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Are you a history student who is in search of great ancient history topics for your assignment? If yes, this blog is for you. Ancient history is a vast subject that covers several topics and subtopics related to ancient Rome, Greece, India, Egypt, and various other civilizations in the world. Since the subject is broad, you might experience difficulties with identifying an ideal topic for your academic writing. Don’t worry, in case you get stuck in such a situation. To make the topic selection process easier for you, here, in this blog post, we have presented a list of outstanding history essay topics and research ideas on different themes. In addition to that, we have also explained how to choose the right ancient history topic and craft a well-structured academic paper.

Continue reading this blog and get exclusive ideas for preparing your academic paper on ancient history.

Academic Paper Writing Steps on Ancient History Topics

Ancient History Topics

If you are unsure how to prepare an excellent academic paper on ancient history topics, then simply execute the steps suggested below.

Pick an Excellent Topic

To write an essay or a research paper, a good topic is needed the most. So, first, carefully search and pick a unique ancient history topic that is interesting for you and your readers. Always remember to select a topic that is informative and allows you to present a detailed discussion. Also, the chosen topic should contain relevant credible sources for reference. If the topic you have selected is too broad, then narrow it down. Finalize the topic only if you find it matches your university guidelines or professor’s instructions.

Perform Research

After you have selected a captivating ancient history topic for your assignment, conduct in-depth research and analysis on that topic and gather the necessary information to prove your thesis statement. You can collect details from relevant credible sources such as history textbooks, magazines, journals, published articles, and so on.

Create an Outline

Next, organize the gathered ideas and sketch a neat and clear outline as per your needs. When it comes to creating an outline, you can follow the 5-paragraph structure that includes major sections such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Compose the Academic Paper

Following the outline, prepare an outstanding and well-structured ancient history paper without plagiarism. Especially, in your academic paper, make sure to include all the important points along with supporting pieces of evidence and examples. Also, at the end of the paper, using a proper referencing style, cite all the sources you have used in your work.


Lastly, before submitting the paper, proofread it multiple times and improve its quality. In specific, check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and logical errors in the content and edit it. The final draft of your paper should be error-free and accurate.

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List of Ancient History Topics and Ideas

In this section, we have included a list of fascinating ancient history topics for academic writing. If you have no ancient history research topics ready in your hand, feel free to go through the entire list and choose any idea that fits you perfectly.

Simple Ancient History Topics for Essay

  1. Discuss the key achievements of the early Iron Age.
  2. Write about the Pre-Columbian Era.
  3. Discuss the history of the Nok culture.
  4. Compare the music in ancient Greece and Rome.
  5. Write about religion and philosophy in ancient Greece.
  6. Discuss the ancient Greek sculpture.
  7. Write about science and technology in ancient Rome.
  8. Explain ancient Egypt civilization.
  9. Discuss the myths of ancient Rome and Greece.
  10. Write about the ancient Greek history.
  11. Explain ancient Mediterranean civilization.
  12. Write about the Mesopotamia and Egypt Civilization.
  13. Explain ancient Greek culture.
  14. Discuss the transformation of ancient Greek art.
  15. Compare the burial rituals in ancient Egypt and Greece.

Best Ancient History Research Topics

  1. Explain the role of the River Nile in ancient Egyptian civilization.
  2. Assess the influence of ancient Greek Philosophers on modern thought.
  3. Write about the Mayan civilization.
  4. Discuss ancient Greek Infanticide.
  5. Explain the Greek History of the Olympic games.
  6. Write about ancient Greek Poetry.
  7. Discuss the characters from ancient Greek and Roman Mythology.
  8. Write about Egypt’s Mummification in the past.
  9. Explain why the old and middle kingdoms of Ancient Egypt failed.
  10. Analyze the factors that affect the Iranian Constitutional Revolution.
  11. Discuss the historical facts from Ancient Rome.
  12. Explain the development of the Indus Valley Civilization.
  13. Discuss the early history of the Roman Republic, Polybius
  14. Write about the Ancient Greek Architecture and Mathematics
  15. Explain the socioeconomic and cultural ties in Ancient Egypt.

Interesting Ancient History Essay Topics

  1. Discuss ancient Egypt’s family structure and status of women.
  2. Explain the history of Ancient Babylonian and Mohenjo-daro City.
  3. Write about Ancient Egyptian Black Pharaohs.
  4. Explain the Decline of the Minoan Civilization in, 1450 BC
  5. Compare Ancient Greek and Babylonian Polytheism.
  6. Explain the role of religion in Ancient Greek Society.
  7. Write about Rome and Athens’ Prehistoric Civilization.
  8. Discuss the European Western Civilizations of Antiquity
  9. Explain how Ancient Greek and Roman Art depict women.
  10. Write about the Mesopotamian Urbanization Process.
  11. Explain infanticide in ancient Greece.
  12. Discuss the ancient history of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  13. Compare ancient Indian and Greek sculptures.
  14. Write about the early civilization in Mesopotamia.
  15. Discuss the architecture of Ancient Greek Temples.

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Outstanding Ancient History Essay Topics

  1. Compare the art of public speaking in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.
  2. Discuss the myths and historical facts of ancient Rome.
  3. Write about ancient Anasazi and their civilization.
  4. Write about ancient Greek Sports.
  5. Discuss the stylistic features of ancient Middle East and Roman.
  6. Describe the architectural marvels of ancient Mesopotamia.
  7. Explain the role of women in ancient Egypt.
  8. Discuss the scientific approach to Magic in Ancient Greece.
  9. Describe the geographical features and development of Ancient Egypt.
  10. Explain the role of Kingship in Ancient Egypt.
  11. Compare the democracy in ancient Greece and today.
  12. Discuss the ethnically marginalized groups in ancient Egypt.
  13. Explain the cultural similarities between Sumerian and Mayan.
  14. Describe the key figures in Greek Mythology.
  15. Discuss the causes and effects of the Trojan War.
  1. Explain how the Spartan warrior culture was organized.
  2. Analyze the origins of the Colosseum.
  3. Discuss the causes of the Battle of Marathon.
  4. Explain the concept of time in Presocratics.
  5. Discuss the history of the Greek Alphabet.
  6. Write about slavery in ancient Greece.
  7. Discuss the basic principles and notions of Euclid’s Geometry.
  8. Explain the constitutional system in ancient Rome.
  9. Discuss the law and justice in Ancient Rome.
  10. Write about ancient Greek drama.
  11. Discuss the trade and economy in ancient Rome.
  12. Write about early Latin Literature.
  13. Describe the agricultural deities in ancient Rome.
  14. Explain the history of the Great Sphinx.
  15. Write about clothing in ancient Rome.

Awesome Ancient History Essay Ideas

  1. Explain the ancient Roman Diet
  2. Discuss the ancient Egyptian beliefs about life and death.
  3. Write about the languages in ancient Rome.
  4. Discuss the entertainment in ancient Egypt.
  5. Write about literature and philosophy in Ancient China.
  6. Explain the dictatorship and democracy in ancient Rome.
  7. Discuss the history of science and technology in Ancient China.
  8. Write about the place of religion in Egyptian civilization.
  9. Discuss the art and music in ancient Egypt.
  10. Explain the significance of the Silk Road for ancient China.
  11. Write about the three major religions in Ancient China.
  12. Explain the teachings of Confucius.
  13. Discuss the history of ancient Israelites.
  14. Explain the gender roles in ancient Mesopotamia.
  15. Discuss the impact of Genghis Khan on the ancient world.

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Informative Ancient History Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the ancient Chinese innovation.
  2. Explain the political system of Ancient Athens.
  3. Discuss the technological advancements of the Ancient Chinese civilization.
  4. Analyze the causes and effects of the Peloponnesian War.
  5. Discuss the agricultural practices of the Ancient Aztecs.
  6. Write about the cult of Osiris in ancient Egypt.
  7. Explain the impact of Buddhism in ancient India.
  8. Compare the role of women in Sparta and Athens.
  9. Discuss the cultural significance of Mayan glyphs.
  10. Explain the construction techniques and purposes of Stonehenge.
  11. Write about the Buddhist Stupas and sculptures in ancient India.
  12. Explain the function of hieroglyphics in ancient Egyptian society.
  13. Discuss the astronomical knowledge of the ancient Mayans.
  14. Analyze the engineering marvels of ancient Roman roads.
  15. Discuss the construction techniques of the Great Wall of China.

Unique Ancient History Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the technology behind the Nazca Lines.
  2. Write about the legal and political institutions of ancient Athens.
  3. Explain the practice of medicine in ancient Egypt.
  4. Discuss the role of Ayurveda in ancient Indian medicine.
  5. Write about the governance and bureaucracy of ancient Egypt.
  6. Explain the role of the Asclepeion in ancient Greek medicine.
  7. Write about the marketplaces in ancient Rome.
  8. Discuss the impact of the spice trade in ancient India.
  9. Explain the impact of ancient Roman aqueducts on society.
  10. Describe the stylistic features of ancient Chinese calligraphy.
  11. Explain the role of the Oracle in the Ancient Greek civilization.
  12. Write about the symbolism in ancient Greek pottery.
  13. Explain the ancient Celtic rituals and druids.
  14. Discuss the role of chariots in Ancient Egyptian warfare.
  15. Explain the social hierarchy in the Ancient Mayan civilization.

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Fascinating Ancient History Topics for Research

  1. How did Mongol rule in Russia differ from the one in China?
  2. Write about Ancient Mesopotamian Religion and Philosophy
  3. How did the Sumer Language develop and die?
  4. Discuss the innovation during the Reign of Hatshepsut
  5. Examine the architecture, art, and technology in the Old Kingdom
  6. Write about the divine Support during the Greco-Persian Wars
  7. The primary emphasis of Spartan Education
  8. What is the role of archaeology in historical research?
  9. Compare the democracy in ancient Greece and Today
  10. Write about the immortal army of the Persian Empire.


Hopefully, the list of ancient history topics suggested in this blog will help you in crafting a top-score-fetching academic paper. In case, you need help with ancient history essay topic selection, writing, and proofreading, call us immediately.

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