to you?
  10. Define an aura.

Definition Essay Ideas on Culture

  1. Explain the meaning of the term “belief”.
  2. What is a stereotype?
  3. Taboo topics
  4. What is secularization?
  5. What is “everyday life”?
  6. What is cultural appropriation?
  7. Define the “global village”.
  8. Explain what cultural techniques are.
  9. Explain the notion of “zeitgeist.”
  10. What makes a culture diverse?

Love and Friendship Definition Essay Topics

  1. Love and Self-respect.
  2. Explain true love.
  3. Define true friendship.
  4. Pets Love.
  5. Does friendship demand time?
  6. Is trust necessary for being friends with anyone?
  7. Friends with benefits.
  8. The relationship between love and emotions.
  9. Love and friendship.
  10. Are friends better than family?
  11. Love of God.
  12. The role of friends in one’s personality.
  13. Art and friendships.
  14. Define self-love.
  15. Is love at first sight true?
  16. Parental Love.
  17. Social media friend versus school friend.
  18. Best friend forever- Is it a myth or reality?
  19. The consequences of passionate love.
  20. Is friendship and love similar?

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Definition Essay Ideas on Family and Happiness

  1. Define happiness.
  2. What is a family?
  3. The pursuit of happiness.
  4. Responsibilities of a family.
  5. The 21st-century family.
  6. Child marriage.
  7. Elements of a strong family.
  8. How to achieve happiness?
  9. Family values.
  10. Joint families versus nuclear families.
  11. Siblings bond.
  12. Unrealistic expectations.
  13. Features of a happy family.
  14. Early parenting.
  15. Does money matter?

History Definition Essay Topics

  1. What is a war?
  2. Define history.
  3. Who is a leader?
  4. What is colonization?
  5. What is a revolution?
  6. Meaning of the term “Antebellum South”.
  7. What does conquest mean?
  8. What does independence mean?
  9. Define a hippie movement.
  10. What was the Pastry War?
  11. Explain who the Suffragettes were.
  12. Explain who Joan of Arc was.
  13. What was the Land of Punt?
  14. What was the Arab Spring?
  15. Who were the Untouchables?

Definition Essay Topics on Sports

  1. What is chess boxing?
  2. Explain the meaning of fitness.
  3. What is the Tough Mudder?
  4. What does it mean to be athletic?
  5. What were the ancient Olympics?
  6. Define the difference between a sport and a game.
  7. Explain the difference between American football and rugby.
  8. When does a sport become a niche sport?
  9. Explain the different types of wrestling.
  10. What are the typical forms of indoor sports?
  11. What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?
  12. Define the ethics of AI (artificial intelligence)
  13. Define the concept behind technological innovation
  14. Define Quantum Computing and Extended Reality
  15. What is called Computing Power?
  16. Define the terms Robotics Design and AI Architect
  17. Define nano-technology and smart devices
  18. What are called gender biases in school sports?
  19. What is called a Dribble and a Penalty kick?
  20. Define the term ‘approach putt’ and ‘double eagle’

Politics Definition Essay Ideas

  1. Describe communism.
  2. What is politics?
  3. What is Gerrymandering?
  4. Define monarchy.
  5. What is McCarthyism?
  6. What defines a capitalistic system?
  7. The role of religion in politics.
  8. Define anarchism.
  9. Define the term ‘witch hunt’.
  10. Implications of the word democracy.

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Definition Essay Questions on Mass Media

  1. Explain the purpose of broadcasting.
  2. Trace the origin of the word “media.”
  3. Define the different types of mass media.
  4. Explain the meaning of the term “mainstream”.
  5. What is cross-media publishing?
  6. Define the word “sensationalism.”
  7. Describe different types of news articles.
  8. Define the term “publicity.”
  9. What is gonzo journalism?
  10. Explain what television is.

Captivating Definition Essay Topics

  1. What makes up misogyny?
  2. What is a conservative mindset?
  3. What is the sense of humor?
  4. The definition of a creative mind.
  5. A perfect spouse.
  6. A good coach.
  7. An ideal mother.
  8. Define courage.
  9. Who is a responsible citizen?
  10. Define laziness.
  11. Traits of a generous person.
  12. A brilliant student.
  13. What is a healthy weight?
  14. Characteristics of a selfish person.
  15. Define intelligence.
  16. What is a balanced diet?
  17. What is wisdom?
  18. Strict parenting.
  19. What is trust?
  20. Meaning of the word frenemy.

Excellent Definition Essay Topics

  1. Explain the term ‘automation’.
  2. What is business?
  3. What is a lavish lifestyle?
  4. What is fun for you?
  5. What is patriotism?
  6. How to define the term ‘argument’?
  7. Define the word ‘ritual’.
  8. What is a decent job?
  9. Explain the word ‘agility’.
  10. What is egoism?
  11. Explain the Christian worldview
  12. What is called human nature?
  13. Define the Great Man Theory of Leadership
  14. What is quantum physics?
  15. Define virtual reality (ER)

Interesting Definition Essay Topics

  1. What is personality?
  2. Define downshifting.
  3. Define the American dream.
  4. What is Atlantis for you?
  5. Define creative thinking.
  6. Define a perfect shopping experience
  7. What is marriage according to you?
  8. What is cheating?
  9. Define Respect.
  10. What is Fashion?


Hopefully, the list of 150+ ideas suggested in this blog post will be useful for you in preparing a top-score-fetching definition essay. In case, you are still confused about what topic to choose for your definition essay or if you have no idea how to craft an outstanding definition essay, reach out to us quickly .

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