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Students pursuing higher studies in English or other subjects of the humanities often need to write essay papers on various epics, novels, stories, and poems. However, with the knowledge and skills they gain throughout their academic lives, writing on most of these subjects would be often an enjoyable and simple experience for them, unless they need to deal with the oldest epics like “The Odyssey.” In that case, most of the experiences would be terrifying. Students often fail to find impressive Odyssey essay topics. However, it is not an issue anymore. In this blog, we have provided a variety of essay writing ideas based on various aspects of “The Odyssey” for students of all academic levels.

What is the Odyssey?

The Odyssey is one of the two significant Greek epic poems crafted by the Greek poet Homer. You can call it one of the oldest existing works of literature that is still studied and loved by contemporary readers in the 21st century. Homer divided the epic into 24 parts based on the journey of the protagonist of the poem, the Greek hero Odysseus, along with King Ithaca and the heroes of Odysseus, towards their home after the victory of the Trojan War. The epic depicts that the war lasted for 10 years, and the journey towards their home took another decade.

During this period, Odysseus encountered many hazards, and all the soldiers of his team and the king were killed. While Odysseus was at war, the people of his native land assumed him to be dead, and his wife Penelope and son Telemachus had to struggle with a group of rowdy suitors who wanted to marry Penelope.

Steps for Choosing the Best Odyssey Essay Topic

It is not easy to select the best Odyssey essay topics. You need abundant time and research to identify an impressive topic for your essay. Take the following steps to find great ideas for your essay on the Odyssey:

Step 1: Develop an Idea of What You Want To Explore

Read the epic “The Odyssey” once to have an idea of the type of essay topics you want to explore.

Step 2: Choose Topics on Which You Have Sufficient Content

You should always have plenty of data when you write an essay on “The Odyssey”. Otherwise, you will fail to write a comprehensive essay.

Step 3: Analyze the Significance of the Topic in Your Academic Program

Not all topics have the same value in an academic program. For example, a subject of writing on the Odyssey that has high significance in high school essays will never get the same importance at the graduate level of study. Hence, you need to assess the value of the shortlisted subject of the essay before you settle on writing about it.

List of Impressive Odyssey Essay Topics

Get remarkable Odyssey essay topics from the list presented here.

8 Odyssey Essay Topics Based on the Characterization of Women

Women play a significant role in the epic “The Odyssey.” Here are some ideas to write on Odyssey essay topics based on the characterization of women.

  1. What is the function of the women in the creation of Odysseus’ personality during his journey?
  2. How is Penelope significant to the life of her husband Odysseus?
  3. Describe Penelope as a model wife and mother.
  4. Bearing in mind that Penelope is an ideal woman; scrutinize how other heroines are depicted compared to her.
  5. Share your views on the development of the women’s predicament from “Gilgamesh” to “Odyssey.”
  6. How does the representation of Athena in the “Odyssey” feature gender roles?
  7. How do female characters assist and damage Odysseus’ return home?
  8. Describe how the view of the female gender has developed since primordial times, rooted in the “Odyssey.”

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6 Odyssey Essay Questions for College Students

College students often get confused about the value of the topic for their academic level, especially in the case of large epics like the Odyssey. If you are struggling with the same issue, the following Odyssey essay topics will be very helpful for you.

  1. What is the chronicle behind Homer’s “The Odyssey”?
  2. Imagine that you have to interrogate Odysseus. What questions will you ask about him?
  3. Why makes “The Odyssey” an epic and not a novel?
  4. What impediment did Odysseus come across along the way?
  5. How did the turn of phrase “between Scylla and Charybdis” come about, and what does it indicate? In what scenarios can it be used in this contemporary world?
  6. What was the slyness of Odysseus displayed in the following areas?
    • Cave of the Cyclops
    • When getting together with sirens
    • In his residence in Ithaca

10 Odyssey Essay Topics on Ancient Greek Culture

Here are some outstanding Odyssey essay topics that are related to ancient Greek literature.

  1. What is the main prototype in “The Odyssey” and Ancient Greek culture?
  2. Cooperation is the Ancient Greek asset in “The Odyssey.”
  3. How is the Greek way of thinking symbolized in the “The Odyssey”?
  4. What are the basic qualities of the male protagonist in Ancient Greece according to “The Odyssey”?
  5. The order of the world from the standpoint of the Ancient Greeks in “The Odyssey.”
  6. Elucidate the relationship between timé, kléos, and nostos in Ancient Greek culture anchored in “The Odyssey.”
  7. The function of conventional Greek folktales in “The Odyssey.”
  8. What political and communal subjects of Ancient Greece does Homer deal with in “The Odyssey”?
  9. The social arrangement in Ancient Greece is demonstrated in “The Odyssey.”
  10. How does the dissimilarity between worldly and eternal women in “The Odyssey” feature Ancient Greek culture?

10 Odyssey Paper Topics that Portray Morality

Find some incredible ideas here that draw attention to the morality of the epic.

  1. Why is enticement crucial for the passage of Odysseus’s life?
  2. How does Homer represent assassination and vengeance in “The Odyssey”?
  3. What temperament exemplifies the significance of loyalty in “The Odyssey,” and how?
  4. How does gluttony harm Odysseus’ crew and their mission?
  5. What concept is characterized as more noteworthy in “The Odyssey”: personal preference or public regulation?
  6. Does aggression play a significant part in the story of “The Odyssey”?
  7. What is Homer’s comprehension of fairness according to “The Odyssey”?
  8. In which part of the “Odyssey” is dishonesty represented as a pessimistic and encouraging phenomenon?
  9. What character of the idealized nobleman explained in “Genealogy of Morality” by Friedrich Nietzsche does Odysseus embody?
  10. How does Circe breach the regulations of hospitality and the moral code?

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9 Classic Odyssey Essay Topics

Here find some classic Odyssey essay topics.

  1. What is the significance of parenthood in “The Odyssey,” bearing in mind the illustration of Odysseus and Telemachus and Polyphemus and Poseidon?
  2. The subject of preference between honor and family in Homer’s “The Odyssey.”
  3. What is the relationship between consuming food and morality in “The Odyssey”?
  4. How does the ancient ethical code vary from the modern ethical code, as mentioned in “The Odyssey”?
  5. Why is determination important for the heroes in “The Odyssey”?
  6. How does Homer show how Odysseus thought about himself as the controller of his destiny?
  7. Is “The Odyssey” poem a true exposure to the poetic ideas of ancient Hellas?
  8. How has “The Odyssey” worked as a foundation of inspiration for poets, artists, and composers?
  9. Are the female characters more important for the story in “The Odyssey” than the male characters?

8 Topics on Odyssey and Other Excellent Artworks

Here, find some amazing ideas to write an essay on “The Odyssey” and other significant literary works.

  1. How are the components of the mythological world of “The Odyssey”, elucidated in “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”?
  2. How did Homer and Dante depict hell in “The Odyssey” and “Inferno”?
  3. What is the effect of Homer’s epic “The Odyssey” on contemporary writers?
  4. How is the premise of homecoming showcased in “The Odyssey” by Homer and “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles?
  5. “The work of art of Odysseus in the Cave of Polyphemus was made by Jacob Jordaens as the mirror image of Homer’s writing style.” State your views on the statement.
  6. Analyze the command of storytelling in “The Odyssey” and “Arabian Nights.”
  7. The subject of immortality and its representation in “The Odyssey” and the “Song of Roland.”
  1. Find the reasons for which eternal Circe and Calypso fall in love with earthly Odysseus.

7 Odyssey Essay Topics about the Protagonist of the Epic

Here are some Odyssey essay topics based on the protagonist of the epic.

  1. Why do the choices made by Odysseus often set hurdles on his way to Ithaca?
  2. What are the analogous traits of Odysseus and Telemachus? Are these qualities identical?
  3. Why is Odysseus the only one of his team who survives through all the hardships of the journey?
  4. What emotional weaknesses does Odysseus illustrate during his journey?
  5. Is Odysseus’ vengeance on the men of Ithaca who inhabited his home acceptable? Does every man deserve severe chastisement?
  6. Establish that Odysseus is a distinctive epic hero, considering the canon of Ancient Greek mythology.
  7. Why are Odysseus’ relationships with Circe or Calypso symbolized as the behavioral standard while Penelope remains loyal to her husband?

9 Odyssey Research Topics

From here, get your hands on some exceptional Odyssey topics for research.

  1. How does Odysseus’ behavior toward mortal women differ from that toward immortal heroines?
  2. In what sections does Odysseus’ knowledge give in to his combatant mentality? Does it hurt his crew and himself?
  3. What lecture does Odysseus learn on his voyage?
  4. Who is Odysseus’ rival, and why?
  5. What nickname does Homer regularly use to illustrate Odysseus? How do they distinguish the main hero of “The Odyssey”?
  6. Discuss the idea of the perfect monarch in “Oedipus the King,” “The Odyssey,” Ovid, and “The Iliad.”
  7. How does Homer design the gallant code of the “Iliad” in “The Odyssey”?
  8. Analyze the accuracy of the explanation of Odysseus’ personality in the science fiction novel “Ilium” by Dan Simmons.
  9. Why do the words of “The Odyssey” poem seem unintelligible to us?

8 Argumentative Odyssey Essay Topics

Looking for some argumentative Odyssey essay topics? If so, then consider these ideas.

  1. Why is it necessary for Odysseus to go into the criminal world? What must he find?
  2. Choose one section from “The Odyssey” and establish its importance in the epic poem.
  3. Why is “The Odyssey” one of the greatest examples of a tour?
  4. Does Penelope identify Odysseus in camouflage when he returns home?
  5. The feature or the scene from “The Odyssey” is significant for becoming the focus of a painting.
  6. Why is “The Odyssey” the best depiction of the 12-stage hero’s expedition?
  7. What features permit us to observe Odysseus in the following way? i. as a free man ii. as a pawn of higher forces
  8. State the reasons for not considering Odysseus a hero.

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10 Odyssey Analytical Essay Topics

Take a look at these analytical Odyssey essay topics.

  1. Analyze how the nature of Telemachus grows all through Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey.”
  2. Examine the divine involvement in the existence of the heroes of “The Odyssey.”
  3. The connection between Poseidon, Athena, and Odysseus.
  4. How does non-chronological thinking bring a change in the overall understanding of “The Odyssey”?
  5. What character does the portrayal of the feast play in “The Odyssey”?
  6. Why is the theme of disguise essential in Ancient Greek text anchored in “The Odyssey”?
  7. What is the intention of the Gods in the epic “Odyssey”: to assist or damage Odysseus’ journey?
  8. How does Homer depict the connection between Gods and men in “The Odyssey”?
  9. Draw a comparison between Homer’s Penelope and Euripides’ Medea.
  10. Why did Homer involve the Gods in the lives of heroes in “The Odyssey”?

8 Odyssey Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Here are some compare-and-contrast essays on Odyssey to write about in high school.

  1. The connection and the dissimilarity between Homer’s “Iliad” and “The Odyssey.”
  2. Collate and contrast the wit of “O Brother, Where Art Thou” and “The Odyssey.”
  3. How is Mario Camerini’s “The Odyssey: Ulysses” (1955) different from Andrei Konchalovsky’s depiction of “The Odyssey” (1997)?
  4. Collate and contrast Aeneas with Odysseus, keeping in mind their cultural differences.
  5. Evaluate and find the gaps in the concept of fairness formed by Homer in “The Odyssey” and by Dostoevsky in “Crime and Punishment.”
  6. How is the historical novel “Cold Mountain” by Charles Frazier different from Holmer’s “The Odyssey?”
  7. Weigh against how impactful the anguish is in “The Odyssey” and Genesis.
  8. Find the differences and similarities between Agamemnon and Odysseus. Who is characterized as a better leader?

10 Captivating Odyssey Essay Ideas

The following are some captivating topics that you can use for writing an Odyssey essay.

  1. Explain the role of fate and free will in the Odyssey.
  2. “Odyssey” vs “Iliad”: Compare themes and characters.
  3. Discuss the significance of omens and prophecies in the Odyssey.
  4. Explain the role of the Phaeacians in Odysseus’ journey.
  5. Analyze the symbolism of the olive tree in the Odyssey.
  6. Compare the challenges faced by Odysseus and Hercules.
  7. Analyze the moral choices and dilemmas in the Odyssey.
  8. Explore Penelope’s patience as a virtue or a survival mechanism.
  9. Discuss the transformational power of journeys in the Odyssey.
  10. Explain the societal structures and hierarchies depicted in the Odyssey.

6 Trendy Odyssey Essay Topics

Are you looking for some trendy ideas to write an essay on “The Odyssey?” If so, then take a look at the topics here.

  1. What similar features does Telemachus’ expedition have in contrast to that of his father?
  2. Draw a comparison between the ethical values of the Ancient Romans and Greeks illustrated in the “Aeneid” by Virgil and the “Odyssey” by Homer.
  3. Collate and contrast the responsibilities of Jesus in the Bible and Athena in the “Odyssey.”
  4. Compare and contrast the purpose of friendship in “Odyssey” and “Hamlet.”
  5. How is leadership described by the features of Odysseus in “Odyssey” and Henry V in the play Henry V by Shakespeare?
  6. Collate and contrast Maximus from “Gladiator” and Odysseus from “The Odyssey” and the methods by which they showcase the typical Greek qualities: self-respect, brilliance, and glory.

11 Easy Odyssey Essay Topics

Find some simple Odyssey essay topics here.

  1. Highlight the reasons why “The Odyssey” is still popular.
  2. State the features for which “The Odyssey” is a unique piece of writing.
  3. Collate and contrast Achilles from the “Iliad” and Odysseus from “The Odyssey.” What are their patterns of incentive and behavior?
  4. How did Homer deal with the theme of hospitality in the epic “The Odyssey”?
  5. Describe the symbolization of the Sea in the epic “The Odyssey”.
  6. How did Homer treat the role of disguise in “The Odyssey”?
  7. What do the lotus eaters signify in the epic poem, “The Odyssey”?
  8. The importance of suitors in The Odyssey.
  9. What was the most horrible error of Odysseus during his expedition, and why?
  10. During the journey, is Odysseus always eager to return home? What makes him forget about his home island?
  11. Does Odysseus stay alike after his decades of journey and war?

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It is not easy to find impactful Odyssey essay topics. Therefore, we have compiled a list of essay writing ideas based on “The Odyssey.” Choose the one that meets your requirements and write an amazing paper on it. However, if you struggle to develop a high-quality paper, never hesitate to connect with us.

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