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Are you a history student confused about what topic to choose for your research paper? If yes, then without any hesitation, focus on modern history topics. Working on a topic related to modern history will be exciting for you. Furthermore, you may gain new experience while researching an event that happened during the modern age.

In general, the modern history is classified into three eras. They are Early Modern Period (1500-1750), Late Modern Period (1750-1945), Contemporary Period (1945-present). So, when it comes to writing a modern history research paper, you may choose any topic associated with these eras. If you are unsure what research topic to select for your modern history thesis, then this blog is for you.

Here, for academic writing, we have suggested 100 remarkable modern topics related to different centuries and regions. Also, we have recommended some key tips for modern history research paper topic selection.

Explore this blog and get exclusive ideas for your research paper on modern history.

Modern History Research Paper Topic Selection

It has never been so simple to choose the proper and practical ideas for a successful paper. However, by following the tips suggested here, you may quickly identify the right topic for your modern history research paper.

  • First, determine the historical period or era and the country or region that you are interested in concentrating on. Then, choose a topic related to them. Working on a topic you are passionate about will help you to create an academic paper with a lot of joy. For instance, your topic can be related to an event that happened during the 17th century in the USA.
  • Choose an intriguing research topic with a lot of reliable sources to conduct research.
  • The topic you select should allow you to research and discuss the major points within the deadline.
  • Never choose a too-wide or too-narrow topic from modern history.
  • Make sure to pick a modern history research topic that contains several pieces of evidence to prove your thesis statement.
  • It is good to give preference to a topic that focuses on untouched areas of modern history.
  • Avoid selecting a topic with no or less research scope.
  • Finalize the topic only if it meets the research paper writing guidelines of your university.

Also, it is advisable to get approval for the topic from the supervisor before composing the academic paper.

Modern World History Topics

Modern History Topics

Modern history has a development that begins in the sixteenth century and continues up to the present. Consider this: the present situation is a reflection of the past. We cannot dispute the importance of historical events and individuals when we examine their effects.

The Industrial Revolution, two world wars, changes in the population, etc. all affected civilization. All of these things have a significant impact on how the world develops.

The essay topics and questions for modern history are listed below. You may need to conduct extensive research to analyze a chosen title in further detail. But it’s worthwhile.

16th-17th Centuries

  1. Religious allegory in Renaissance art.
  2. The Qing Dynasty in China.
  3. The expansion of Daoism in the latter years of the Qing dynasty.
  4. How did Buddhism come to be an instrument in the change of the Chinese Empire?
  5. The Catholic church of the 17th century: historical veracity vs horizon extension.
  6. How have human rights changed through time and been violated in the modern era?
  7. The Ottoman-Safavid War, which lasted from 1623 to 1639 and pitted the Ottoman Empire against Safavid Persia.
  8. How did the Qing dynasty change throughout time?
  9. What periods make up the Renaissance?

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18th-19th Centuries

  1. The Industrial Revolution and beyond changes in culture, employment, and society.
  2. What function did trade unions serve in the 18th and 19th centuries?
  3. The 1877–1878 Russo–Turkish War.
  4. The advancement of science has characterized the scientific revolution.
  5. Westernization of Japan in Fukuzawa Yukichi’s history.
  6. Describe the history of the Industrial Revolution briefly.
  7. What were the pillars of scientific progress?
  8. How did the empire come to be? Who ruled during that time?
  9. Which areas of social studies saw the biggest advancement during the 16th and 17th centuries?
  10. Consider the conflict’s root causes. What results did the Taiping Rebellion produce?

20th Century

  1. World War I origins (how and why the war started)
  2. World War II’s positive and negative repercussions
  3. What is the heritage of the Soviet Union?
  4. Cold War major aspects and events
  5. Feminist Movement in Canada.
  6. The communist party in the Soviet Union and China.
  7. The major causes of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States.
  8. What is the King–Byng affair?
  9. Examine the beginning of the Chinese democratic movement.
  10. Examine the differences and similarities of the two world wars.

European Modern History Topics for Research

The Modern History Topics of Europe are highly diverse and extensive. As a result, there are many different themes to study. There were several significant occurrences during the 16th and 20th centuries. The Reformation, the Age of Discovery, major global battles, etc. are some of them. A collection of modern European history essay themes was created by our writing team. So, if you need to write an amazing essay, feel free to use the suggestions listed below!

A collection of modern European history essay themes was created by our writing team. So, if you need to write an amazing essay, feel free to use the suggestions listed below!

16th-17th Centuries

  1. European Christianity and its decline from the 16th century.
  2. The significance of Martin Luther and the protestant reformation in the history of Western civilization.
  3. Age of Discovery in Europe.
  4. How and in what ways did the use of print change the lives of early modern Europeans?
  5. The Spanish Armada: Britain and Spain in Battle of the Seas.
  6. The centers of Christianity placement: a European approach to Christianity spreading.
  7. How did the Enlightenment philosophy affect Europe’s religions in the 16th and 17th centuries?
  8. Discuss an account of Columbus’ voyage.
  9. Indicate the origins of the war. What were the outcomes of the war?
  10. Analyze the casualties and diseases caused by the Thirty Years War.
  11. Discuss the spreading of the reformation in Europe.
  12. Who were the key players in the Reformation era? What was the effect of reformation on the arts?

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18th-19th Centuries

  1. Napoleon’s rule and the French Revolution.
  2. Napoleon’s French army, 1800–1808: military culture and motivation
  3. The top 25 European intellectuals of the Enlightenment Period.
  4. The British Empire and world affairs, number 26.
  5. Napoleon Bonaparte’s accomplishments and shortcomings.
  6. Napoleon, a young man who ruined the French Revolution, was number 28.
  7. Do a little biographical study on James Cook. What was the Irish Rebellion’s history?
  8. What were the Irish Rebellion’s good and bad effects?
  9. Consider the legislation created during the Culture War and the timing.
  10. The development of science between the 18th and 19th centuries.

20th Century

  1. What were the critical technological advancements in Europe during World War I?
  2. World War II Innovations.
  3. How useful is the term ‘fascism’ when applied generically to describe the far-right in interwar Europe?
  4. Role of the Woman during the Spanish Civil War.
  5. Cold War Consequences for European Countries.
  6. Has security been the main driver behind European integration since World War Two?
  7. What is the impact of depression in Eastern Europe and on Western Europe?
  8. Explain the role of the League of Nations in dealing with the Great Depression.
  9. How did European poets and writers of the 20th century describe World War I and World War II in the books?
  10. What are the causes of the Great Depression in Europe?
  11. Briefly discuss reforms in the Eastern Europe geographical division.
  12. What was the compromise of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin?
  13. Analyze the consequences of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact for different countries.
  14. Consider the effects on Finland, Poland, the Baltic States, and Romania. What was the outcome of the pact?
  15. Discuss how these individuals contributed to the cultural flourishing in 20th-century Europe.

American Modern History Research Topics

The United States is a young country. Nevertheless, a vast range of noteworthy events make American history impressive. The nation endured wars, revolutions, internal and external disputes, reformations, and more during its existence.

Unbelievably important events in American Modern History Topics are included on this list. So don’t be perplexed and offended if you feel overloaded by the oversaturation. View the subjects we have available for contemporary American history. You’ll learn something from this.

16th-17th Centuries

  1. The Native Americans’ history.
  2. Conquest and colonization of America by Europeans.
  3. The importance of the process of colonization and the formation of unique cultures in America to the formation of the United States.
  4. How did religion affect the pattern of colonization in America and life in those colonies?
  5. Royal African Company. Why did a trading company have the greatest impact on the slave trade establishment in the USA?
  6. What was the impact of European colonization on American culture?
  7. What countries took part in the colonization of the USA?
  8. How did the 17th century become the beginning of the slavery era in the USA?

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18th-19th Centuries

  1. American History: The Road to Civil War
  2. The political reforms in 18th-century America.
  3. How does American literature reflect on the events of the Civil War?
  4. The Ideas of Freedom and Slavery in the American Revolution
  5. Visual art of the USA. Comment on Europe as a significant influencer of American art flourishing.
  6. Causes of the Civil War in the USA.
  7. History of the African American Religion During the Time of Slavery
  8. United States Declaration of Independence of 1776: causes and effects.
  9. The Opium Trade: the new way of exporting goods from China to Britain through the USA.
  10. Industrialization was the leading cause of economic growth in the 19th century.
  11. The War of 1812 in American history.
  12. The people’s desire to abolish slavery: a fiction or a reality?
  13. Explain how the movement pushed the slavery abolishment forward.

20th Century

  1. The American strategic culture in the Vietnam War.
  2. How did Ellis Island become a hospital for the American army during World War I?

A Few More Interesting Modern History Topics

  1. Why is the study of modern history critical?
  2. How is modern history different from contemporary history?
  3. When did modern history start and end?
  4. Explain the role of liberalism through modern history.
  5. How does the Printing Press affect Modern History?
  6. How Modern History Changes the Family?
  7. What are the essential characteristics of modern history?
  8. Write about the immigration act of 1924.
  9. Prepare an Essay on American modern history.
  10. What is the difference between medieval history and modern history?
  11. Explain the Greek and Roman Influence on Modern History


The above-presented list suggested a wide range of modern history topics. From the list, feel free to choose any topic and create a compelling academic paper. However, if you find it difficult to write an excellent paper on modern history research ideas, approach us.

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